Top Ten Scariest WordPress Issues that May Happen to Your Website

Hey, Halloween is right around the corner, but here at Mobilunity we know that it’s not the monsters, and demons that keep you up at night, especially if you are running a website on WordPress. In honor of one of our favorite holidays, we’ve decided to give you a fright before the big day. So here we have a list of the WordPress issues and bugs that will definitely keep you up at night. Enjoy!

WordPress Issues

1. Website displays a blank page – SEVERITY: Call 911 for help!

WordPress Blank PageYou know that saying, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost, what happens when that ghost,is what your beautifully crafted web page used to be… forget calling 911, where are the GhostBusters when you need them!!?? The worst thing that could happen with your website is WordPress blank page. You type in the name of your website and what do you get? Nothing. Just don’t panic. We know how to remove that scary WordPress empty page once and for all. There are couple of things that would probably help you: increase your memory limit, disable all plugins, check your theme, empty your cash.

Completing these steps will solve the scariest of issues. Furthermore, we have created a more detailed guide of steps to remove that WordPress blank page. We hope you’ll never get in such trouble again:)

2. My website got hacked – SEVERITY: OMG

Website HackedDon’t believe in Monsters huh? Well you will once one hacks your account and starts taking over. Exorcising these demons can take a while, so get your holy book ready, have plenty of resolve, and remember, you may not believe in demons, but they believe in you…..

We’re not Priests, but if you still need a blessing or two here it is – how to secure your WordPress website. Nobody likes to have a website hacked but once it is done, you will try everything that is in your power to return your website to its normal state. So, here are few simple steps you can take for securing your WordPress website: use strong passwords, use only trust plugins and themes, backup your site, change your default admin username. As you see, the steps aren’t hard to follow, but doing this  will help secure your WordPress website..

3. I can’t access my WP-admin dashboard. – SEVERITY: All work Is blocked

Cannot Access WP AdminWhat could be worse than this, you spend all of your time planning, designing, and creating the perfect wordpress site. You control every element of it, but one day you go in to monitor your site, maybe make some changes and then Bam!!! you can’t access your WP-admin dashboard – forget Jason Vorhees or Freddy Kruger, this is the real nightmare. Don’t worry, we know why this nightmare came about.

More importantly,we know how to deal with it! The reasons why you can’t access your wp-admin page may vary from an  issue with theme, to problems with hosting.. Take it from us, It’s always best to know your enemy, and face your nightmares.

4. My website is not in index – SEVERITY: Emergency. Nobody will see my website!

Website Indexing“Wait what do you mean you can’t see me? I’m right here!!! Look at me!! No don’t bury me!!! I’m still alive”!! That’s just about what you’ll be saying if your website is not indexed. Like a poltergeist, destined to walk the digital world, unseen, stuck between where your customers are and where you should be. Another sad story… buried alive among the competition. A pity really.

This is a sad story, isn’t it? Google is powerful so it would be wise to  play by the rules. Fortunately, we know how to fix issues with website indexing really quickly. Have you ever heard of sitemap and sitemap.xml? No? Well then, It’s time for you to find out.

5. WordPress Images aren’t showed – SEVERITY: Critical. My website Is ugly

Images Not ShowingWhat if you woke up one day, and looked like the monster you used to see in your nightmares? Well you won’t have to ask what if, if you’re unfortunate enough to have your images not show up on your web-page. You’ll have to face the ugly horrible truth that is your Website, and your potential customers will run away screaming, right into the arms of your competitors.

But all is not lost, because we know exactly why WordPress images aren’t showing on your website. Its a  one-time issue but , if you are running a top ranked website the results could continue to haunt you. Don’t worry, listen to us, we’re sure that your website will return to its former glory.

6. Can’t upload any images – SEVERITY: Urgent! Can’t make a nice page

Cannot Upload WordPress ImagesImagine this situation. Gorgeous morning, Birds singing, Sun shining, you make a coffee, open your laptop. Perfect mood to create a new post for your website. After a few hours of writing you understand that you need to fill the article with images. You click on “add media”,  to upload new images, but nothing happens. You continue clicking on the icon but the result is the same.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this situation. After the WordPress 4.3. update a lot of users seem to have the same issue. On the web it is called “WordPress image upload”, and there’s  a lot of information there, but we have chosen the best bits of info, only for you:)

7. Someone is sending spam from my email – SEVERITY: Urgent. I need to stop this before it ruins my reputation.

Spam from WebsiteWhat?! How can this be possible? We bet you have the most secure password of all time right, something insanely difficult like – qwerty12345 right, am i close?:) Do you like spam? No. Neither do we. But there are those horrible trolls out there, who enjoy sending spammy stuff to other people. It is called trolling after all , and of course they don’t want to use their own email addresses. besides yours looks so nice. All will be fine.

Your email could be hacked through a wordpress backdoor hack. It sounds strange but we have a real problem here. The hackers use WordPress’s plugin vulnerability to get access to your information. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, we know how to fix this WordPress backdoor hack in just a few, simple,  steps.

8. Google Webmaster Tools sent me suspicious warnings. – SEVERITY: Very High. Maybe Google doesn’t like me anymore

Google Webmaster Tools WarningsWait, no don’t leave me, I need you please!! I knew it, my rankings, what happened to them..I’m dead!! Google, No!!!! Google is scary especially if it’s out to get you. But maybe all those warnings aren’t as bad as you think, and that Google webmaster tool is a bit confused.

Don’t worry! You’ve got nothing to hide, let’s just hope that this case of mistaken identity won’t be the last time your website is heard from.

You know something happened but you don’t know what exactly? Don’t panic, you can take a look at full list of things that may cause CSS issues right here.

9. Can’t save any post – SEVERITY: High. Can’t update my website.

Cannot Save WordPress PostYour site is the Walking dead..unable to change, unable to say anything new. Just an unquenchable urge to feed. But your too slow, and you wither and finally can move no more. If you can’t save any posts, you’ll be begging for a bullet to the head and an end to your misery, so that you can leave the digital world for good. For a website, there are worse things than remember, keep moving, stay alive, and don’t get bit.

Creating new WordPress posts is probably your most important source for providing information to your readers. Of course, the solution is right here – read our guide on how to fix the error while saving new post, no need to go and browse elsewhere :)

10. Slow website – SEVERITY: Normal. I can live with this:)

Slow WebsiteIt’s the zombie apocalypse, and you’re too slow to run away. Only in this case the zombies are the competitors, and the closer you get to them, the sooner they will devour you…Speed is everything, too slow and the other guys catch you, and eventually those people you thought were loyal..leave you behind and find someone else.

Scary thought , isn’t it? But have no fear, we know how to optimize website speed for all of  your needs. This should be a good step towards not only your website usability, but also ranking in search engines, as they do love websites that load fast.

Your slow website will no longer keep you up at night!

Well that’s it folks, we hope you made it through this “Top Ten Scariest WordPress Issues that May Happen to Your Website” without scaring you too much. We’re pretty festive around here. Make sure to stay up to date on the trendiest topics and most important WordPress bugs by following our blog. We’re always open to suggestions and would love your feedback. Make sure to share this blog with your WordPress challenged friends. If you have any other issues don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to make the World of WordPress a little bit easier.

Enjoy the festivities, Don’t eat too much candy and be sure to have a very Scary, and Happy, Halloween!

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