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Benefits of Working with Java Consultants for Hire

As was already noted by several pieces of research on Java specialists, Java has a steady lead among programming languages – it ranked first on the TIOBE Index, with a market share of 16.8%, and second on PYPL – Popularity of Programming Language list. Java empowers a lot of front-running websites and apps – Yahoo, Booking.com, LinkedIn, Amazon AWS, and many more.

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Thanks to an almost endless range of tools, applications, and features, Java is one of the most complex and challenging languages to fully master. To harness the technology’s full power, SME and enterprise managers onboard Java consultants. Here’s why you should consider hiring a dedicated specialist to oversee your project, the skill set a qualified specialist should have, and the cost of onboarding such a professional.

Why Do Businesses Choose Java and Search for Java Consultants?

‘Write once, run everywhere’ is the motto Java development team promotes. The language creators gave developers a set of tools to bring a project to all platforms, manage, and scale it effortlessly.

Although Java is not a new programming language, it ages well and adapts to the trends of the tech industry. In 2020, choosing Java for your next project is still relevant – here’s why:

  • It’s simple. Java is normally the first programming language (after markup and style languages) entry-level software engineers learn. Its syntax is easy to understand, the code is readable and clean. There’s no lack of teams with an affordable consultant salary Java market offers that facilitate the process of integrating the language into the project.
  • It’s portable. Unlike C, C++, and other programming languages, Java is not limited to an operating system or a type of device. All the code a developer writes is executed by the Java Virtual Machine and converted to platform-independent bytecode. You can use the language to build web applications, desktop software, and mobile apps alike. Such portability makes the product easier to scale and maintain.
  • It’s secure. Java has multiple features to make its code secure and tamper-free. Here are some tools developers can take advantage of separating local and imported file system classes, verifying code fragments byte by byte to avoid the implementation of illegal practices, managing data access for every class, and public-key user authentication.
  • It’s fast. Although Java is not the fastest language in the modern market, it beats other interpreted languages by huge numbers when it comes to performance. The code is seen as close to native – that’s why the working speed of Java products is close to C++ or C.
  • It’s multi-threaded. A thread refers to a task a developer can execute using the language. Java allows performing multiple tasks simultaneously without occupying a lot of memory space. Java being multithreaded ensures high scalability potential for web applications and multimedia software.

Benefits of Choosing Java Consulting Companies

Although Java is scalable, secure, and relatively straightforward, integrating the language into a software product is more challenging than it seems. There’s a lot of coding and testing the tech team needs to run before bringing a bug-free solution to the market. After the software is out, a business owner needs to take care of maintenance tasks and prevent tech debt pileups.

Hiring Java consultants is a way to smoothen the team’s learning curve and ensure high efficiency in maintaining fully functional Java-based projects. Here are the benefits of onboarding a tech professional for addressing the concerns of your team and creating a sustainable maintenance framework for your product.

java consulting companies benefits
  • Hiring a remote Java consultant is cheaper than maintaining a full-service in-house team. As the company scales, you might have to adapt your Java software to different platforms and devices, including wearables. Building an in-house team would mean accounting for scalability needs and spending a lot on talent acquisition, office perks, and around-the-clock training. Working with Java consulting companies is cheaper and offers more flexibility – a business owner can get on-demand expertise and assistance in all areas of Java development.
  • Onboarding a Java technical consultant helps bring products to the market faster. Hiring a team to help you choose the right development and testing strategy can cut development and testing time by months. Java consulting companies can handle communication and project managers issues as well, helping business managers focus on the core activities of the business.
  • Unbiased opinion. Bringing someone other than project stakeholders and the team to the decision-making process offers business owners a fresh perspective and a realistic view of the challenges a project might face during development. Hiring a third-party tech team is a reality check for company managers when it comes to setting deadlines, budget planning, and strategizing. Since Java consultants for hire are familiar with the trends and practices of the industry, their estimates are mostly precise and trustworthy.
  • Standing out among competitors. Having 24/7 access to tech expertise gives business owners more power and flexibility – thus, the company will be higher-performing and spending considerably less than its competitors who stick to outdated development practices and make decisions by trial-and-error, not experience and expertise. By hiring Java consultants, you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your software to an extent most non-tech-savvy teams will never reach.

