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Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelance .NET Developer

Freelance developers are an excellent way of augmenting a workforce to enhance the development process. There are so many reasons for hiring freelance programmers of various vectors of expertise (freelance .net developer, Microsoft Dynamics developer, Node.js developer, etc.). The project might need speedy tech solutions, might not have an affordable financial component to expand an in-house team, or the HR department has to grow and so far hardly covers all the employment  needs. 

Hiring a freelance net developer, a full stack .NET developer,  an ASP Net Developer, or a Microsoft Net Developer by no means suppresses the professional level of the developer. The popular idea of all the freelancers being rookies in their craft and therefore collecting cases for the portfolio is a long-gone prejudice. Of course, the beginners are there for sure as well as highly qualified specialists with an excellent body of experience, expertise, and innovative approaches to dealing with the most complex issues and tasks. 

Here are some numbers that might put a solid perspective on what freelance has become so far. In March 2019, it was observed that Google cooperated with 120,000 freelance specialists employed in comparison with 102,000 in-house employed professionals. In all the positive and respectful manner towards all the businesses, yet if Google delegates development and other business tasks to freelance specialists then there must be experts who are trustworthy to hire and count on. 

From 2014 to 2019 the number of freelancers who chose to pursue this path as a long-term career thing grew from 18,5 to 28,5 million. External circumstances have triggered internal settings and portrayed freelance options in a colorful disposition. High-quality programmers are not an exception. 

Let’s see about the potential of hiring a .net developer freelance and whether a freelance .net developer hourly rate is much more comfortable to deal with, money-wise.

What .NET Technology Is and Reasons Why to Choose It For Your Project

When the businesses decide to hire freelance net developer, it means that they have definitely understood the capacity that Microsoft’s .Net technology might guarantee for the solid tech representation on the market. .Net is an open-source framework for the software development that is utilized by net developer freelance specialists as a controlled environment for installing, executing, and supporting web apps and software. 

A freelance asp net developer, a freelance dot net developer, and any other full-stack net developer favor this framework for its progressive and easy to process functionality that allows a rich range of desktop, mobile, and web apps building to enhance business competitive odds from the tech point of view.

Also, a freelance dot net programmer, or a freelance asp.net developer praise .Net technology for speeding up the development processes, developing apps successfully to satisfy businesses’ requirements. .Net’s libraries, helpful development functionality (Xamarin, Universal Windows Platform, Common language runtime,etc.), cross-platform design, friendly maintenance odds, and a trustworthy caching system entice the programmers into working with it, knowing that anything created by the means of the .Net framework’s features and possibilities will not disappoint a customer and serve the purpose as it is intended on the requirements’ list.

Both freelance .net web developer and in-house experts are exposed to how .Net technology can transform the way tech solutions are created for businesses. Major language for coding with .Net is C#. No matter whether we talk about a part time net developer, a junior net developer freelance, or a senior full-stack in-house specialist run an expertise with C# due to it being object-oriented, which not only demonstrates superior functionality, but also enhances advanced productivity, by offering rapid development solutions. Other languages are common for use C++, F#, VB.Net. 

A programming community favors .Net technology for offering velocity and enhanced efficiency. That also works well for the business community, positively influencing a time-to-market situation and a .net developer hourly rate. 

Key Skills for a Full-Stack  Freelance .NET Web Developer

When considering a part time .net developer to hire there is a  certain skill set to watch for. A .net full stack developer freelance candidate is supposed to be competent with the following:

  • HTML – A .net developer part time, whether it is a freelance junior .net developer, or an asp.net freelance developer must have a strong grasp of one of the most mighty languages to develop a web page to easily learn through.
  • Bootstrap – framework to design a web page 
  • CSS – CSS is all about style and good looks for the website
  • jQuery – a friendly way to bring JavaScript to the website for more interactive experience
  • JavaScript – object-oriented scripting language a .net developer part time will be using mainly for developing apps.
  • Angular – A .net programmer freelance is highly valued for having expertise in operating Angular functionality like end-to-end tooling, declarative templates, and dependency injection.
  • AJAX – The technology that permits development of faster and much more interactive apps with the assistance of XML, JS, HTML, and CSS.
  • C#  – The language for running complex codes.A freelance asp.net web developer is required to be fluent with it, especially when expecting to enhance a freelance net developer hourly rate.
  • Database – MS-SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle competence will serve a full-stack freelance .Net developer, a freelance asp.net programmer, or a .net developer freelance junior to ensure that a .net programmer hourly rate will get compensated decently (yet the way the company still feels comfortable with).
  • .NET Core – An asp.net developer freelance, a full-stack freelance .Net programmer, and a .net software developer part time must be proficient with a .Net Core features (command-line tools, Microsoft support, cross-platform, across architecture consistency, compatibility, and deployment flexibility).

