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Mobilunity Becomes a Member of Meet Magento Association

Our team is happy to announce that Mobilunity has recently been honored with Meet Magento Association membership and granted original Membership Badge. Meet Magento Association is a community which strives to bring all people related to Magento services together for sharing experience and ideas, promoting the platform and getting valuable connections.

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The Association regularly organizes global Meet Magento events and lend support for the events organized by its members worldwide. Merchants with Magento based websites, agencies, service providers and developers, who contribute to or benefit from Magento are encouraged to apply for membership, arrange engaging events and gain an enviable reputation. Thanks to you, our customers with your creative and venturesome ideas passed into our hands for development, Mobilunity has the chance to explore the world of eCommerce, build ambitious Magento projects, and become real Magento expert developers. We hope this membership will help us enhance our Magento skills to ensure you get eCommerce products you are worth of.

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