How to Reinstall WordPress: Step by Step Guide

Why might you need to know how to reinstall WordPress?

It is important to always keep your WordPress installation up to date to the most recent version (it used to be WordPress 4.3.1., but currently it’s WordPress 4.6.1.), most of the time this is simple as your WordPress setup will let you know when an upgrade is available and it will either install it without you having to do anything or you will be prompted to update it through the dashboard on your site. However there are times when you may have an issue with an installation having been interrupted or corrupted and you may need WordPress reinstall manually.

Backup your current installation

Proper WordPress Reinstall

It is good practice to ensure that your site is regularly backed up so that you have somewhere to return to should you ever have a catastrophic failure of your site. You can either follow the method suggested through WordPress or you can use one of the many plugins that you can download for your site to ensure that you have an up to date backup of your installation.

One click update and failed updates

 Reinstall WordPress Manually on Your WebsiteSetting up WordPress for most installations is very simple; for update or WordPress reinstall you just use your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the updates screen. This will provide you with a single button to either install or reinstall the current version of WordPress. However if this fails and you are constantly getting an “update failed” message or you cannot even access the dashboard then you will want to manually update WordPress.

reinstall wordpress manuallyStep By Step Guide for how to reinstall WordPress manually

The following is a step by step guide to easily manually update WordPress on your server:

  • Download the latest WordPress zip file from official website
  • Unzip the file that you have downloaded either on your computer or on the server in which your WordPress is installed.
  • Deactivate all of the plugins for your installation
  • Access your installation directory on your host through FTP
  • Delete the following two directories on your host server:
    • Wp-includes
    • Wp-admin
  • Copy and paste the new versions of these directories from your download onto your server to replace the directories that you have just deleted
  • Copy all of the files within the new wp-content directory in your downloaded file
  • Copy these files to the current wp-content directory on your server and overwrite the existing files that are there. DO NOT delete any other files that exist in this directory, you should only be overwriting those files that you are copying into the directory. If you delete the other files you will be deleting your themes, pugins and other data.
  • Copy any loose files from the newly downloaded version into the root directory of your original installation on the server.
    If you have the “update failed” message look for and delete the “.maintenance” file as otherwise this message will not disappear.
  • Login to your site through your usual /wp-admin page for your site. If there is a need to update your database you will be given a link that will look something like: Follow that link and do what the instructions ask you to do to upgrade your database.
  • If you have caching plugins or a cache on your server clear those caches or you will not see any changes immediately when you visit the site, you will only see the cached version.
  • Turn all of your plugins back on.

Reasons to Hire Meteor Developers in Ukraine

If you’ve read and followed all that was written in the step-by-step guide and it’s still not working, another way of addressing the issue is tying in Meteor with your WordPress. Meteor is a complete platform; with built in server, database, and framework that you could use to build web and mobile applications. If you’re not as well-versed or donr’t have enough knowledge or experience with Meteor to use it with WordPress, hiring a Meteor developer would be a great help in solving the problem. Hiring Meteor developers frees you from burdening yourself with researching and troubleshooting something totally new to you.

If you’re looking to hire Meteor developers to help you build apps, or even just integrating your WordPress with Meteor, Mobilunity has dedicated Meteor developers that are skilled and experienced. The company offer outstaffing services and has a pool of dedicated Meteor developers that are ready to address these type of issues.

We hope that you have been able to follow our guide as to how to reinstall WordPress on your server. Still facing the issue? Post a comment below!

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