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Hire IT Contractors

With the advent of the unlimited Internet, the former borders in business development have fallen, because now, in addition to hiring in-house employees, entrepreneurs can prefer choosing employees remotely, or for a short time thinking of how much is it to hire a contractor. It can be a large team of specialists or one dedicated application support engineer for a specific project. Thus, we are talking about contracting, which helps bring a new perspective to a business or close an open position with an important specialist. Many modern companies have long appreciated the benefits if to hire IT contractors and are actively using them for business development. IT contracting has successfully established itself in the USA and European countries, and now this term is increasingly heard over other European countries. What exactly is hidden behind this term and is this kind of outsourcing so good, as they say about it? Let’s try to figure it out.

Reasons to Search for IT Contractors for Hire

IT contracting is the provision of services, products, and IT contractors for hire offer their skills on demand to help a client with the implementation of tasks important for a business. Contracting provides businesses with the opportunity to be flexible in an ever-changing environment. In a practical sense, this means accepting the services of an IT contractor, whether Java contractors or full-stack developers when they are needed and stopping collaboration when the need is no longer needed. In the modern world, a certain gap appears between the rapid development of technology and the appearance of a specialist with the necessary skills. Below we will compare cost of a PHP contractor, a java contractor and other specialists in different countries.

Therefore, contracting is very convenient and preferable for developers, because contractors are not tied to the same company with their knowledge, but can share their expertise with many other companies and organizations. Thanks to such a system of work, all parties can achieve their goals. Hiring a contractor to perform some scope of tasks is efficient for companies: cost reduction, solving some specific problems, accessing missing competencies. Thus, full-time employees can show their potential in action.

Now, many people are beginning to realize the importance of technological competencies, the need to work in technologically advanced formats and raising the minimum level of competency in their markets. Many change their profession at early maturity because they want to guarantee themselves financial security in the future. New specializations that will replace obsolete professions will be associated with technologies. Currently, the ability to program, test, sell using technology, manage processes in IT companies, work with data, is becoming a basic one. Contracting involves solving a specific problem, which is very important for the business. The situation may be such that there are a large number of tasks to perform, but the owner or head of the company may not be able to hire an in-house employee. Businesses that prefer to hire IT contractors use their services for a specific work, while not making them part of the team for a long time.

hire it contractors in ukraine

What Do We Need to Know about IT Contracting and IT Contractor for Hire?

There are certain features associated with the work of contractors, and we identified the main ones:

  • IT contractors for hire provide services based on a short-term contract, unlike classic workers;
  • Companies resort to the services of contractors and IT consulting contractors when they need to carry out a short-term project, but it often happens that later the customer and contractor can extend their cooperation;
  • IT contractors required to possess qualities of quick adaptation and self-confidence, since they are expected to immediately start work;
  • Contractors can work both directly with the customer, and through recruiting agencies;
  • Contracts are usually concluded for 6 months and not less.

Driving factors for contracting:

  • reduction in the number of staff, which accounts for a lot of expenses;
  • the ability to focus key personnel on essintial tasks;
  • fast scaling in both directions depending on the workload (this is crucial for businesses with periodic demand).

Current Demand for Finding IT Contractors for Hire Worldwide

Today, contract workers occupy an increasingly important place in the world market, so in 2017 an independent study was conducted, which showed that contractors already account for 36% of the US’s total workforce. If a company wants to hire IT contractor it will benefit from speeding up the process of finding an employee. Now, many companies are changing their vision of the search and hiring of contractors, and we have gathered for you the skills that are now in great demand among employers that also want to hire PHP contractor:

  • Artificial intelligence. The use of AI in companies of different profiles is now becoming the number one goal. Deep learning, machine learning, and the introduction of AI are just starting to gain popularity, but advanced companies already see the potential in using this technology, which means they are ready to pour any money into employees who possess the necessary knowledge.
  • Python. The variety of this programming language makes it very popular and important for IT contractors wanted. Using it, you can develop both an object-oriented product and functional software templates. The huge Python libraries are conveniently tuned to manage data, and the language itself can be easily integrated within an existing infrastructure.
  • Data science. What does this skill mean? This is a combination of statistics, mathematics, computer skills and knowledge of Python and R programming languages. To find a developer who is fluent in all these skills is a serious challenge, which means that the demand is now higher than ever.

Only 10 years ago, contractors were a temporary replacement for the employee who had just quit, but now their role has increased significantly and gained great value. Now, programmers with such valuable knowledge of data science, AI and Python are in high demand and are hired for special projects.

