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Ruby is a modern, constantly evolving programming language. It is an interpreted, fully object-oriented coding language based on a clear dynamic typing and incorporates a Perl-like syntax. Moreover, several features are acquired from the other programming languages such as ​​Python, Lisp, Dylan, and CLU. More and more developers are starting to work with Ruby because of its flexibility, which allows them to solve the same problem in many ways. Moreover, many technology-related startups commonly use RoR as it has minimal restraints in prototyping. According to the TIOBE index, Ruby has been rated as the 11th most popular language.



Labor Market Data

One of the most popular Ruby frameworks is Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is an outright , multi-level framework particularly aimed at building web applications using databases, which is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Among its main advantages is the speed of development; solving tasks with RoR show much more efficiency if compared to other frameworks. Ruby is very simple as a tool, and there is a huge number of ready-made solutions for various kinds of tasks, such as integration or unit. That is why all Ruby developers are hands on RoR framework, however, there are some other Ruby frameworks in use: Sinatra, Merb, Nitro, and Camping.

Most of the Ruby developers have a good command over JavaScript (libraries, frameworks). Almost one fourth of Ruby developers work as Team or Tech Leads, this can be explained by the fact that many of them have previous development experience with other programming languages, specifically with Perl. 

Talking about cloud services, one fourth of Ruby developers use AWS. Referring to the data storage and data operations Ruby developers are hands on both SQL and NoSQL (MySQL and MongoDB database management systems accordingly).

Our recruiting’s overview

Our recruiting’s overview over the market capacity showed the following distribution of the skills:

Decision Factors for the Developers to Join Ruby Projects

Commonly, these are the key points for consideration:


Orientation on foreign long-term projects and cooperation with internationally known companies; 


Using the latest Ruby technologies and tools;


Project without legacy code;

It is worth to remember, that joining ANY project, these questions are of special importance to the candidates in Ukraine:


What is the working process of development? What methodology is used, if any? How planning, delivery, quality control and deployment will be organized?


What will be the team structure? Who will be the person dealing with the team on daily basis?


What technology stacks are used for the project? How modern and contemporary are they?

All-inclusive Price Range

Junior Developers

1-2 years experience

2800 – 4700 USD

per month

Middle Developers

2-4 years experience

4700 – 6200 USD

per month

Senior Developers

4+ years experience

6200 – 8900 USD

per month

Rate Includes

Developer’s salary
Sick leaves
Equipment and software
Payroll taxes
Vacation period
Office expenses
Employee retention

Our Model

We provide teams that are functionally managed by the client, while we support operations (working environment, HR supervision, and communication between the Client and the Team). Understanding what is most important to our clients we developed a distinguishing model of 3Rs: Recruitment, Relationships, and Retention.


finding a developer is easy. Finding a fit for the client/product and capability to build a team – that’s where the hard part comes. We leverage our understanding of the local market and the best recruitment practices to make sure we pick the perfect match.


we believe that the relationships we build are the most important part of our service. No matter the distance, we foster the growth of relationships with our clients and dedicated teams by truly investing in them, and understanding their needs.


our staff takes care of all operations, making sure that your team has all of the Staff Services activities to keep them satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s relations with other people (peers, clients, contractors) that matter the most and what forms true loyalty.

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