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August 2, 2017 - Marina D

3 Best Practices to Hire Meteor Developers and Avoid Staff Expenses

The JavaScript language penetrates the entire world wide web as every web browser running on all devices and operating systems uses it as its client-side scripting language. Note, however, that for a long time since its release in 1995, JavaScript mostly remained on the client side, as there was no sufficiently robust technology that enabled JavaScript to be easily executed on the server side. This, however, changed with the release of Node.js, a JavaScript run-time environment that allowed JavaScript to run on the server.

Node.js was widely lauded and embraced by developers, resulting in a solid community of Node.js developers. As a result, a lot of Node.js frameworks were created to help make Node.js development quicker and more convenient. One such framework is Meteor. In this article, we take a look at this framework in detail.

Meteor: A Closer Look

Meteor.js is a relatively new JavaScript framework, having only been released in 2012. As a Node.js framework, it allows for much quicker Node development, packaging tasks that would otherwise take over 1,000 lines of code with pure Node.js into functions that take only around 10 lines to call. Meteor is also open-source, so its code base is available to the public, and as a result, Meteor developers can rely on strong support from the online Meteor developer community. What’s more, it’s a full stack framework that supports the development of native mobile and desktop applications in addition to web apps, making it a cross-platform framework.

Meteor currently holds the highest number of Github stars among all server-side web frameworks, with 37,937 stars as of writing. According to traffic analyzer Alexa, the country that visits the Meteor website the most is the United States, with 20% of all traffic coming from the USA, followed by China (10.3%), India (6.7%), Japan (5.2%), and Brazil (3.7%). From these data, we can deduce that Meteor is most widely used in these countries.

countries where you can hire Meteor developer

Countries that visit the Meteor website the most (data from Alexa).

Meteor Projects

Here are some interesting open-source projects built with Meteor that any Meteor JS developer can contribute to.

  • – a cross-platform chat application with features such as video conferencing, group messaging and helpdesk chat support
  • Wekan – a project management web application that uses the Kanban system and card-based design
  • Telescope – a web application that enables the easy creation of social community sites with post and comment functionalities
  • Angular-Meteor – a tool that combines Angular and Meteor for full stack development of web and mobile applications
  • Dr. Mongo – a convenient administrative application for MongoDB management that allows users to connect multiple databases

Ways to Hire Meteor Developers

If you’re in the market to hire Meteor developer, here are some of the methods you can consider.

Ways to hire Meteor developers

Direct Hiring

You can hire Meteor developers directly from your local market, and one way to do so is by using one of the many job posting websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn. This is the most traditional method, but note that it can also be very costly, especially in some countries where the rate of developers is high. Moreover, this often involves long-term contracts, so you have to keep your employees even after your project is completed. Moreover, it often requires you to allocate additional physical resources like computers and office workstations for your employees, which can increase the costs further.

Outsourcing (project-based model)

You can also hire an outsourcing company to develop your entire project from start to finish. This involves laying down the entire details of your project to a team of project managers or business analysts at the beginning of the project, and they will be the one to form the development team and carry out project management. This method is convenient because it takes a big load off your hands, but it can also be quite costly due to the added services of project management and business analysis. Moreover, it leaves you with limited control over your project, and small misunderstandings at the beginning of the project can cause significant delays and further increase the cost.

Dedicated Developers

One other option would be to hire a dedicated team of Meteor developers from an offshoring company according to dedicated team model. In this way, your developers will remain in the offshoring company’s office, but will otherwise work for you full-time and report directly to you. This gives you full control over your project and gets you involved in developer selection while saving you the need to allocate physical resources to your developers. Moreover, it can cost a lot less than project-based model because project management and business analysis are not needed. Additionally, dedicated development team model gives you the flexibility to resize your team as your project requirements change, and payments with this method are often all-inclusive, meaning it includes everything from salaries, taxes, and insurance to software licenses and office resource costs.

Hiring dedicated developers from an offshoring company is the clear winner in terms of giving you the best value for your money. One caveat of this method would be the possible difficulties with time zone differences and language barriers, so it is essential that you choose the country you will hire from with prudence.

Meteor Developer Gross Salary

To help you decide which country to hire Meteor developers from, let’s compare the average annual gross salaries of a Meteor developer in various countries using data from PayScale. Note that PayScale uses user-reported gross salaries, so they may prove to be inaccurate, but this comparison will nonetheless provide us with a general idea of the relative salaries among these countries. According to PayScale, the average annual gross salary of a Meteor developer (which falls under Node.js developers) with 1-4 years of experience is as follows:

Average Meteor developer salary in Europe and the USA

Comparison of Average Annual Gross Salaries of Meteor (Node.js) Developers in Different Countries (data from PayScale)

It is clear that two countries, India and the Philippines, offer the lowest rates for developers among all the countries we compared, and these countries would be great choices for those looking to hire a Meteor expert from South Asia and Southeast Asia. However, for those within Europe or other neighboring countries like the USA, India and the Philippines are geographically on the opposite side of the globe, so time zone differences would be very problematic. In these regions, Ukraine would be the best choice, as it offers the lowest rates across all of Europe and is only an hour or two away from most European countries.

Meteor JS Developer CVs

Here are 3 CVs of typical developers with Meteor skills to give you an idea of the experience or skills to look for when you hire Meteor developers

CV#1 Senior Node JS Developer


  • Development of a time-tracking web application with geolocation functionalities
  • Development of a donation web application for a non-profit organization using MeteorJS and MongoDB
  • Development of a barcode scanning system which connects to a RESTful web service written in Node.js
  • Development of a medical native mobile application that diagnoses patients via eye tracking


  • Java, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, Meteor JS, Node, Express, Angular JS, BootStrap, Sparc Assembly,, Android Development, C, Python, Unix, Eclipse, Android Studio, GDB, Git, Vim, Heroku, Meteor, Amazon Web, Services, EC2, MongoLabs, VirtualBox, Vagrant, Semantics3, JSON Web Tokens, Retrofit, Redis, REST …

CV#2 Middle Node JS Developer


  • Development of a social networking web application using Node.js, Meteor, and DynamoDB
  • Development of a content review system, including unit testing scripts
  • Contribution to open-source projects using Meteor, React, Node.js, AngularJS, and Express.js


  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, Angular, Meteor, React, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Gulp, Protractor, Mocha, Chai, Git …

CV#3 Junior Node JS Developer


  • Development of a survey form web application that connects to a mobile app
  • Development of an image blogging website


  • PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, Perl, Node, Angular, Java, CSS, HTML, Mongo DB, Backbone.js, Meteor, React, Lamp, SCSS, LESS …

Hire Meteor JS developer in Ukraine

Hire Meteor Developer Now

Now that you’re aware of the things you need to know a lot about Meteor development, such as the Meteor developer salary and the models to hire Meteor developers, you are now fully equipped to hire a Meteor JS developer. If you’re looking to hire developers from Europe, an excellent option would be to hire from a dedicated teams provider, such as Mobilunity. Located in the heart of Ukraine, we offer minimal time zone differences within the content, and we offer the best developers with the lowest rates across all of Europe!

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