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How to Hire Freelance React Developer?

React is an open-source JavaScript library, which is used to create interfaces and/or UI components. Originally created by Facebook, it is one of the most popular libraries for web and mobile application development. Companies look for an excellent freelance React engineer to build seamless and interactive user interfaces.

The popularity of React JS consulting and development comes from the usability and flexibility of this tool set. Here are some statistics to showcase how widespread the usage of React is:

  • According to Statista, it is in the 2d place among the most used web frameworks around the globe (42,62%);
  • According to GitHub data, it is a framework number one for front-end programming. It also has shown significant and steady growth in popularity since its initial release in 2011;
  • There are over 16 million websites that use this framework.

Some of the most popular ones build with the use of this framework/library are:

  • Facebook;
  • Netflix;
  • Tesla;
  • Dropbox;
  • Instagram;
  • Airbnb;
  • BBC;
  • Reddit;
  • Salesforce.

Due to the popularity of this technology, it might be challenging to find the right freelance React developer as a lot of them might be booked. And it is also important to look for essential skills and competencies of React developer freelance to find the best fit for the project. In this article, we’ll cover these questions as well as ways of hiring and salary rates.

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Advantages And Challenges of React Development

The popularity of this framework comes from the several major advantages it offers for professionals like a part time react front end developer and businesses that are looking for excellent web or mobile application development.

The pros of using this technology are:

  • Ability to create stand-alone UI components, visual elements, and the logic behind them;
  • It is not restrictive which means it can be combined with a huge variety of other back-end technologies;
  • It is an efficient ecosystem that applies to a huge array of purposes from web development to VR applications;
  • It allows programmers to break UI/UX components into simpler and smaller ones;
  • It uses virtual DOM, which helps a part time React developer to conduct easy and timely re-rendering;
  • React is comparatively easy to learn and master;
  • It ensures the simple, fast, and effective creation of dynamic web apps;
  • With reusable components, a professional freelance developer React Native can build applications faster and with less coding.

Overall, businesses choose to hire dedicated react js developers to ensure a fast and smooth development process of the web app’s front end. It is a reliable and long-standing library that ensures efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

However, there are some challenges a React freelance developer can face during development, namely:

  • As the technologies are constantly updated and accelerated, it can be difficult to maintain proper documentation;
  • The learning curve for JavaScript Extension can be significant for programmers to master.

React.JS vs React Native: Differences and Features

There might be some confusion when it comes to these two technologies. The names are similar; some assume this means that they are almost the same thing. They are both used for application development, which adds to the misconception.

It is crucial to know the differences to establish whether you need to hire a freelance React Native developer or a React.JS specialist.

What do they have in common? They are both developed by Facebook and both use reusable components for web and mobile app programming.

React.JS is a free and open-source library of reusable components for the creation of skeletons and UI elements of applications. React Native is used for building native applications with reusable and declarative components with only JavaScript.

React.JS is used for front-end programming and React Native is used for native mobile development. Offshore react native developer services allow building mobile apps that work on different platforms with a single code base. This means programmers can create one app that can be rendered easily for both Android and iOS.

Here is a comparison table to better understand whether a business needs a part time React JS developer or an expert React Native freelance developer.

Comparison factorReact.JSReact Native
UsageFront-end developmentNative app development
InstallationLibrary integrated with the HTML pageUses development environment (Android Studio or Xcode)
EfficiencyGreat for executing apps on the front-end while rendering takes place on the back-endIntegrated with native codes (Swift, Java, Objective-C)
Tech baseRequires understanding JavaScriptRequires understanding Objective-C, Java, Objective-C++, and C++ code
CompatibilityYou can combine various technologies with React.JSYou can add code with any existing application to React Native
ComponentsIt is a component-based libraryIt has native components and modules
StorageUses local storageUses AsyncStorage

Also when using React.JS, one needs to keep SEO in mind, while React Native has nothing to do with this factor. These technologies have similar principles and methodologies, but they are used for different purposes. They also differ in terms of end-product platforms.

Skills to Look for to Hire Freelance React Developer

Whether you are looking to hire React Native developer or a React.JS professional, you need to know exactly what competencies to search for.

The main skills of an excellent freelance React JS developer are:

  • Excellence in React.JS, understanding of the framework and its principles and best practices;
  • The relevant workflows like Flux or Redux;
  • JavaScript fundamentals and ES6;
  • Expertise in JavaScript, HTML, JSX, and CSS for front-end development;
  • JavaScript testing framework like Jest or Enzyme and experience in testing React components;
  • Proficiency in APIs like Google API or Facebook API. Great knowledge of RESTful essential services;
  • Knowledge of commonly-used front-end programming builders like Babel, NPM, or Webpack;
  • Version control and Git;
  • Understanding of NPM registry and Node;
  • Collaboration, problem-solving, strong communications, and time management.

