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List of Open Source ERPs Fueled by Python

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can synchronize your teams’ work, give you more control over resources, and help you optimize costs. Though the benefits of using an ERP are apparent, solutions from SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle can be expensive. So, the need for cost-effective alternatives has fostered the rise of open source ERP software Python.

Python is the third most-used programming language worldwide, so it’s no surprise that it powers many decent ERP solutions. Developers use Python to build the backend and business logic of robust and secure ERPs. Moreover, this versatile programming language is also suitable for creating APIs for exchanging data with other tools. 

So, we’ll explore notable open-source ERPs developed with Python. Also, we’ll estimate the costs of implementing and maintaining a Python-powered ERP.

4 Top ERP Tools Built with Python

Python boasts powerful libraries and simple syntax, so coders can rapidly build robust, compatible, and feature-rich ERP systems. Below, you’ll see four popular platforms that will help you manage your teams and departments effectively. 

Is It Hard to Hire an Odoo ERP Python Developer?

Odoo is an ERP solution for SMEs. It’s popular for its friendly interface and a suite of tools (called Odoo apps) that cover every aspect of a company’s operation. These apps include invoicing, point of sale, accounting, e-commerce, CRM, website builder with a CMS, customer support helpdesk, field service, and many more. So, with Odoo’s modular architecture, you can start small and grow big.

Odoo software appeared in 2005 as TinyERP, and soon, it was renamed OpenERP. Several years later, it was changed to Odoo. Today, the company has over 20 offices worldwide, with a headquarters in Belgium. It has 5,000+ partners in more than 100 countries and possesses around 12 million users. Odoo meets the needs of one-employee startups and 300,000-employee enterprises equally well.

Odoo ERP offers two options for users. The Odoo Enterprise plan is a SaaS subscription, while the free version, Odoo Community, has a limited number of accessible apps. You can take the source code from the GitHub platform. 

There are around 43,000 Python developers in the US on LinkedIn, while the number of Odoo ERP Python developers is approximately 1,200. These stats show that finding a coder with at least two years of experience in Odoo development might not be easy. That’s because of the specific tech stack.

Your coder must be proficient in Python and have a strong knowledge of Odoo modules. An Odoo programmer should know XML and JavaScript to work with UI elements. According to Glassdoor, you can hire Odoo developers in the USA for around $90,000 annually. 

Is It Hard to Hire an ERPNext Developer?

ERPNext is an ERP popular among product and service companies for its focus on ease of use and strong community support. The platform offers a variety of modules for HR, financial accounting, warehouse, inventory, sales, project management, point of sale, e-commerce, and more. You’ll also find specific tools for non-profit, agriculture, healthcare organizations, and schools. 

ERPNext was founded in 2008 in India. Now, over 5,000 companies use this software, and most users are SMBs from the USA, the UK, UAE, India, Canada, and Germany. The platform integrates with tools like PayPal, Slack, AWS, Shopify, and Dropbox. 

ERPNext offers four plans priced per user/month, including the free one. The Cloud pack includes hosting, while the Standard and Professional tiers double the price if you want ERPNext’s hosting. The source code is stored on GitHub.

ERPNext is based on Python and JavaScript, so your programmer should be proficient in both languages. 2-3 years of working with the Frappe framework and ERPNext modules is also a must. Your ERP Python developer will require CSS, HTML, JQuery, and Bootstrap knowledge. 

An experienced coder needs to have ERPNext and Frappe Framework certifications provided by the company’s own school. The ERPNext community has over 21,000 users worldwide, while LinkedIn shows 4,100 mentions of ERPNext in professional profiles globally. This means these specialists are pretty hard to find. 

Is It Hard to Hire a Tryton ERP Software Developer?

Tryton is a high-level open-source ERP software packed with critical business management modules. These include instruments for streamlining core activities like accounting, supply chain management, CRM, purchase, and sales. Due to its modularity and flexibility, Tryton solutions are highly scalable, so the platform fits businesses of all sizes. However, if you compare Tryton vs. Odoo, remember that Tryton doesn’t have iOS or Android versions. 

The Tryton software was released in 2008 and registered in Belgium. One of this ERP’s key benefits is its three-tier architecture. It includes the server, client, and database management system. Since all layers have their own infrastructures, coders can develop or update each of them independently. 

Shopify and Magento are the most popular integrations with Tryton, while Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net are used to process online payments. The company offers a free community edition of the ERP, while in enterprise plans, you pay for additional features and support. 

The Tryton community has only around 1,000 users, nearly 20 times fewer contributors than the ERPNext community has. This indicates that Tryton is quite a niche solution, so finding knowledgeable programmers can be challenging. However, skilled Mobilunity recruiters will need 5-8 weeks to hire Tryton developers for you. 

