End-to-end Tech Recruitment as a Service for Businesses That Value Their Time

Instead of wasting over 100 hours annually on in-house interviews, entrust your tech assessments to the tech industry experts themselves.

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With our technical staffing services, you will get to:
Stop spending time on numerous unqualified candidates received from external IT recruiters, who do not have tech skills.
Skyrocket internal interview-to-offer conversion rate and relieve your team from unproductive talks with mismatched candidates.
Increase the quality of the hires with comprehensive project-tailored assessments conducted beforehand.
Speed up the hiring process by eliminating dependencies on your internal tech people.
Bridge the gap between what you expect from the candidates and what you get from them now.
Experience the added value of our tech recruiting as a service:
Only matching candidates
Based on our initial talks, we will thoroughly evaluate each candidate for their technical, cultural, and character fit for the role.
Tech consultancy
Upon request, our senior tech expert will advise on how to adjust your recruitment process and requirements to get the best possible results, and guide you how we can help with it.
Full transparency
By entrusting us with your tech recruitment, you may expect both high-quality service and unwavering transparency to ensure the best possible results.
Our cooperation process includes 3 simple stages:
Introductory stage. At this initial phase, we take a few days to comprehend your requirements and aspirations, which results in us proposing tailored IT recruiting services aligned with your needs.
Discovery stage. During this phase, our process involves in-depth discussions to grasp the technical intricacies and both soft and hard skills necessary for the role. One is run by a duo of recruiters and tech interviewers carefully chosen for your project specifically. We assess and revise the job description to attract the most suitable candidates, and our tech recruiters begin the sourcing process to ensure we're on the right track.
Candidate assessment stage. In this stage, each candidate undergoes an HR interview to check cultural alignment and a technical assessment to evaluate their technical proficiency. Only the most promising candidates progress to your final interview, and you make a decision on which candidate to move forward with.

Quote from our client Kyle Fulton, an IT executive in the USA (a US insurance carrier)

The process was fairly easy from our side, and I really liked the format of the feedback on the candidates from [Mobilunity] Technical Interviewer. The evaluation form has been broken out into different sections, tailored to our vacancy requirements, which was very valuable. During our first meeting, I felt that our tech interviewer was knowledgeable and very professional, and my impressions of the candidates [sent to us later] fully matched up with his feedback on them, so it was a good experience.
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