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Java Consultants Hiring Requirements

A Java consultant is a professional responsible for the technical aspects of the software, ensuring the website is fast, secure, easy to move between servers and platforms. A skilled specialist should be able to identify the risks a project might face and mitigate them before damage is caused.

A software consultant Java should have excellent soft skills as well since they often collaborate with content managers, designers, and other project stakeholders. In general, when you are looking for a professional to oversee your project, make sure a candidate you’re screening has the following skills in the Java developer resume:

  • Translating tech terms to business language so that the technicalities of the project are clear to people with no proficiency in software development;
  • Writing Java, HTML, and XML code;
  • Managing APIs;
  • Collaborating with designers and content writers to make sure they can manage their work and update the website effortlessly, with no assistance from the tech team;
  • Monitoring user behavior, capturing relevant metrics, and building a strategy for on-site experience improvement;
  • Integrate media content into the website or software.

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Relevant Technical Skills of Java Consultants

To be a high-performing Java design consultant, a job candidate should have working experience in tech, as well as the excellent command of the following technologies in the Java consultant resume:

  • Handling servlets and JavaServer pages;
  • Managing web services and service-related architecture – SOAP/REST;
  • Markup and style programming languages – HTML, HTML5, CSS:
  • Good command of JSON and XML;
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Serialization and IO handling;
  • Java memory and virtual machine management;
  • Synchronization and multithreading;
  • Injecting dependencies.

sample of java consultant resume

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Java Consultant Salary – Worldwide Comparison

Depending on the level of skill and experience of the tech team you want to onboard, the cost of hiring a professional for Java consultancy services may vary. However, if a business owner doesn’t want to choose a poorly skilled professional only to cut down tech support costs, considering markets with a below-average median Java consultant salary is a way to find a skilled Java consultant with an affordable Java developer salary.

CountryAverage annual salary
average java consultant salary

As you can see, a medium Java consultant salary in a major tech hub can be three times higher than that of an equally skilled specialist from a third-world country. Yet, there’s a little-to-no discrepancy when it comes to Java consultants’ skillsets – Ukrainian development companies rank high on Clutch.co and other trusted tech research companies. Thus, hiring a Java implementation consultant java developer Ukraine is a cost-efficient way to get access to high-level Java expertise. Be sure to reach out to an experienced consultant team, skilled in working with global international companies – such as Mobilunity.

Choose Mobilunity for Java Consultancy Services

Mobilunity is a trusted outsourcing company based in Ukraine. For 10 years, we’ve been offering development and consulting services to SME and large-scale enterprise owners. Need to hire Scala programmers for your new development projects? Do not hesitate to contact Mobilunity’s expert team. Here’s what makes us different from other consulting teams in Ukraine:

why choose java consultancy services at Mobilunity
  • Years of international experience. We’ve been working with over 50 projects based in the EU, UK, US, and other major tech hubs. Our developers and consultants are familiar with the specifics of international work and will ensure a smooth collaboration process.
  • Transparent pricing estimates. Our project managers will calculate the budget needed to complete your task in the most cost-efficient way possible. Choosing Mobilunity, opt for no extra costs or hidden fees – the team sticks precisely to the Java developer consultant salary defined by the estimate.
  • Agility and adaptability. Our team has offices in the US, Ukraine, and the EU – thus, we can adapt to the client’s time zone efficiently and are open to face-to-face meetings. At Mobilunity, we reach out for feedback and are ready to optimize an existing project in accordance with new trends and industry practices.
  • Skilled consultants. Our Java experts are proficient in building and maintaining complex software products, web applications, and mobile apps. We will integrate state-of-art APIs, relevant frameworks, and libraries to make sure the app is secure, scalable, and easy to maintain.
  • Fast to-the-market delivery. Our consultants will look for ways to shorten the development process and give your business a development advantage by bringing new software and updates for the market faster than competitors do. Once we set a deadline, our consultants make sure to deliver development and maintenance Java consultancy services on time.

If you are looking for Java consultants for hire to build a fast, functional, and conversion-driving project, contact Mobilunity for professional assistance.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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