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Top Microsoft Dynamics Blogs, Communities, Podcasts, Events & Courses

There are many fantastic MS Dynamics blogs, forums, events, podcasts, shows, and courses out there that provide beginner to expert-level Microsoft Dynamics developer with the latest news and trends in the MS Dynamics world, discuss specific MS Dynamics products (NAV, AX, GP, D365), give advice and guidance on some approaches, etc.

However, it may be hard to find a perfect Microsoft Dynamics forum or community with like-minders discussing specific topics in a preferred format, for instance, a Dynamics AX community creating a fun and informative podcast. For this purpose, we prepared a great list of such resources so that every MS Dynamics programmer could find something relevant and interesting for themselves. Let’s get started!

10 Trending Microsoft Dynamics Blogs and Communities

Below, you can find the 10 trending Microsoft Dynamics blogs and communities that unite programmers all over the world and promote networking within a particular location. A strong community is a key to fruitful technology development, and it’s worth taking part in it and staying on top of the latest news.

  • Dynamic Communities

It’s one of the biggest MS Dynamics-centric communities built to exchange ideas on how to promote industry knowledge through education, networking, and attending conferences. 50+ countries, 108,686+ discussions – that says a lot. Within the platform, users can find more specific communities, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM community or Dynamics GP community.

This community promotes member-driven education, networking, and event attendance. Here, a programmer can find discussion forums, virtual training, conference announcements and updates, and local user groups to gain the maximum benefits from participating in the community.

Thorugh 365 Community Online, community content directory, bloggers, podcasters, and other experts in Microsoft 365 share their content on diverse topics for everyone who is keen to get a complete picture of Microsoft 365 capabilities. If you were looking for expert long-reads, insights, videos, podcasts and analytics, it’s worth checking this community. 

If you seek some personalized blogs, make sure to check out Steve Mordue’s publications. Steve is Microsoft Business Applications MVP (Most Valuable Professional), and in his blog, Steve Mordue shares his expert tips and industry updates in the form of publications, podcasts, and transcripts.

This list won’t be full without this blog written by Roberto Stefanetti, a Microsoft MVP and author of the popular Dynamics NAV blog (in top-10 NAV resources in the world). Roberto writes about Microsoft Dynamics NAV customization and solutions that he’s been working with for 16 years.

  • Official Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 blog is among the top Dynamics 365 blogs that share the latest news about the Dynamics 365 Business Applications. The authors are MS Dynamics experts who talk about MS Dynamics 365 updates and share some useful insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 community is also managed by the MS team, where either a Junior or Senior MS Dynamics 365 developer can find out about upcoming webinars and tech talks discussing the latest updates. It’s possible to find a community for other MS Dynamics products on the official website, too. Microsoft Dynamics 365 general forum is a helpful resource where one can post a Microsoft-centered question and get an answer from another specialist or check thematic threads with already discussed topics.

Here’s one of the largest and most popular IT forums where coders can ask questions, share their experience, and learn from skilled programmers about literally any technology and its trickiest specifics. It’s possible to find answers on all MS Dynamics products (AX, NAV, CRM, GP, D365).

This Dutch community shares knowledge and experience related to Microsoft Dynamics products. One can find plenty of events and news published on the platform and subscribe to a newsletter to stay up to date on news and community announcements.

  • 365 Saturday Power Community

It is a global community powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 power platform and dedicated to digital transformation challenges. The organization manages Dynamics Power 365 Saturday conferences and boot camps all over the world. 

Another blog by a Microsoft MVP, Ian Grieve from England, dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Ian shares technology-specific posts with code samples and screenshots to promote knowledge among MS Dynamics GP programmers all over the world.

10 Resources to Enjoy Top Microsoft Dynamics Podcasts and Shows

Here are 10 amazing MS Dynamics podcasts and shows to stay up to date on the latest news, updates, and expert thoughts on the MS Dynamics development and its future.

The “podshow” is hosted by Microsoft experts Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson, who discuss the latest and greatest news in the Microsoft cloud universe, including Azure and Office 365. It is entertaining both for people new to the cloud and MS Dynamics developers looking for updates and insights.

It’s an insightful show about Microsoft-centered technology and IT vs. user sides of life. Ben Stegink and Scott Hoag mostly discuss Azure and Office 365 tech and cover areas, such as Azure AD and mobile application management (MAM).

This cool podcast covers a broad range of topics, including Azure/cloud, Windows, .NET, Visual Studio, and more. It is hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer and has expert guests in every episode. 

  • CRM Audio

It is one of the oldest and most popular podcasts dedicated to MS Dynamics 365, CRM, and Power BI. It is hosted by MS Business Solutions MVPs Joel Lindstrom, George Doubinski, Shawn Tabor, and Scott Sewell. Here, you can enjoy roundtable discussions about news, best practices, and answers to some CRM and questions.

The show, formerly known as Office 365 Podcast, is hosted by Jeremy Thake, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Graph engineering team, and Paul Schaeflein, a Microsoft Office Development MVP. Experts discuss all things about MS 365.

  • All About 365 Podcast

Steve Goodman and Jason Wynn, both renowned Microsoft MBPs, go in-depth about Microsoft 365 and share real-world advice, experience, and perspectives of other industry experts.

CRM MVP Podcast is a well-known resource in the MS Dynamics community. It is hosted by Gus Gonzalez, an MS Business Solutions MVP, who talks about topics that lack proper coverage and detailed discussions in the CRM communities.

