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October 3, 2015 - Cathy

Best Webinar Solutions for Your Website

Who needs a WordPress webinar plugin

Many businesses today know that it is often better to offer training and meetings over the internet rather than everyone having to spend time and money to actually travel. A webinar plugin or platform can allow you to give presentations, demonstrate products and services, give instructions or even just general discussions and meetings. They also allow for documents and other applications to be shared online. All of this can be done without anyone having to leave their office or even home and can connect people from all over the world. While several years ago businesses would have needed specialized equipment it can now be done with the most basic of equipment that most people have installed within their laptop. However choosing the best webinar platform to use for your business can be confusing. The following sections will review 4 different platforms that you could use:

Go To Webinar

Go to Webinar WordPress PluginOne of the very best WordPress webinar plugins that you could install and use for your site is the Gotowebinar plugin. This is used by many big corporations and other companies that have a presence online and off and is by many considered to be an industry standard application. It can be used for everything from webinars and events to simple meetings. However this is not a free application and the cheapest plan is just a little under $100 a month. But it is one of the best known and best supported platforms that you will find to use.

It has a very comprehensive webinar management capability and you can do almost anything that you would want to do. You can even send out emails to the attendees direct from the application unlike many other platforms that you may like to use. This platform offers everything from practice sessions through to completely live sessions in which users can share their screens in real time.

wordpress webinar plugin

Some of the options that this platform offers are:

  • Live screen sharing
  • Real time polls
  • Customization of landing pages directly through the platform
  • On screen chat
  • Question and answer
  • Manual or automatic approval of registrants / attendees
  • Full diagnostics allowing you to monitor everything from attentiveness to attendance patterns

There are however some downsides to using this platform: You are not able to charge the attendees as there is no internal payment options so all webinars will have to be free. The software also needs to be downloaded onto your PC as it is not hosted online, it can also take a lot of time to configure each webinar. The price is also dependent on the number of attendees that you expect for your webinars.

Easy Webinar

Easy Webinar WordPress PluginThe Easy Webinar plugin is another great platform that you can install within WordPress. This WordPress webinar plugin again is not free it can cost in the region of $400 to $500 annually. The fixed price however is not in any way related to the number of attendees. While Gotowebinar has a limit of 1000 users, easy webinar has no limit.

This platform can support pre-recorded and live webinars and can easily integrate with MailChimp, Adweber, WordPress, Sendgrid, LeadPages, YouTube, OptimizePress and many others. It allows you create highly optimized and highly converting landing pages with an automated webinar plugin.

This platform also has in depth diagnostics allowing you to understand what your users are doing.
The biggest problem with this platform is that it can be quite complicated to use and you may have problems sorting any issues out as they charge for access to the tutorials.

Google Hangouts

Google HangoutsA free service Google Hangouts that is provided through Google but it does require that you have Google+ and gmail accounts, it is also limited to just 10 hosts. This platform is surprisingly easy to use and has an unlimited number of viewers for your webinar.

Viewers do not themselves have to be gmail / Google+ account holders and you can make a webinar completely private and invite people to view by email. Webinars that are set as public can be viewed by anyone.

Building Webinar Landing Pages

LeadPages Webinar Landing PageThere is variety of landing page builders available for WordPress users now. However, one of the best tool to build your webinar pages in is LeadPages. This is not a true WordPress webinar plugin but it can help you to create high converting landing pages on which you can easily put your gotomeeting plugin or other WordPress webinar plugin. It is completely compatible with WordPress and its landing pages can be embedded into any site. There are many free to use tutorials and this platform can quickly and easily help you to design landing pages for your webinars.

It is however not free and the templates that you can use are very much dependent on the pricing plan that you choose so can restrict the options that you have for your site.

We hope that this discussion of WordPress webinar plugin options will help you with deciding how you will provide webinars for your staff, partners and clients.

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