Our WordPress Plugin Development Story: A New Plugin to Insert Banners Automatically

Make Your Website Colored in One Click with Our Banner Plugin

As you may already know, one of the oldest advertising approach on the Internet is using banners. There is no way that you can spend at least 60 seconds on web without seeing any banners! Although it might seem to be irritating from the customer’s perspective, it still tends to increase traffic and attract more people to the linking website. Sounds promising, right? We at Mobilunity were working on the tool that would allow users to color their websites at once just in few clicks.

You should be really careful with the way your banner is going to look like though, starting from the content and ending with its appearance. Not to make your banner annoying, only helpful and useful content in a tactful manner should be written on it. The thing is though, your banner can be ignored if it does not attract reader’s eye. Once everything is done, it comes to adding your banner. After all the stressful work of its development, you can just add banners in a couple of clicks with our new plugin to insert banners, Sitewide Coloring!

Plugin to Insert Banners

Screenshot of Sitewide Coloring Plugin at

The Story of Developing a Banner Manager by Mobilunity

Our first thought about sitewide coloring WP plugin development dates back to 2011, when our team encountered a need of coloring all the pages at once. When there is a need, there should be a solution! If no one can do it for us, we will do it ourselves! That’s how we came up with this banner manager plugin.

In its first version plugin include didn’t include any exceptions or an option for mobile banners. This upgrade came few years later, when mobile WordPress development started playing more vital role. Almost every year new versions of the plugin appeared according to the different needs of clients. And this year we decided to share our plugin with the world and add it to WordPress plugin directory. We keep constantly upgrading the tool by our WordPress plugin developers to fit it all our clients’ needs.

Today we’d like to say “Thank You” to the team of developers who made this plugin live: Maria, Vladimir, Ivan, Eugene and Ivan.

What Sitewide Coloring Can Do

This plugin allows you to display the banners on all pages and post just in a few clicks. What is more, there is no need to change post.php or page.php, as well as do any coding work. Aside from those, after its activation you will be able to configure:

  • multiple banners
  • both desktop and mobile banners
  • their positioning on the page
  • per-paragraph placement of banners
  • if coloring appears on pages or posts only, or both
  • exclusions and pages/posts where banners will not be shown. Plugin also includes a small preview of current configuration.

We’ve been using the plugin for over 4 years for different clients and encourage you to try it now and email us back if you see any gaps.

Banner Manage Online Plugin to Insert Banners Online Add Banners WP Plugin Development Online

New Banner Plugin: Try It Out Now!

Those who have an experience of dealing with banners, would definitely see the real benefit of its usage. If you run a website or just think of its creation, this banner plugin is for you! It can save lots of time for both companies, bloggers, regular users; basically for everyone who has a website in WordPress. It is not only an easy option to solve the problem, but it will also make your page look much tidier. So don’t hesitate to download it today at

Banner Plugin

 Choose Our Team for WP Plugin Development

As you may guess, this plugin to insert banners is not our one and only development. Our team works hard to deliver the best services and solutions for you. Making WP easier and approachable for everyone is what we are trying to do! Whenever you have a certain issue or trouble while working with WordPress, we are there to create any plugin you need for your better working experience.

Banner plugin and many many more to come with our Mobilunity team!

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