  • PowerPlatform Podcast

Microsoft MVPs Mark Christie and Iaan Connolly discuss a broad range of topics related to Microsoft Business Applications and PowerPlatform community. Also, on the platform, you can find various Youtube content and blogs of each host.

  • Microsoft Azure for Industry Podcast

This podcast covers topics on how Microsoft is shaping the future of different industries with Azure. From his perspective and experience working as a Principle Azure Solutions Architect, David Starr talks about the reality and perspectives of MS solutions.

Last but not least is this Microsoft Business Applications podcast hosted by Mark Smith, known as Nz365guy. Mark provides weekly updates, insights, and advice for people working with MS Business Applications.

10 Microsoft Dynamics Events in 2020 and Beyond

There are many annual and technology-tailored events in the MS Dynamics world. Some of them are held locally (North America, Europe, Australia), some are global, and some are organized online, with dozens of interesting speeches and masterclasses. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 MS Dynamics events 2020 and beyond that are worth attending this year or taking note of for the future. Some of the resources provide recordings of the events that ended so that every MS Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, or Dynamics CRM programmer could watch their materials, learn from them, and enjoy.

This event is powered by Dynamics Communities created to showcase and share experiences on modern data visualization, app customization, innovative approaches, and practical solutions to different business challenges.

  • Community Summit North America

It is one of the biggest annual training and networking events for Microsoft Business Applications held for the US auditory. Organizers expect 700+ sessions, 3 insightful days, 7000+ attendees, and 150+ speeches from MS experts on October 6-9, 2020, in Nashville, TN.

It’s an event for the European community (online this year) created to provide Microsoft Business Applications users with an opportunity to share real learnings and insightful practices about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions. 

  • Directions North America

It is an event created for and by Dynamics Partners operating on the SMB market. The conference brings together developers, business analysts, sales, and executive officers to exchange experiences on Dynamics-focused solutions and provide high-end training for businesses.

  • Dynamics GP Tech Conference

This is the only conference dedicated to technical training for Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners. It is also organized by Dynamics Communities to promote global educational, networking, and leadership opportunities.

  • Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

It is a free online community-focused MS Dynamics 365 event created to educate and engage developers, architects, end-users, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Dynamics and Cloud technologies and share the latest insights and real-world experiences on SharePoint, Microsoft365, Power Platform, etc. 

  • D365 Focus (Europe & North America)

The D365 Focus event is made to connect, learn, share insights, and find new business opportunities. The event features technical and applicable sessions, as well as business presentations related to Microsoft Dynamics 365, especially Finance & Operations/AX and Customer Engagement/CRM areas.

Here is a technical and business conference for partners of the Microsoft Business Applications. Previously planned in Barcelona, the event was moved online and promises exceptional training for businesses to engage with Microsoft leadership.

This digital event brought together MS Dynamics enthusiasts to seasoned Business Applications experts. Although the event itself is over, there are 100+ sessions full of useful information and advice saved on the platform.

10 Microsoft Dynamics Training Classes and Courses

And lastly, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular MS Dynamics training and courses for entry-level to seasoned specialists that want to receive official Microsoft Dynamics certifications and gain expertise in MS Dynamics products. 

Here is the official certification resource, where developers can find various Microsoft Dynamics-centered exams and obtain Microsoft certification.

It is the official Microsoft Dynamics 365 training provided by Microsoft. It contains all the necessary resources for preparing for Microsoft exams.

The service is Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider that focuses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX training.

Here, you can find online MS Dynamics CRM online training, as well as courses focusing on other MS Dynamics products. Global Knowledge is an official Microsoft Learning Partner.

  • New Horizons – Microsoft Dynamics Training Courses

This Microsoft Gold Learning Partner offers quality courses on a variety of Microsoft services, including Microsoft Dynamics products.

This Microsoft Learning Partner offers many helpful courses, including MS Dynamics 365 training, for obtaining Microsoft role-based certifications.

QuickStarts Technologies concentrate on self-paced learnings, coaching, and virtual instructor-led sessions. It is a Microsoft Learning Partner, too.

  • ONLC Training Centers – MS Dynamics GP courses

These authorized Microsoft technical classes are taught online by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT), and one can benefit from a number of MS Dynamics GP development and Dynamics 365 courses.

TechData is Microsoft Gold Cloud Learning Partner that provides training courses on Microsoft-centered technology, including MS Dynamics products.

  • Udemy – Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Beginners

For beginner MS Dynamics developers, this course will bring all the basics and necessary knowledge on Microsoft Dynamics features and possibilities. Definitely a good way to start with technology.

Summing Up: The Importance of Taking Part in Microsoft Dynamics Communities

For every MS Dynamics developer, it is vital to read industry-related blogs, participate in MS Dynamics discussions on forums, listen to podcasts, attend events, and contribute to fruitful networking to stay well-versed in the technology. 

Whether you are a beginner Microsoft Dynamics AX developer or seasoned MS Dynamics CRM engineer, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest releases and news, share experiences, and listen to the experts in the field. A strong community is what pushes development and innovations, and with MS Dynamics solutions, it’s also true.

Check out these Microsoft Dynamics resources, find a favorite forum or podcast, take MS Dynamics CRM courses, and enjoy a powerful MS Dynamics community!

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