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Insights on Remote Staff Retention — Post Meeting With Partners

Had a great and long time awaited live meeting with our friends from Zenchef. Having a chit chat pretty much about everything we naturally turned into the remote staff retention topics, and here come few takeaways from this exchange – which I hope will be of a good use to any organization exploring and utilizing remote work model for their staff.
1. Retention is always a function of a culture. Corporate retention (staff retention) is obviously a dependancy from the corporate culture. Dozen of cases show and prove that business who cultivates a proper internal communication with their teams in-house will not be facing any distractions scaling the same approach to remote/hybrid teams. Results will also be equally relevant – the teams (no matter where they are during most of the business week) will know why they exist and function, what stands behind dry numbers or ambitious goals, and what humans are actually making this all work.
2. Teams retention is a result of mutual effort of various roles involved into the Employee Experience given. Direct manager, peer colleagues, HR, tech leadership, vendors and suppliers, are all, in one way or another, add to the bucket. Will this bucket be full of diverse and positive inputs from all these parties, or will it always remain semi-empty (half-full? to my most optimistic readers) allowing other non-corporate parties to be filling in the gap – it all depends on how much United in this retention aspect the business units will be.
Our Paris meeting was amazing and warm, as the weather outside. Our 7 years partnership journey is a great asset and big pride to me. Hopefully even more to come soon!

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