Review of the Best Template Builders

Nowadays you can hire frontend developers or even full stack ones, and they will create a website for your needs. In order to make it faster, but still create a high-quality product, they will use Pug template engine or the one that fits not only JavaScript, but other languages as well, like Mustache, for example. But we surely jump into the topic too fast.

In case you are not familiar with the term, template builders or engines, how they are called sometimes – are a special type of software, which provides developers with half-ready solutions for writing a cleaner code. They are created in order to make life of frontend and backend developers easier. They allow to write code pieces much faster, without extra time-consuming movements. There are many of them for different programming languages, allowing to work with a variety of frameworks, which is convenient due to the fact, that preferences of developers usually tend to vary, while they are making their choice of framework to code with. Template builders have many advantages and are surely worth to be used by programmers nowadays, especially in conjunction with numerous preprocessors, plugins, additional tools and packages. The only disadvantage they have, is the need to learn how to use them before actually applying your knowledge into the code. Maybe exactly this is the reason why there are so many of them: it’s naturally that different types of programmers would like to learn and use various types of engines.

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Examples of Template Engines


Being one of the most popular programming languages nowadays, JavaScript conquers hearts of programmers and helps to create wonderful websites and applications with interactive and intuitive design, movement and performance. Anyway, even such a great and quite easy-to-learn language, can be very time-consuming, especially when developer has to write thousands of rows of code. This is the reason why website building tools are so popular nowadays and surely will continue to be for many more years. Let us introduce great examples of them for JavaScript language:

  • Pug/Jade

Pug template engine is created for Node.js. It has short, clean and logical syntax, it’s easy to read and its code templates can be reused in the other languages like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc, which is a huge advantage that is appreciated by full stack developers, who code on several languages. Dedicated team of developers of Mobilunity has experience using this engine as it is very convenient solution when work needs to be done faster for a client.

  • Dust.js

Being a JavaScript template builder, it was vastly influenced by Mustache language and now is maintained by LinkedIn team of developers. Thanks to the provided interactive tutorial, this template builder is quite easy to begin with. There’s one more plus to the advantages of this engine: the code, compiled in Dust.js easily runs on the client and server side as well, thanks to the fact, that it’s fully written in JS.

  • EJS

Embedded JavaScript templates or EJS is supported by server-side and browser. It is  an engine for those, who love coding with JS, but don’t like to spend time on structuring HTML logic. EJS does all the job with HTML much easier. Programmers often use this one along with Pug template engine in order to make their coding even faster and cleaner.

  • Nunjucks

Nunjucks is available on all modern web browsers as well as in Node.js. Being supported by Mozilla corp., it gets updates regularly, therefore keeps up with the times. Nunjucks template engine was inspired by Jinja2, which is the engine for Python. This is also a reason why developers tend to wonder whether the same templates could be used between Jinja2 and Nunjucks, but there actually is a slight difference in syntax between these templating engines, which doesn’t allow fully integrate Nunjucks code pieces in Jinja.

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Templates for Other Languages:

We are sure, that JavaScript is a very demanded language nowadays, that is why so many companies hire frontend developers for interesting projects. This is also a reason why numerous frameworks and website building tools are created by developers and for them, aiming to ease-up the whole coding process and allow them to work faster. The thing is, that JS is not the only language, which could be templated and needs to be. There are also PHP, C, Python and many other popular languages, that are used by lots of developers in web, mobile and software development. Let’s review just a couple of them:

  • Mustache

Mustache is a template engine, which is chosen by programmers all over the world, because it is open-source, clean, concise and it’s adapted for a big number of programming languages like C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, Objective-C, Swift, Java, and many others. This engine is as appreciates as it’s argued between developers as well, claiming that it is useless, regarding “logic-less” feature of Mustache as something, that should be eliminated from programming at all. Anyway, there are also many people, who claim that Mustache has much more advantages and can be quite handful sometimes or even capable of replacing traditional way of coding at all. We won’t choose the winner of the battle, because it’s up to anyone what way of coding they choose, especially since there are so many alternatives to Mustache nowadays.

  • Blade

It is a template builder for the most popular PHP framework – Laravel. It is a simple, but quite powerful engine, because it doesn’t force you to acquire additional knowledge. You can write simple PHP code, except with Blade it will be much easier than without it as it provides you with the ability to code in a more automatized manner.

  • ClearSilver

There are not so many template engines for C-family languages as there are for JavaScript, for example. ClearSilver is the one, which has to be mentioned for sure, because it is written in C and can be exported to Java, Python, Ruby and Perl, which is a great advantage for developers, who work with multiple languages.

  • Jinja

This Python template builder was already mentioned above as the one, which Nunjucks was inspired by. It is one of the most popular and widely used template engines among Python developers. There are many engines for Python, which are embedded in frameworks already and which embedded developers use. They are good only in case all hustle with code is performed within one library. In case some operations have to be executed with templates in outer-libraries, they won’t be processing in a good way. Here comes the Jinja, the best thing about which is the possibility to use the code, written with its help, multiple times in different frames, because it is an independent open-source project.

Overall, there are many more template builders we have not reviewed today, but the ones we’ve mentioned are definitely worth trying as they are regarded life-savers for many developers around the world.

Oustaffing as a Perfect Option

There are many options to choose from if you want to build your own website templates! You can build your own one from scratch, or modify already existing templates to your own needs, even use any of the various template engines that have been mentioned! It may seem convenient, however, building your own templates that suit your needs and requirements might be a bit more complicated. In this case, you would be better assisted by an experienced, if not professional, web developer.

You can think that it might be more of a hassle to go through all the face-to-face meetings, but you don’t need to go through all of that! Recently, there is a rising trend of outstaffing development projects. Outstaffing refers to hiring a remote developer for you. Our company, Mobilunity, has a pool of highly experienced professional web developers that would fit any web development needs that you may have in the best way!

If you want modern website being created exactly for your type of business – hire dedicated team of developers from Mobilunity.

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