Best IT Events 2017 to Follow on Twitter

We continue compiling lists of top Twitter accounts to keep you in the picture about the world of digital business and IT. Check out our list of best startup companies in Frankfurt and 80 startup accelerators on Twitter if you haven’t done this yet!

Global forums, conferences and meetups are quickly catching on, since they give precious opportunity for networking, borrowing experience of the leading experts, exchanging revolutionary ideas, and gaining new partners and valuable contacts. Rapidly developing and diverse world of IT technologies is in special need of such global gatherings. We have come up with a list of 100 Twitter accounts of upcoming IT conferences worth visiting in 2017. The events below can catch the interest not only of software specialists, but also of the businesses, that benefit from implementation of cutting-edge technologies or those, who just spotted potential perks of their employment. Pick out an event you would like to visit and follow its Twitter community to be always aware of the latest news and updates.

2016 best IT events Mobilunity visited

Best Software Development Conferences 2017

This is a list of international conferences that cover the most various aspects of software engineering and development. These meetups gather IT buffs, who are ready to share innovative views on methods of software development, QA, cyber security, digital trends, technical innovations, artificial intelligence advancements and much more:

London New Tech

I T.A.K.E. Unconf


Agent Conference

OOP Konferenz

Jfokus 2017

The Lead Developer


Bob Konferenz

QCon London


Booster Conference


ProgSCon London


NextBuild Conference

Topconf Duesseldorf

Developer Week

MobCon Europe

London HalfStack

IoT Evolution Expo


Selenium Camp

DDD Europe 2017

IEEE Virtual Reality


AI World

IJCAI 2017

Web & Mobile Technology Conferences 2017

Visit the following gatherings if you are looking for best web and mobile technologies and solutions to apply in your business, or want to upgrade your own skills in development of modern mobile apps or delivery of powerful web applications:


DEVit Web Conference




App Builders CH

Bulgaria Web Summit


Best iOS/Android Development Events 2017




droidcon London 2017

droidcon ITA (Turin)

Android Makers

Cloud Expo Europe

IT solutions for business by Mobilunity


Technology – Related Events to Visit in 2017

In case, you are already a pro in implementation of IT technologies into your own business, you must be using one of the CMS’s or databases below, so visiting these events will provide you with the ways to use them more effectively and increase your chances for success. While events on backend and frontend development will be extremely helpful for those, who actually work in these spheres:


CMS Events

MagentoLive UK 2017

Shopify Partner Meetup London

WordCamp Europe 2017



WooCommerce Conf.

Backend Solutions Events


PHP UK Conference

Laracon US

Java Day Istanbul

Frontend Solutions Events


JS Kongress

NodeConf Budapest

Render Conf

CSSconf EU



Front-Trends 2017

Frontend Conference


Angular Days



AngularCamp 2017

Reactive Conference


ngVikings Conference

Agile Development Conferences 2017

The following conferences and forums are mostly for software engineers, who find agile the most effective approach in digital products delivery. Still, business owners might benefit as well! This is because agile is currently one of the widely used approach to software development, and understanding of its guiding principles and peculiarities of customer – vendor cooperation in course of product development will help a lot in the long run:


Agilia Conference

ACE! Conference

Big Apple Scrum Day


Agile On The Beach

Agile Practitioners

Agile and Beyond

XP Conference

Agile Ireland 2017

IT Solutions for Business 2017

The next worth visiting events show great examples of successful implementation of different IT solutions for business niches ranging from retail sales to healthcare. Visit these informative events and learn how to bring your business to success via modern IT technologies and solutions:


Interop ITX

IBM Connect 2017

PegaWorld 2017

CeBIT 2017



Cyber Security Events 2017

The matter of cyber security is becoming more and more urgent today. Sensitive data and personal information is now easily distributed and thus should be firmly secured. Visit one of the cyber security meetups below to find the ways to protect your business from security fraud:

Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit

European Smart Grid Cyber Security Conference

QuBit Conference

Cloud Security Expo

RSA Conference

Data Innovation Conferences 2017

In the information age data-related topics have become rather urgent and are discussed across the board. Visit these events on data driven design and development, data security and others:

Big Data Innovation Summit London

Data Driven Innovation 2017

Best Elearning Conferences 2017

Visiting the following elearning conferences one will find out about the best practices of implementing technologies in education and staff training:


iLearningForum Paris

OEB Conference

IT solutions for business we offer

Speech Recognition Events 2017

Keep track of human speech recognition technologies evolution to build next generation Siri or Amazon Echo alternative:

Interspeech 2017


Meet Mobilunity at the best IT conferences in 2017! Schedule a meeting today!

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