Full Dreamweaver Overview

What is Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is an application for web design and development that was initially released in 1997. The most recent version, released in June of 2015 is the 16th major version of Dreamweaver. It is widely used by professional web developers and designers, but is also used by many non-professionals. It is what is known as a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) meaning that while you work on designing a website in Dreamweaver, it does all the coding in the background for you. This enables anybody to build a website, even with no coding experience. Dreamweaver presents web content in three different ways:

  • Straight code view – A hand-coding environment for writing and editing HTML, JavaScript, and any other kind of code.
  • Design view – A design environment for visual page layout, visual editing, and application development. A fully editable, visual representation of the document is displayed similar to what you would see when viewing the page in a browser.
  • Live view – Live view displays a more realistic representation of what your document will look like in a browser, and lets you interact with the document exactly as you would in a browser. HTML elements can be edited directly and previewed instantly in the same view.

Dreamweaver allows design across all platforms. As of 2013 it is no longer possible to buy a licensed copy of Dreamweaver. Adobe now distributes it on a subscription basis through Creative Crowd.

Pros and cons of Dreamweaver

There are those who swear by Dreamweaver. Site creation is much easier for anybody who isn’t a good coder. Others don’t particularly care for it.

Dreamweaver ProsDreamweaver Cons
Fluid Grid Feature allows the content of your site to automatically rearrange itself depending on the specific screen it’s viewed on.There is a steep learning curve. First time users may have difficulty learning Dreamweaver
Element Quick View lets you rearrange components easilyHaving to subscribe to the Cloud instead of owning the stand alone programs is a drawback for some
Copy and paste styles speeds editingLive view is slow
Code Highlighting – Different set of highlights to help you differentiate between HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and others. Useful if you have a lot of code on a page that is a mix of HTML and dynamic languages like PHP or ASPElement Quick View window isn’t re-sizable or persistent

Dreamweaver site design and development alternatives

Although it may be the best known, there are other web editors out there besides Dreamweaver. Site design and editing can be done with a number of Dreamweaver alternatives that may serve your particular purposes just as well. Here are four alternatives to Dreamweaver:

  • KompoZer – A complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing. KompoZer is easy to use and a good choice for those who want to create an professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding.
  • Amaya – A W3C-compliant, Open Source solution that can be run on Windows. It offers HTML, CSS and XML validators, and validates HTML as you build pages. Websites can be seen in a tree structure, and finished pages can be viewed in a “Page Preview” function. It also offers a search and replace option, but does not offer a text editor.
  • BlueGriffon – This is a WYSIWYG content editor based on Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox. BlueGriffon is a free open source system with Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility. It includes FTP with an add-on and support for page preview, spell checking, templates, web fonts, and a CSS editor.
  • Microsoft Expression Web 4 – Provides the tools to produce standards-based websites. It offers built-in support for web standards, CSS design capabilities, and visual diagnostic tools. With Expression Web you work with PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET or ASP.NET AJAX.

dreamweaver site

Dreamweaver site building in 5 easy steps

Building websites with Dreamweaver can be done in five basic steps:

  • Setup your project files – Create a folder on your computer’s hard drive for your website named sites. Create another folder that will contain content for your site and name it with your sites name and copy it into the sites folder. Start Dreamweaver and select Site > New Site. In the Site Name text box enter the name of your site. Browse to and select your website folder and click Save.
  • Create your homepage – Use Dreamweaver to build your sites main page HTML structure using the insert panel. After building the basic structure, add text, images, and links to the page.
  • Style the main page – CSS (cascading style sheets) are the formatting rules that control the appearance of content on a web page. Dreamweaver has a CSS Designer for handling the different style management functions. The main page you created will be styled using CSS Designer
  • Create additional pages – When you styled the main page, CSS Designer created a new style sheet for you which can be used for the additional pages you create.
  • Publish your site – Upload the files with the pages you created to a remote server (your host). Dreamweaver can upload your files using FTP

Building a website in Dreamweaver


These are just the general steps involved to design and create website using Dreamweaver. The specific details will depend on what you want to include on your site. There are some good tutorials available online, including some on the Dreamweaver site that are free, that cover specific design functions you may want to try with Dreamweaver.

How Unity Developers Can Help You to Build a Game

Imagination and skill are the limitations in using Dreamweaver! You can go beyond just building your own website! Why not to build your own game? Want to build a virtual world on your own? As mentioned, Dreamweaver is one of the many platforms that are available to you! With the technology and connectivity of today, knowledge and skill in using Dreamweaver to build your own game can be useful, however, there are professionals that can ease the burden. Unity developers are such skilled professionals! These game coders are highly skilled in game development using Unity, a game development engine most known for developing video games and simulations. Unity, as a platform, and Unity developers open up a lot more possibilities with the game that you would be planning on building!

If you are thinking of hiring a Unity developer to build your game, you might want to read through an overview of the salary of a Unity developer.

So if you need help with your Dreamweaver site, feel free to contact our developers right away!

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