SMTP Solutions Review

Why You Need an SMTP Provider

Coming to read this post means that you are already having a headache from useless efforts in sending newsletters, or any other emails targeting many users. Thus your needs can be summarized to

  • avoid being labeled “spam” or blocked
  • fancy newsletters created
  • transactional emails sent
  • ease in setting up

Have you ever thought about sending 980 mails daily and not being labeled as “spam”? Might you own few domains or help your clients with email marketing and you need to login to million of accounts to send emails? Well, we must admit: having to login to many accounts – sounds as a challenge. We can say for sure: you won’t be able to do the above said without outgoing server. By the way, our PHP Developers can easily integrate any of the services described below on your website.
smtp providers

Selecting the Right SMTP Service

Such SMTP service providers as SendGrid, Mandrill and Mailgun send millions of emails daily and with their help you can send much more emails with an ease.

It is almost impossible to have your business grow and get more clients and income without using the benefits of email marketing. If you tried it once, you might possibly know, that marketing and transactional email sending will require more than usage of common google, yahoo, hotmail, and other popular email providers. First of all, you will be marked as a spammer automatically, second – you might agree that it’s quite difficult to send manually 800 emails daily. Thus, the great solution for you is outgoing mail server. These are the services offered by several companies, which are great tools helping you to send emails not overloading own resources and the most important – they free up your time!

But why not to create own SMTP server? First of all, growing business will be in need to send more emails, on personal SMTP server you will be limited to 400 daily. Also you will be limited on emails daily or hourly and limits depend on your host, even if you  run dedicated server! Also you will not have an option easy to whitelist yourself and not be labeled as spam.

This post will discover options, pros and cons of key players in the market such as SendGrid, Mandrill and Mailgun, and we will look into their features in detail now.


sendgrid smtp reviewCloud-based email delivery company sending 8.8 Billion of emails in August 2013 and 13 Billion  in total in January 2015 was founded in Colorado, 2009. This provider has awards from AlwaysOn as one of the most popular and demanded companies. Also SendGrid was awarded as winner in the Red Herring Top 100 North America.


mailgun email provider reviewMandrill is a popular addon offered by MailChimp launched in 2012 which was designed to send personalized and automated  e-commerce emails and transactional emails. Main difference between MailChimp and Mandrill is that MailChimp sends bulk emails, while Mandrill gets to act only if certain action was done by user. And its obligatory for you to know API and HTML in order to create custom and nicely looking emails.


mandrill email provider reviewThis is a powerful tool, founded on February 7, 2010 and headquartered in California, is heavily targeting developers. It has pretty simple pricing, where you need to signup and start sending mails as many as you want. In case you send less than 10000 monthly – you will be on free plan.

SMTP Providers Pricing Comparison

Check free monthly plans and have a try using the free plan to check cooperation with any of providers:

  • SendGrid offers a free plan with 12,000 emails per month.
  • Mailgun has a free plan with 10,000 emails per month.
  • Mandrill has a free trial with no limitation on the number of emails sent.

Marketing Emails

If marketing email sending is absolutely a key point – please acknowledge that marketing emails are offered by SendGrid and Mailgun, while Mandrill doesn’t have such a function. On the other side, all 3 providers offer transactional emails, which are sent to your clients upon their registration, purchase or any other actions on your site. All providers offer API and admin panel with extensive logs stats on mails.

Supported Technologies

What should you pay attention to – is supported API languages, as it may be the key point in your decision with the outgoing mail server. All providers support popular PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby. But Support of C# and Java is offered only by SenGgrid and Mailgun. Javascript is supported solely by Mandrill. SendGrid is proud to offer Go support, while Luvit, cURL is offered solely by Mailgun.

Volume Limitations

As you may have noticed, all providers offer practically the same services, having minor peculiarities. What else you need to pay attention to? All of them have limitation on number of emails:

  • SendGrid limits daily number of emails: not more than 1000 emails daily and 7 day limit – 10,000 emails.
  • Mailgun has a limit of 1000 mails during a single API call
  • Mandrill has a fixed number of emails per hour depending on your average volume and reputation.

A small notice about SPF notes: For Mailgun and Mandrill – they are mandatory. For SendGrid – optional, but you need to verify your sender IP then.

And the last, but the most important for you: spam complaint handling! Solely Mandrill offers no option to deal with it.

SMTP Email Service for You

To compare all the features of these 3 top email services providers, please check our infographics:

mailgun vs mandrill

Comparison table of SendGrid, Mandrill, and Mailgun

Mailgun vs SendGrid. These services are practically identical, still free plan’s 2,000 mails makes difference in SendGrid’s favor. But Mailgun’s limitation on the number of emails of 1000 mails for the single API call gives you a possibility to send more emails daily, than SendGrid’s limit of 1000 mails for day. Also SPF & DKIM are not Mandatory for SendGrid.

Mailgun vs Mandrill. Mailgun offers more functionality. And the biggest disadvantages of Mandrill are inability to handle spam complaints and absence of marketing emails functionality.

Following the above said, we would love to note that no of smtp providers can grant that you will never be trapped as spammer. SMTP providers can only ease the process of getting rid of spam note. Mobilunity team would be happy to help you choosing your best SMTP provider and share our experience! Feel free to use our comparison table for your convenience.

If you are still hesitant in choosing the right email provider or need help with SMTP integration, contact us!

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