Congratulate Ukraine on Its 25th Birthday with Mobilunity

The idea to congratulate Ukraine on its 25th birthday was born all of a sudden. As can be seen from the social pages of the company – Mobilunity has an active “social life.” We have a great tradition to congratulate other countries with their Independence Days, but we decided to do something special for our own country.

Let’s All Celebrate

We came up with a cool idea to invent a virtual avatar creator that allows one to create a #uaAvatar – funny patriotic pics for social networks. The main objective of the project was to congratulate Ukrainians with their 25th anniversary of independence and tell people from the whole world about this significant event. Styling profile images in Ukrainian manner and using them in worldwide networking services such as Facebook could perfectly accomplish this objective.  

The name of the project was not a matter for discussion and it was unanimously decided to call it Ukraine25. It was quite symbolic as our dear independent Ukraine turned 25.

Design of Avatar Website

The design for the future avatar website was created in the first place. Today it is trendy to make sites with simple web interface, so our designers created clear elements on a dark blue background (our corporate color).We paid special attention to the creation of interesting and colorful stickers, filters and frames.

best profile picture ideas

Challenges in Website Creation Process

Once the design was ready, one of the most difficult stages started – the stage of implementation of the idea through development. During the process of creating website we had a few difficulties which we easily managed, consequently, the project met the deadline and was launched on time. The most difficult and urgent problem we faced was storing pictures on the server after they were uploaded on the website. In order to solve this issue we took the image displayed on HTML5 canvas, turned it into a base64 string and before storing it in a database decoded it into .png format and sent request to database – custom WordPress post was ready. The main risk we prevented was the risk of hosting being overloaded. During the planning phase, we made sure that our hosting would be able to withstand greater number of simultaneous visits.


It often happens that cherishing a great idea for a long time ends up in nothing as excitement fades away quickly. Instead it should be supported by real actions from the very rise of the brainchild. In case of Ukraine25 web avatar creator we didn’t have much time to fool around and procrastinate, so the team got down to work the moment the details of the project were agreed upon, and as a result, they did their job really well, fast and with inspiration. This gave everyone interested the chance to build avatars before the Independence Day of Ukraine.

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The Whole World Loves It

We wanted to get people together even if they were in different countries and let them congratulate their families and friends with the birthday of our independent country, and at the same time – allow everybody to have unique and free profile images – #uaAvatar. At the moment the project has already been used by people from numerous countries. Most are undoubtedly from Ukraine, but the top five countries also include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. It was difficult to track which aspects of the Ukraine25 web avatar creator people liked most. Many preferred wreaths as well as mustache with Cossack hats. Unusual avatars for pets with a mustache or something like that did not spoil our idea either, and even made it more positive and fun.

Striving for Perfection 

Thanks to the fact that our team developed responsive design, the website can be conveniently used on various devices. The maintenance and enhancement of the platform is not going to stop. We are aware of the things to work on and how to improve our project, but if you are willing to help, make a suggestion or ask questions – contact us!

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Our team is very pleased that our social project found a response among the people all over the world!

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