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January 2, 2017 - Anastasia

To Pop-Up or Not to Pop-Up? How to Pop-Up Properly

You’ve just come at a website that sounded interesting, you’re really keen to see what it’s about, and then – BAM! – pop-up ad obscures your view of the good information. Are you annoyed? Frustrated? Sounds familiar, right? So, why websites use them as their conversion optimization strategy?

A bit of statistic according to

  • 70% of Americans get annoyed by irrelevant pop-up ads
  • Pop-ups can double your subscription rate
  • Pop-ups generally have decent CTR – often around 2% – higher than other kinds of ads
  • Pop-ups helped increase subscriptions by 86% and sales by 162%
  • Visual Website Optimizer upped sign-ups by 50% with a pop-up form on the site

Pop-Up Types

There are many reasons why websites use them: to showcase a new product (See Our New Collection…), to ask visitors the questions (Help Us to Decide…) or introduce attractive discounts (15 Off Your First Order!). Depending on purpose of your website or campaign, you should decide what pop-up type to choose, on what pages to set it, which design to use. Surfing online space we were able to differentiate 12 types of various pop-ups. Let’s talk about the most popular of them.

At Mobilunity we use only 3 types of popups on websites of our clients. We would like to share with you some results of pop-up campaign, that we did for several customers.

  • Exit-Intent. You detect that your visitors are about to leave. Would you beg them to stay or ask why they are leaving? Of course! Such pop-ups appear at the moment you move your mouse to the close tab button. Very useful and popular type. They can’t be blocked by pop-ups blocker and give you a chance to tell something important (introduce attractive discounts and etc.) before the visitor leaves your website.

We chose the pages (only 3 not to overload website with advertisements) where visitors spent less than 1 min and asked them to stay. Pop-up didn’t bring us more sales, over again, we had the same number of sales on a twice higher traffic. But, indeed, the time on pages increased up to 30 sec. Probably, the offer wasn’t so attractive to our visitors, but if your goal is to improve time metric, go ahead and use this pop-up type.

exit intent popup

Sample of an Exit-Intent popup

  • Time-Based. The ad will appear after predetermined amount of time. The best practice for this type is to show it when a user spends 60 sec or more on the specific page, as you are showing them to someone, who is really engaged with your website.

Of course, in this case we select pages, where visitors spent more than 1 min and again, offer an additional discount. And surprise: we got +3 sales thanks to this pop-up. As a bonus, we got 10% bounce rate decrease. Pretty good result, we think.

time-based popup

Sample of a Time-Based popup

But it doesn’t mean that we encourage you to use this pop-up type. For instance, this type of banner brought us a huge bounce rate increase, up to 70% :(
pop-up advertising

Another sample of a Time-Based popup

  • Scroll-Based. This type of ads will show your pop-up when visitors have scrolled a specific percentage of your content. Here you may ask your visitors a question to gather more information on their habits or again, offer a discount.

This time, we choose lengthy pages with a good time on the site and set pop-up after 50% of page scrolling. We didn’t get sales on the website within a month and BINGO! 1 sale after pop-up adding. Bounce rate decreased on 14%. So it really works!

scroll-based popup ads

Sample of a Scroll-Based popup

  • Content Based. Pop-up will be shown on specific pages only. We didn’t have a chance to use it, but such pop-up is the best way to encourage the download or viewing a piece of another content. If you have such content, it’s a good way to share it and gather potential clients emails at the same time.

popup ads consulting

Common Pop-Up Ads Mistakes You Should Avoid

Anything less than the right message at the right time can be annoying and distract visitors. A truly hideous pop-up can drive your audience away. Try to avoid these pop-ups pitfalls.

  • #1 Triggering pop-up to soon or too late. It’s the most critical aspect to get the result you want. What is the best time (5, 10 or more that 30 sec) you should decide, but no one wants to be annoyed. According to Unbounce, the delay should be 60 seconds. If your visitors spend 60 seconds on the website, they have already shown enough amount of involving and understand the main purpose of your website.
  • #2 Irrelevant Content. Display your pop-up only on relevant pages. If you have an online store and you have a special offer on tablets, show pop-up on relevant product pages and don’t promote them “washing machine” pages.
  • #3 Awful pop-up design. Horrible looking pop-up has an awful conversion. It must be designed to fit your website style. It shouldn’t look like “strange body” on your site. Make it absolutely clear how to close it. Pop-up shouldn’t have hidden or inactive exit buttons. Don’t force your visitors to read what they don’t want, don’t make them feel deceived.
  • #4. Providing a bad offer. Your pop-up said that visitors can get a product for the price $9.99 while the usual price is $10. You must be kidding them. The offer should be unique, relevant and exciting for them. Don’t repeat the offer promoted on your main page or order page banner. Focus on your unique selling proposition, show only one offer in your pop-up.

In addition, we want to say that good pop-ups won’t annoy the visitors. By avoiding the mistakes above you can create a really good one. Don’t forget about testing to ensure you’re getting it right.

What strategy to choose decide you and if you are not sure we can help you with creating good pop-ups that bring you great results!

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