Additional bonuses to the major tech expertise will be:

  • DevOps
  • Quality assurance
  • Visual Studio
  • Design Skills
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Version Control

It goes without saying that the richer the skills selection the higher the .net developer salary per hour will be. Choosing freelance for its cost-effectiveness should not deafen  the voice  of reason, which says that professionalism should never be handled frugally. A senior net developer hourly rate will for sure be different from a junior net developer hourly rate. Still senior specialists will bring more commercial background to the table, whilst the junior expert will be more qualified for smaller,  and simpler tasks. 

Major Responsibilities for a Full-Stack Freelance .NET Developer

An hourly rate for a asp.net developer, or an hourly rate for asp.net vb developer will be defned but the scope of responsibilities he or she will be assigned to perform. However, there are general duties that are required for the .Net expert to fulfill:

  • Front-end website architecture development
  • Web pages user interactions design
  • Back-end website apps development
  • Servers and databases creation for functionality
  • Apps responsiveness assurance
  • Mobile cross-platform optimization assurance
  • Great awareness of the product gist and its implementation
  • Web design features development (close cooperation with a design team)
  • APIs design and development
  • Familiarity with business concepts 
  • Following of the latest trends and its practical implementation

Also, it is quite important to get some consulting services before transforming business needs into their technical realization. Therefore, it is not less important to have a developer who has a strong vision of the business latest trends and how to best match them with .Net technology potential. 

However, it is necessary to understand that for example if the asp.Net specialist is under consideration than in terms of consultancy a programmer asp.net consultant hourly rate will be a bit higher. Though it is with proper consultancy and proper solutions generation ensures the development process goes exactly as it must from the first try (read:no extra resource spending needed) and the outcomes are exactly as expected.

Proven Platforms to Look for .NET Developers 

To make sure that the hired specialist is reliable for the job, the platforms he or she is hired from must be trustworthy and highly-reviewed by the users.Here comes the list of the most proven places to go when in need of a .Net developer.

Please make an overview where to look for .Net developers (example: Upwork, freelancer.com, Toptal, Fiverr, Mobilunity, GitHub, Stack Overflow)

1. Upwork

Upwork has indeed earned its recognition among the freelance community and people who trust the community to hire from. If the company chooses the vetting and interviewing procedure to be conducted on its own, then the platform is perfect to consider.

2. Freelancer.com

Highly-skilled professionals with thorough vetting are found here and such big names as Amazon, IBM, and Google feel comfortable hiring from here. 

3. Toptal

Toptal is one of the most prominent platforms to hire from. The resource offers a very thorough unique vetting procedure that is hard to pass. Only true professionals and reliable specialists can go through and get listed.

4. Fiverr

Firstly known as a platform for quick gigs, the platform has grown into a full-scale platform that connects customers and freelancers to engage in versatile projects of different complexity.

5. Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a reliable staffing provider with a 10+ years of expertise and huge tech talent pool to offer from. Big benefit of hiring specialists here is that it sort of offers freelance services (e.g agency asp.net developer per hour rate is possible, no obligatory fixed pay), yet the vetting and candidate screening are on the level of a high-profile staffing company.

6. Scalable Path

The platform can match a highly-vetted expert freelance team if the project requires a whole .Net team of developers alongside leads and managers.

To ensure great employment results it is necessary to do the analysis, to match the skill set with the development needs, and make sure to read through reviews for creating a picture of what to expect. If the freelance mode is still an attractive option to opt for, then it is always possible to turn to the agency that can provide reliable dedicated .Net developers or the teams of those, yet the hourly rate for asp.net developer, or dot.net developers will be also affordable and cost-effective, given all the trustworthiness achieved. 

