Troubleshooting Website Load Speed Issues

Is a slow website really a problem?

If you have a website then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about website speed. Google uses the speed at which a web page loads as a factor when deciding how well that page will rank when a search is made. If your page is loading very slowly it will likely reduce your ranking below those pages that are as good as yours but load quicker. So this can be a huge problem for many different sites if they want to maintain their rankings.

What causes slow loading websites?

There a few issues that have a major impact on how quickly your sites will load into a browser that you have to consider. By fixing these issues you can quickly improve your page loading speeds and improve your rankings with the search engines:

  • Images that load slowly
  • CSS and Java Script loading slowly
  • Improper use of Cache

Website speed optimization does not have to be a big issue, many of these problems are actually very simple to fix and you do not have to go off and hire a web developer to fix them for you at great expense.

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How to fix slow website loading

Being able to optimize website speed is vital if you want to get the best placement in the search engine results. The following are some simple tips that you can use to fix some of the problems that have the most impact on page loading speeds:

Slow Image loading

Slow Image LoadingHaving high quality large photographs and other images and graphics on your page can significantly affect the speed at which your page loads, especially if you have a large number of them on the same page. Often these images are far better quality and larger than they need to be for display on the webpage and can be compressed and shrunk in size without affecting the quality of what is actually displayed on the screen. The following are some simple ideas for reducing the size of the image files that you use:
Convert some PNG files to JPEG format. PNG is good for graphic style images which may have transparency which is not fully supported through JPEG. However JPEG will typically have a smaller file size than a PNG file. You can convert PNG files to smaller files using software such as PNGCrush which can reduce file size without impacting image quality. JPEG files can be reduced in size by several available tools such as JPEGTran also to ensure that they load quicker.

Slow CSS and Java Script

Slow CSS and JavaScriptThere is often a lot of CSS and Java Script code that will load at the wrong time when the page loads or is not optimized. Unless you are an expert at these it may be best to look at some of the simple WordPress plugins that can fix these issues for you. One of the simplest to use is Autoptimize which can fix many of the common problems without you having to do anything. Additionally, you may test your website using simple website load speed checkers that create graphs based on the data of each element load. That’s an excellent way to see at once whether CSS and JavaScript indeed take much time. So if you need to create loading page, you can fix it on your own.

Improving Caching

Caching for Slow WebsitesAnother way to improve slow website loading is to improve your caching. This is the information that is stored locally on the computer rather than loaded up every time a page is actually loaded. Again a simple plugin can be used to improve the load speed if you are not sure how to go about doing it all by yourself. Cache can be improved using a plugin such as W3 Total Cache. But important notice to take here: when you do a major changes on website, don’t forget to clean the cache, otherwise, you won’t be able to check the recent updates.

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