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Our Services

Dedicated Tech Teams

Build your development team from scratch or extend your current team when the time comes to scale.

Pay-As-You-Go Сonsultancy Services

An option for businesses to obtain flexible, adept consultancy of various specialists of any level, while paying hourly.

Tech Recruitment Solutions

Hire the top talents with skills matching your project with the help of our in-house recruitment team.

Tech Interview Services

Secure top-notch tech hires by entrusting us with comprehensive evaluations of candidates’ qualifications and compatibility with your team.

No tech talent on your hiring radar?

  • Access the best of the Ukrainian 200K IT labor market extended with an unlimited pool of candidates from else countries.
  • Get people that fit right in your team.
  • Get the flexibility in attracting the talent as soon as you need it — get your dedicated team on board within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Get a long-term result — a culture-driven team for long-term development.

How we ensure a perfect match 3R

1R Relationship

Communication, transparency and support are our ingredients of high team performance from the very first day. Even if you’re remote.

2R Recruitment

Once, we invented the timely and quality method for hiring IT talents. 10 years and dozens of clients later, we’ve perfected it.

3R Retention

We ensure your employees’ are motivated, effective and happy. Whenever you need help, we’ve got your back.

What’s the outcome of our approach

of hires meet the trial successful closure criteria
dedicated teams
of clients extended their teams with us

Client testimonials speak louder than words



PHP, Laravel


The project is successfully completed

We were lucky to find Mobilunity who recruited and hosts our nearshoring dev team in Kyiv.


Restaurant Digitalization

Android SDK, Laravel


with Mobilunity since 2016

I came to Mobilunity originally because I wanted my team to focus on product-related projects. I had a bunch of long run tasks, like connecting external tools through API, building some scripts to automate tasks. I couldn’t handle it internally because time was missing.


Loan Management Software

Python, Django


The project is successfully completed

Our CTO is located in Kyiv. He is doing such an amazing job, he is such a nice guy and we are looking for people to team up with him in order to scale our solution and become the leader of the industry.


Vinyl Music Service

Ruby on Rails, Javascript


with Mobilunity since 2020

Before Mobilunity helped me create a dedicated development team, I was only working alongside a single part-time independent engineer. Along with the ongoing maintenance of the product, we were adding features needed for expansion. Given the length of the period, there was a significant amount of technical debt that needed to be renewed on a wide scale.

Our Clients

Our Models Comparison

Model brief
Team control
Responsibility for delivery
Best fit for

Dedicated Development Team

You buy a long term access to the team custom built for you. Mobilunity handles administrative things, you manage your team yourself
Your people do what you want them to do
On you, as you alone define what and when your team does
Team scalability is quite fast (from 2 weeks) and upon client’s request, organized and run by Mobilunity
Cost is based on a monthly fixed fee per each dedicated resource
Agile development in fast-changing environment, when you need great people long-term

On-need hourly-paid services

You get time of hand-picked consultants that fit your needs due to expertise shortage or peak loads on your side
You come with a need, and you let an expert cover it for you
Shared. Typically you agree what Consultant does in what timeframe and scope, and you pay for it.
You define your needs for the experts, Mobilunity negotiates it for you
Cost is based on an hourly fee of designated consultant
Short-term rare expertise you are missing, or long-term hourly-paid on-need jobs

What to expect from our model

We give you not a fish but a fishing rod.

We’re not about outsourcing and getting a turn-key project. We offer a flexible solution that can tackle any challenge, deliver with speed, and scale on demand.

Just like your own employees.

You select the candidates to build your team, you know them personally, and you manage them. They work for you full-time, know your product and your needs — just like your own employees.

But hassle-free.

Taxes, payrolls, etc. — we’ll take care of them.

How to start

1. Drop us a line.

YOU contact us – WE respond promptly.

2. Schedule a call.

WE organise a call for a detailed discussion of your ideas and needs. YOU provide us with your requirements.

3. We start the recruitment process.

WE create an ideal candidate profile according to your needs and start researching potential candidates via multiple channels. After shortlisting candidates WE precisely screen candidates’ soft/hard skills.

4. You interview and approve your team.

WE plan and organize interviews with YOU and your potential employees.

5. We start working in 4-6 weeks.

Your new employees and YOU – on your project. WE – on building smooth communication between both parties.

Globally Recognized

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