Full List of Cross Browser Bugs & How to Fix Them

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What is a browser?

You are currently using a browser to view this webpage on either your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. It is the piece of software that allows you to surf the internet and to look at the different web pages that you find there. Browsers however have to cope with a huge amount to ensure that they can display the many different web pages that they find as often the coding that they discover cab be very different between sites. Just as a site owner needs to consider what will happen when different browsers on different devices encounter their site. There are many different bugs in internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge as well as other less well known browsers that can cause issues when displaying your site and you will want to ensure that your site can overcome these problems.

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Cross browser testing

If you are going to avoid many of these bugs in internet explorer and the many hundreds of other browsers that could display your site you will need to first find them. Being able to test website in different browsers is key to doing this. There are in fact many tools out there that you can use that will allow you to see exactly how your site will look and behave when viewed in different browsers. A few of these tools are listed below:

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Some common cross browser bugs and their fixes

If you are having issues with bugs in internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser you will first want to look at your site itself. The following are some common issues that will cause bugs in internet explorer and the rest of the different browsers:

  1. Incorrect Doctype

bugs in internet explorerThis is a common bugs in internet explorer especially as if it does not see a specific doctype specified it will revert to its own Quirksmode and will behave in some very strange ways when rendering your website. This can be easily solved with a single line of code which will ensure that your site renders properly in all of the browsers even IE:

<!DOCTYPE html>

  1. No Reset for CSS

bugs in internet explorerEvery browser that you use has its very own set of CSS styles and rules that it will apply should your own website not overwrite them. So if your website fails to do this overwrite your website could be displayed in a way that you do not expect. Whilst this problem can be rare for most sites and themes that you use you can still run into it. It can be overcome by finding and adding a CSS reset style sheet to your theme so that each browser that you use will begin displaying your website using the same set of rules.

  1. CSS styles that are vendor specific

test website in different browsersCSS functionality can be browser specific especially if they have added functionality. This is specified within your CSS using a vendor specific prefix which identifies the specific browser that the code is for. Your CSS should include both a browser specific function as well as the function without the prefix if you want to avoid any issues across the different browser. For example:

-moz-opacity: 0.8;
opacity: 0.8;

The different prefixes for the browsers are:

  • -moz if for Mozilla; Firefox
  • -ms is for Microsoft; IE
  • -webkit is for Safari and also Chrome
  • -0 Is for Opera

So if you are seeing strange for certain functions ensure that there is a code line without the vendor specific prefix included.

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  1. Incorrect browser detection

test website in different browsersSome sites will use outdated JavaScript code that is used to detect the browsers being used. So if you are using newer browsers such as Edge then the code may fail to detect it correctly causing problems.

If this is the case you will want to modify the site to detect features rather than the specific browsers being used.

  1. HTML and CSS problems

cross browser testingEvery browser handles both CSS and HTML differently and depending on which you are looking at they could handle issues within your coding very differently. For instance is you had missed a </div> in your code some browser such as Firefox will just automatically add what you have missed and not have a problem. Other browsers however may not be quite as forgiving. You will want to validate your HTML and CSS to ensure that you don’t have problems which can be done through tools such as:

Hopefully the above will help you to solve most bugs in internet explorer and other browsers when you see problems with your website.

Yet you shouldn’t forget that there are WordPress 4.3.1 bugs you should also pay attention to.

How React JS Developers May Come in Handy

Don’t have the time to fix the bugs? Overwhelmed with the amount of cross browser problems that needs to be fixed? A developer would be a great help in addressing these issues. There are a lot of developers available, however, React JS developers are specialists on solving multiple cross browser problems. Hiring React JS developers provides you the chance to do away with researching how to deal the best with these issues and troubleshooting them.

If you’re looking for developers to help you solve these problems, Mobilunity has dedicated React JS developers that are skilled and experienced. The company offers remote developer services and has a pool of dedicated React JS developers that are ready to address these types of issues. Mobilunity expounds on why you should hire React JS developers and why they are the best to address any cross browser issues that you may have.
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