How a Perfect Ionic Developer Resume Should Look Like

A perfect resume is a basic tool to land you a good job opportunity in the most fiercely competitive market environment across the globe. Let’s have a look at different aspects of an Ionic developer resume that make it a perfect fit for the current market.

What Is a Perfect Ionic Developer Resume?

Just putting different keywords and skills related to Ionic on the resume does not make a perfect resume at all. An ideal resume needs different things to be considered such as personal information, skills, qualifications, training, work experience, and many, personal affiliation and others.

Ionic framework works efficiently when used in a stack of other technologies. It also is a great use for Ionic build iOS and Android. Therefore a perfect Ionic developer resume should include not only the skills and experience with the Ionic platform but also hands-on experience with the complementary technologies that are base of this platform such as, Angular JS and JavaScript. Developing a hybrid application that qualifies as a progressive web application (PWA) requires command over UI/UX web development on JS platforms, some knowledge of back-end technologies, and databases. Thus, a prospective Ionic resume should look like a PWA focused full-stack developer resume.

According to the Markets and Markets projections, the total market size of hybrid mobile apps and mobile ads is expected to cross the $80.45 billion mark by 2020. The Ionic framework is specifically designed for fast development of progressive web applications (PWAs) or hybrid mobile applications, which can be used for multiple platforms simultaneously.

The complete stack of Ionic hybrid application development framework consists of the following stack in the software development environment.

  • Ionic framework at the top
  • Angular 2x at the second layer
  • Apache Cordova that acts a wrapper for the native apps

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A Sample of Ionic Developer Resume

If you need a well-crafted resume, pay attention to the most important sections in it like skills, experience, education etc. As an example, you may check below the following main components that should be included in a perfect Ionic resume.

ionic developer resume

Final Thoughts

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