Our job description for the Tryton developer role, for instance, includes proficiency in Odoo ERP development, too. We also require experience with Flask, Django, MySQL/PgSQL, and Git. Typically, we advertise the vacancy on local job boards, LinkedIn, and international tech platforms and check our or our partners’ databases.  

Is It Hard to Hire an Axelor ERP Developer?

Like the tools described above, Axelor is an ERP system boasting a rich set of apps. It includes CRM, stock, project management, accounting, production, etc. 30+ connected applications make Axelor one of the most versatile ERP solutions. It can be used for various industries: retail, public sector, service, or manufacturing. 

Axelor’s BPM (Business Process Management) engine powers the low-code studio module. It includes multiple drag-and-drop elements, enabling customization of your app interface and functionality. Users also can use the tool on Android, iPhones, and iPads. 

Axelor was founded in 2005. Nowadays, this ERP has over 1 million users and almost 50 partners. Axelor Group has agencies on four continents, headquartered in France, India, and Morocco. The platform has a free Community version and two commercial plans: Enterprise and Pro.   

The Axelor community comprises around 1,325 members, while the “Axelor ERP developer worldwide” query on LinkedIn returns only 84 profiles. That’s due to a specific skill set, including knowledge of CSS and HTML, Java and JavaScript, and proficiency in device compatibility, security, and performance optimization. An Axelor developer will also need React JS for ERP’s front-end design. 

Though Axelor isn’t written in Python, this universal programming language allows to customize and extend the functionality of this ERP. An ERP Python developer can also improve the system’s security and decrease its cost. Mobilunity’s recruiting experts can find a Python engineer with knowledge of Axelor within several weeks.  

Other Python-Based Open-Source ERPs

There are other open source ERP software Python developers can implement and customize for your workflows. Among them are ready-to-use Enterprise Resource Planning software like ERP5 and Python frameworks web2py and Django. These frameworks have components and instruments to build ERPs for businesses from diverse industries.

However, many businesses prefer using a third-party product rather than building an ERP solution from scratch.  So, more often, companies hire Python developers to tailor ERP solutions to their needs and optimize their work. For instance, with Django’s administration and authentication panels, Python coders can create reliable and secure systems.

Since ERP components written in Python are open-source, the end product depends heavily on contributors. That’s when an active community and a vibrant developer ecosystem become critical. From hundreds of other technicians, your ERP Python programmers will learn more about supporting, customizing, and extending your ERP. 

Cost of Hiring an ERP Python Developer

Once you plan to hire ERP developers who code in Python, check the table below. We’ve highlighted programmers’ salaries in several countries so you can assess your potential costs. 

CountriesMonthly Salary
Germany $4,300
Netherlands $3,750

As you can see, hiring Python ERP coders in Western Europe is more affordable than in the USA. Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, offers one of the most cost-effective options. This way, building and maintaining a customized ERP system can start from $15,000 per year.  

Why Mobilunity Is a Reliable Partner

Without a trustworthy vendor, you can’t build an ERP development team in remote destinations. Mobilunity meets a few criteria that encourage our clients to call us a talent sourcer and a reliable provider of Python ERP consulting services in Ukraine.

  • We’ve been finding tech talents for 10+ years. Since 2010, our recruiters have developed the skill of finding the best-match programmers. We’ve worked in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, the UK, and LATAM. Today, the Mobilunity team includes more than 200 experts ready to hire Python developers for you. 
  • 70% of clients grow their teams with us. Mobilunity’s recruiters use proven approaches to promptly find your best-match Odoo, ERPnext, or Tryton ERP coders. 93% of our engineers pass the trial period, and ⅔ of our partners extend their teams with Mobilunity. Companies also love our proactive and transparent communication.
  • Mobilunity has a diverse portfolio. Our recruiting specialists have built teams for various industries, including insurance, e-commerce, FinTech, data analytics, etc. With 40+ dedicated teams and tens of tech consultants hired, we say we can find any expert. You’ll get this coder in a few weeks, be it a Tryton Python or an Odoo ERP Python developer.

Cooperation Models

Mobilunity offers two core cooperation models; however, we remain flexible and are always ready to meet your specific needs. 

  • We build dedicated teams of open source ERP Python developers for large projects. This option assumes you get remote coders under your functional control, and they work for you 100% of the time. Your PM will set tasks and manage timeframes, while Mobilunity will handle the back-office support. We’ll transfer remunerations, arrange the working space, process vacations, etc., for a fixed monthly fee. 
  • The other option is to hire a part-time ERP Python consultant for a small-load or short-term project. When you need a programmer for 10-30 hours a week, it’s reasonable to pay only for the hours worked. With this plan, you don’t cover overheads like office rent or equipment purchases and never bother about accounting support or regulations. 

Need skilled ERP Python developers to better control your business? Hire them with Mobilunity!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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