Salaries of Freelance .NET Developers in Different Parts of the World

Let’s have a look at the hourly pay for a junior .net developer, hourly rate for middle .net developer, and the  hourly rate for senior .net developer. 


*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Lookin at the numbers, it is easy to conclude that to hire net developer in Ukraine makes sense in terms of getting high-quality specialists at a reasonable price. IT infrastructure in the countries of Eastern Europe, Ukraine included, evolves at a fast pace, and the market is represented by highly-praised experts who can deliver outstanding outcomes.

5 Tips to Recruit a Qualified .NET Part-time Developer

When being more or less clear with what platform and then area to choose your future candidate from, one must be clear that that candidate will match ideally.

Here are 5 tips on how to hire the best fit for the project needs.

1. Deliver clear requirements for the development process

The hiring person in charge must make sure to communicate general scope and detailed peculiarities for the developer so that to avoid any misunderstanding further down the line.

2. Set a common ground for interaction

Communicating with a potential candidate makes sure to define the level of common language. Communication is important, since it does not happen once and no interaction till the delivery happens. Software development requires a high level of thought transmitting and if both parties do it using “the same language” then the cooperation is going to be fruitful.

3. Tech expertise check-up

What is written on the profile may be colorful and promising, yet it still needs verification. The process must be delivered through two phases. The first one is devoted to checking the exact matching skill set for the .Net developer, and the second one is for observing attached tech knowledge that is not solely pertinent to .Net technology, but to the software development process in general.

4. Soft Skills selection check-up

Even a freelance specialist is the specialist who one way or another will be working with a team (two people are also a team), so that personal qualities (focus on the job-orientation) are important to see whether a smooth cooperation will take place. If the team does not work like a whole unit, no high-tech expertise will save the promised excellence of a final result.

5. Get clear with financial expectations;

For example there is an asp.net developer hourly rate defined on the profile, yet it is essential to be certain that after hearing all the requirements for the development, that number will not change drastically.

These are five most common helpers to guide the company through hiring a freelance developer, the rest of the things to pay attention to might get attached depending on the specific project needs.

Sample of a Resume of a Freelance .NET Developer

When screening candidate’s resume here are the things that the person in charge might want to see:


  • JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and CSS expertise
  • Awareness and practical implementation of the JS frameworks, VB.NET,C#
  • Understanding of the development life-cycle
  • Software testing
  • Usage of GIT and similar repository
  • Understanding of app development for business needs


  • App development on the open-source basis
  • Front-end development (ASP.NET, HTML,CSS)
  • Building of the cross-browser apps
  • XML utilization for transactions on Oracle and SQL databases
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Responsive Web Design creation experience


  • Degree in Science or IT-related fields

Even though the interviewing is the key to getting a better idea of the candidate’s compatibility, the resume starts the process of providing the information that actually leads to the interview taking place.

Mobilunity as a Reliable Provider of .NET Developers

It’s been mentioned above, that it is possible to hire part-time developers on terms of freelance hourly rate payments yet with guarantees of security and reliability from a high-profile staffing agency. Mobilunity, Ukraine-based software development services provider, is exactly the company to go to. The company is able to cover for any staffing shortages that the business might experience due to its significant experience (10+years), access to an expansive tech pool of specialists (200,00+) including ASP NET developer for hire, and a utilization of cutting-edge technology expertise.  

Ukraine has been already mentioned as a place to hire from because of the high level of proficiency of IT experts, reasonable hourly rates, and sharing of the Western values in terms of doing business, success-orientation, and human-to-human approach. Mobilunity is the company that successfully stands by these values and efficiency in delivering results. Such companies as i-doit, XPLG, Zenchef, Paidy, Camptocamp, BYG-E, and ICUC might prove every word written. 


With all the odds that modern business and tech world hold, it is really easy to maximize business potential by enhancing competitive tech presence with possibility to save all the significant resources. Freelance specialists can augment the team adding the same quality, security, and expertise (asking for reasonable compensation) as the in-house employees do.

If there are concerns, or a negative previous experience that holds the business decisions back, in terms of hiring from the freelance community, then there is always a high-profile staffing provider that can back the project development up without extreme budget exhaustion. 

Does the business need to hire freelance .NET developer to maximize the development process with a reliable expert? Contact us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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