How Much Does It Cost to Hire an and SQL Developer in Ukraine? is an open-source framework for building web apps and services with .NET programming language. SQL is a multi-paradigm programming language, which is used for creation, modification and management of data held in relational database management system. Programmers, who work with .NET mobile development are usually expected to acquire the knowledge of C#, SQL/PL databases, HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with Bootstrap. Due to such a package of knowledge, coders of this kind earn quite good salaries. Here we are going to discuss entry level SQL developer salary, what’s the best way to hire a programmer – local, dedicated or freelance asp developers and how to select developer interview questions to find the best candidate. If you are interested in salaries of dedicated not only and SQL developers – check out our big research on “What’s the cost of a developer in Ukraine?” and find out more about salaries of developers with knowledge of different programming languages.

How to Hire and SQL Developers?

If you want to hire a ASP NET developer or hire a SQL developer, but experience difficulties in finding the right ones – our company can offer outstaffing solutions, created exactly for this purpose. You apply with your request and our HRs are looking for ideal candidates by testing and interviewing them. After programmers are chosen – you hire them and proceed to work immediately after. It really is as easy as that. The popularity of outstaffing services grows each day, because programmers have desire to work for big companies or projects, and employers, on the other hand, are looking for such professionals, and certainly not with the help of Google.

Hire .NET developer for your team and SQL Developers Salaries in Ukraine

Since ASPnet development acquires knowledge of .NET programming language, it would be nice to show you numbers for this kind of developers. Averagely, Ukrainian middle .NET coder earns $1750/month, as you can see in the table below.

The cost of a .NET developer in Ukraine

Monthly .NET developers cost based on their seniority in 2016

SQL database developer salary is averagely $1500/month, as shown in the table below. The sum of money they earn is quite low, because nowadays knowledge of SQL language is not enough to develop a complete app or software.

The cost of an SQL developer in Ukraine

Monthly net SQL developers cost based on their seniority in 2016

Comparing and SQL Developers Worldwide

While + SQL combo is not as popular as it was 5 years ago, it is still searched in Google. See more detailed review of the number of Google searches on this topic below:

Interest in ASP.NET and SQL programmers

Chart showing interest in and SQL over time

And now let’s proceed to numbers. According to PayScale, middle developer salary in USA is $68 200/year. Junior SQL developer salary NYC is averagely $71 300/year. And finally, the combo of .NET and SQL languages gets the biggest salary of three mentioned: $75 600/year.

Mobilunity offers high quality outstaffing solutions

Reasons to Hire and SQL Developers in Ukraine

Nowadays many employers experience difficulties while searching for good candidates for a team of dedicated and SQL developers positions. It can be explained by the lack of professionals on the local market. Ukrainian developers are getting more and more popular today due to the high level of knowledge they acquire along with talent and flexible, yet professional attitude to tasks. They are highly demanded not only in Ukrainian outsourcing companies, but worldwide as well. Our recruitment team of professionals has a lot of years of experience selecting ASP net developer interview questions for better efficiency of hiring. That’s why we guarantee you to find the best developer for your project very fast.

If you are looking to hire programmer or SQL developer to join your team, we can outstaff the best candidates!

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