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19 Industries on Raise During COVID-19 Crisis

This blog post is an extension of my recent LinkedIn post on the same matter.industries on raise during covid-19
Even these days, heavily hit by limitations over mobility, cross-border operations and finances accessibility, there are several niches we perfectly see are raising.
I have made my short list over the topics we see a good spike in, based on the web traffic and inquiries we receive. So, Covid-19 Top 19 Opportunities businesses still seek for:

#1. eGovernance
GovTech services, tenders and marketplaces for governmental procurement, international customs and logistics solutions, identity management, and much much more. eHealth on the Government level, too.

#2. Distant Education & Tutoring, Virtual Conferences/Events
Needless to say education nowadays may only be distant. With opportunities created, this crisis will push the industry way further – not even on technology level but rather because eLearning solutions and services will now prove their efficiency. People who were conservative before, and were still going for “live courses” or so, will finally see the potential (and ease) online/remote education assumes. Same applies to all levels events organization – may it be a Board meeting organized via a board portal software, or some evolving technology conference, attendees will see and surprisingly be amazed by ease and affordability of virtual events and conferences formats.

#3. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
When our actual reality is not of a use much, VR and AR tools, solutions and opportunities arise. An industry that was on raise even before the crisis, will now get a very serious booster.

#4. Business Logistics, cross-border specifically
Despite lockdown, manufacturers want their raw materials to be delivered and operations to continue working. Logistics overall, cross-border logistics, especially to the countries that have unique legislation rules during covid-19 limitations, will have a great impact these months if not years. Solutions simplifying the process will be of a big need.

#5. Sharing Economy tools. Especially virtual assets owed
Services’ policies may get updated to shared access to some of the tools or solutions; people may unite for a dog to walk to share, or sanitizing machine for the condo, whatever it will be. Businesses will seek for “group” clients, while clients will be seeking for more affordable access to what the businesses sell.

#6. Loans. Any kind of loans, for anything
Quite regrettably, but thousands of people have lost their source of income and business lost customers that maintained their profitability. Hitting the world crisis, money overall will become less available and more demanded.

#7. Insurtech
The insurtech companies are working hard these days to offer more innovation for insurance services. With tons of unpredictable (before) things happened, insurers and insurtech companies must be on raise now.

#8. Gaming industry, Cybersport
There is no doubt that people now spend lots of time playing games: CS, Dota2, League of Legends remained the most desirable activity after remote working hours or as a plain replacement to that kind of entertainment that will not be available again soon until we all are back to normal life.

#9. Media Streaming services
Was on a go anyway, but with quarantine measures taken, way more people had opened themselves an access to streaming media platforms, its value and benefits.

#10. Remote Communication/Mgmt tools (for both work and personal use)
Tools like Skype, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teamsalready proved its convenience way before the lockdown times. Nowadays, when half of the world is using remote work model, it may be expected such tools, with even better interactions, with event better usability and more extended features, may be of a great need.

We have done through 10 already, lets speed up with remaining 9!

#11. B2C Delivery, P2P (c2c) Delivery

#12. Mental health / Home Fitness

#13. Gambling/Betting business, where applicable and legitimate

#14. of course :) Nearshoring as Dedicated Development Model – Remote Development Teams as a Service
While in-house teams are struggling to work productively from home, dedicated development teams are perfectly trained and aware of such a model. Companies hire remote teams more as they are assured of proper communication, full control of project development, and the quality of provided services.

#15. Cyber Security
The use of the Internet has risen much during the Covid19 lockdown, thus forced many companies and regular users to take care of their cybersecurity. One of the most vulnerable sectors of most countries that required cybersecurity is healthcare.

#16. Fin Compliance, Identity Verification/Management

#17. Fintech, Online Banking specifically

#18. LegalTech in appliance to remote clients, remote clients’ relationships with their clients

#19. Telemedicine, Healthcare marketplaces, diagnosis/treatment/therapy devices

Stay Safe!

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