Simple Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion

Website conversion rate is the most important part of any online marketing strategy and goals. Getting your visitors to do what you want on your website is a dream of any marketing specialist.

So what is CVR?  In the content of website it’s usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase.

How often do you measure your conversion?

Let’s start with something simple: the less difficult you make your website to use, the more people will buy from you. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? All these excessive pop-ups, multimedia content that autoplays, disorienting animations really make them mad, at Mobilunity we try to avoid them. Remember: first rule of inbound marketing is not to annoy people.

Here is a nice image how it works:

conversion measuring

So let’s figure out how to improve conversion rate.

Start from CTA

Meta title, keywords and description are a must have for every page of your website. These items usually make the first impression your potential visitors get.

SERP example

It’s very important to use words here that make visitors click through. To optimize it, we focus on such things:

  1. Make them unique. They should be different from other titles on your pages, with special emphasis of the main keywords.
  2. Keep them short. Google required less than 60 characters for meta title and 120-160 characters for your description.
  3. Appeal to a real person. Of course, such conversion optimization will help you to appear in SERP, but don’t forget about users. Google bot won’t buy anything on your website.

You might be wondering how to measure the impact? Google Search Console will help you identify not only issues on your website, but also how often your website appears in Google search result page and how your visitors react on that.

Search Console example

Landing Pages and Top Content

When we talk about bounce rate, number of visitors, landing pages and etc., what’s first comes to your mind? Of course, Google Analytics. It’s hard to imagine any improvements without proper analysis. First of all, we check all landing and popular pages on the website, by which keyword they were found, how many visitors they have, whether they sell or not. Our goal is to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversion rate by making the page as relevant to the organic keywords, as possible. (Find out about a landing page service)

Landing pages google analytics example


User Flow. We check the steps your users take to reach the pages and goals of your domain.

Behavior flow google analytics


What’s the point of doing all these things? We analyze it for making the user’s life easy. Make your site accessible, make sure it works in common browsers, it is usable, have proper navigation, relevant content and many others things you can analyze here.

Use Call-to-Actions

Don’t forget about phrases that visitors can commonly find in links, buttons and headlines. They are used to provoke an action from your website users. Properly think about what your call-to-action say, test one CTA against another to see which one is more effective. We don’t use just simple Sign Up, Buy Now, Click Here. Play with them, make them more catchy and tricky for people: Get Your Free Account, Download for $11.99, Want Free Music? and etc.  

Don’t Ask Too Much Information

This is the one of the biggest mistakes sites. Don’t waste the user’s time asking for things you don’t need to know. Implement only easy-to-submit forms. Add the fields if absolutely need this information. Get your form at the top of the page and please, avoid challenging CAPTCHA on your form.

Captcha example


What’s the bottom line?

The most important part – your website Unique Selling Point. Why people decide to buy from you instead of somewhere else, what sets you apart from all competition. Remember, great customer service, friendly support, affordable prices – all these things are unique selling point. Don’t forget to tell about that to your customer.



Spend at least one hour every week completing these items and generate more and more customers through your website. Don’t have enough time?

Feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you with improving your website conversion!

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