The essential skills for a React Native developer freelance are:

  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and React Native as well as principles and best practices;
  • Expertise in React assumptions like virtual DOM and JSX;
  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML, and functional programming fundamentals;
  • Experience in Android and iOS application development and understanding the full cycle of the process;
  • Relevant programming tools like Redux, Enzyme, or Hockeyapp;
  • Proficiency in type checking, typescript, code debugging, and unit testing. Knowledge of relevant testing tools;
  • Experience with REST APIs, third-party libraries, and offline storage management;
  • Expertise in React Native technologies like Jest and/or ESLint.
  • Collaboration, time management, strong communication, and ability to work in a team.

Sites to Find a React Developer Part Time

There is a decent variety of platforms where you can hire freelance React engineer or consultants. Here are the best ones to start with.


This platform has a rigorous testing process to feature only the best professionals. They need to prove their hard and soft skills, so one can hire freelance React programmer without risks of low-quality performance. One can find a suitable fit here among a variety of competencies presented.


This is a Ukrainian outstaffing company that has over a hundred hiring professionals that can find any expert for your project. The process here is a bit different – you apply for help and define requirements and the company looks for suitable programmers just for you. This is a comfortable way to save time and get a custom fit for any type of project.


This is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces in the world. It offers a great variety of talent, rates, and skills. You post a job proposal here and candidates can apply to do it. After that, you decide with a freelance React programmer is the best for the job. The providers here have a track record and rating, so it is easier to decide.


It is a powerful platform to find excellent freelancers. You can browse through the candidates and apply to interview them. After that, you can make an offer and if they accept, the project collaboration starts. The professionals prove their skills and competencies. Yet, finding a suitable and available freelance web developer React might take some time.


This is a good platform for those looking for continuous cooperation with a freelance full stack developer React. The site finds the talent to match your needs. The selection process is pretty decent, so there is little chance of low-quality work. Upstack also tests soft skills to search for the best addition to the team.

Freelance, In-House Hire, or Outstaffing: Comparison

These are three main ways to find a suitable professional like a front end React developer part time remote, for instance. Each of them has its pros and cons. To decide which one suits your needs best, take a look at this comparison table.

Comparison factorIn-HouseOutstaffingFreelancers
LongevityThe longest process as you do all the work yourself and need to ensure a perfect fit for the companyUsually is the fastest process as an expert agency can find the best candidates very quicklyThe longevity depends on how fast you can select, interview, and decide on contractors
PriceIt is the most expensive optionsCost-efficient as rates in other countries are usually lower. Also, service providers take care of the majority of employee-related disbursementCost-effective but it depends on the exact rates of a programmer.
Talent poolYou are limited to local talent and its availabilityYou access a much wider talent pool as you are not restricted to an exact locationWide talent pool and a lot of platforms to look on
CommunicationOffline and instantDigital, fastDigital, can be fast or slow, depending on the freelancer
ProsCorporate fit, full control, dedication, motivation, and commitmentCost reduction, flexible cooperation models, easy and fast hiring process, large talent poolCost reduction, ability to find rare expertise and work on a project basis
ConsIt is expensive, long, and limited in terms of available talentPossible cultural differences, time zones, and security concernsLow retention, communication, and security risks, less commitment to the project, and risk of losing professionals without the ability to replace them fast.

Outstaffing in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is one of the top outsourcing and outstaffing destinations when it comes to IT services. Whether you look for a freelance developer JavaScript React or React Native consultant, there are a lot of benefits to choosing this area.

Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular are incredibly cost-efficient compared to the US, the UK, and the EU. The average React developer hourly rate is significantly lower, which means that you can access top-notch expertise at a fraction of the price.

Other benefits of outstaffing in Ukraine are:

  • The large talent pool of more than 200,000 IT professionals. They are known for their expertise and experience, as well as high-quality work. Such a pool of candidates ensures the opportunity to find the right fit and rare expertise;
  • Ukraine has a developed IT infrastructure with a lot of companies, agencies, R&D centers, and offices of major enterprises like Microsoft and Samsung.
  • Local service providers have experience in international collaboration and a good knowledge of English, which ensures easy communication;
  • Ukraine is a European country, which means similar work and business ethics. So there are not many cultural differences. And the collaboration is comfortable and smooth.
  • Ukraine is in GMT+2 time zone. This is particularly convenient for European businesses as there is little time difference.

Freelance React Developer Salary Comparison

An average React developer freelance rate depends hugely on the geographical location of a professional. Here is a comparison table of the average hourly rate for React developer in 5 different countries to showcase this factor.

CountryReact.jsReact Native

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As the average React Native developer hourly rate in Ukraine is significantly lower, it is a popular destination to find suitable experts for projects.

Mobilunity – Reliable Outstaffing Provider

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian outstaffing company that offers excellent services to businesses worldwide. Our team of specialists can find the best React development teams for your unique needs and requirements.

We offer flexible cooperation so you can hire a part-time or full-time specialist. This allows getting the flexibility of freelancers with quality and security guarantees of our company. We have more than 10 years of experience in the provision of dedicated teams and developers for international companies. Among our clients, there are Zenchef (France), Paidy (Japan), BYG-E (Denmark), Network of Arts (Switzerland), Buttonorder (Germany), Vayomar (Israel), and ICUC Social (Canada).

We are ready to find the best React talent with rare expertise and seamless fit to your project.Are you looking for the best freelance React developer? Our team is happy to help!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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