Hire IT Contractors on a Remote Basis vs In-House Employees?

As we mentioned above, over the past ten years there has been a huge breakthrough for contract contractors and IT consulting contractors in the market. Now programmers want to switch to contract work, not only because of higher pay, but also because of the opportunity to collaborate not with one, but with several well-known companies. Employers also prefer contractors to in-house employees, fight for the best ones and here’s why:

advantages of hiring it contractors

#1 Contractors increase productivity

Hiring contractors in and of itself implies a quick infusion of an employee into the work, which means increased productivity without distracting factors.

#2 Contractors bring narrow-profile skills to business

Most programmers switch to contract work with many years of practice and improving their skills, which means that the business definitely wins by hiring a contract developer for the project.

#3 Contractors have a fresh perspective on things

Hiring a contractor is the best option to bring fresh retrospective to your project or business. In-house employees see the market from the inside, eventually losing their ability to think unbiased when contractors come to the project with fresh ideas and an individual approach, working for no more than 6 months. This mode of operation helps maintain an active contractor approach.

#4 Contractors save time and resources

Contractors, unlike in-house employees, are usually hired for a specific examination, which means that the recruiting process itself is distinguishable from the usual one. This takes much less time, omitting the moments of adaptation and introducing the company into the course of business – there is a specific task, and only it is discussed during the period of recruiting and the work of the contractor.

Average Annual IT Contractor Rates in Different Technologies

In this article, we have shown the advantages of hiring contractors in Ukraine. Below you can see the cost to hire IT contractors and annual salaries in Ukraine, the USA, and Switzerland.

 Java contractor



Full Stack  developer contractorFront End contractorBackend contractor

A Java contractor or PHP contractors and other specialists, as full stack developer contractor, backend developer independent contractor and front end developer React contractor cost several times less in Ukraine than in the US and Switzerland.

cost to hire it contractors worldwide

Hiring Ukrainian IT contractors you choose a high level of expertise altogether with affordable cost of services.

Why to Hire IT Contractor in Ukraine?

Ukrainians can often be found in the most famous IT companies in the world, and leadership positions, as senior full stack infrastructure engineer – contractor or Vue.js contractor. This can be explained by many factors. Of course, the most important indicator is the overall development of the IT industry, and this indicator in Ukraine is at a very high level. Next comes the competence of a programmer or software consultant rate the laws of the country associated with work and the mentality of people. Cost to hire IT contractors in Ukraine is also explained with the average salary of the country.

The Ukrainian government is interested in entering the international market and contributes to this by all means. Currently, many laws on intellectual property, taxation, cybersecurity and data protection on the Internet have been improved. In Ukraine, there are such institutions as the Governmental Commission for Investments and Ukraineinvest, which attract investors to Ukrainian business and contribute to international business partnerships.

benefits of it contractors for hire
  • High level of education

Now, in Ukraine, there are more than 200 educational institutions that train IT specialists. About 23,000 graduates in technology and engineering graduate annually. At about 21-23, Ukrainian students become bachelors and masters, usually already having some experience in the IT field.

  • Geographical location and time zone

The convenient location of Ukraine is the reason why many European countries seek cooperation. The time zone is GMT +2. In communication between business partners, this is very important, because if the cooperation is remote, then the problem of a big difference in time and long-distance for flights disappears.

  • Favorable rates for work

The average cost to hire IT contractors per hour in Ukraine varies from $ 25 to $ 50, which means this is a real opportunity for a business to reduce its costs by 2-3 times. Such cost reduction is of great importance, while the quality of development does not suffer at all.

  • English proficiency

Ukrainian children learn English from elementary grades; for most, it becomes part of the work in the future, along with the development of international partnerships in the country. The problem of the language barrier in Ukraine, in principle, is not a problem, since the developers speak a high level of English.

Why Choose Mobilunity to Find IT Contractors for Hire?

To find good contractors, it is better to seek help from professionals in the Ukrainian companies, which specialized in IT consulting contractors. Mobilunity has extensive experience in the tasks of selecting developers for the individual needs of the client and is pleased to offer its expert approach to solving your problem. Do you need Unity programmers for hire? As already mentioned above, the IT field in Ukraine is developing at an incredible pace and makes a valuable contribution to the global development of technology. We can help our partners by providing the necessary specialist for any stage of development.

Looking for IT contractors to improve your project with proven expertise? Mobilunity is here to assist you! Fill in the contact form right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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