Video Background – Your Guide to Animated Website

May 27, 2016 / Anastasia


Video Background – Your Guide to Animated Website

These days people are attracted by the latest design trends and they improve their sites by using these new tendencies to be competitive. Otherwise they won’t be able to survive in the Internet surrounding. Websites with animated backgrounds are just the most powerful means to demonstrate just that what you want to promote, because website design is about a message that your site wants to convey. When it comes to establishing interaction and delivering a message nothing beats video. If a person accepts the information not only through reading, but also through hearing and visual experience, then you might be sure that your message is conveyed. Website with background frames the information you want to convey to your clients and focuses on your product in action. Watching, hearing and reading work together perfectly! However, let us dig deeper to see what merits this actually holds for the websites and what difficulties they might face when choosing to use them.

Our Video Background Samples

Websites with Video Background Pros

Video backgrounds are trendy

Trendy Website BackgroundsWhenever a customer sees a website that keeps up with recent trends, he automatically thinks that you use the same approach in all areas of your business, that you are in a process of perpetual growth and development. You just convey a sense of your style and product in action.

They are certainly effective

Effective Animated BackgroundIf you manage to create a catchy video message, you will definitely captivate your audience. Moving image is a growing trend. And it’s natural that people are drawn to video.

They deliver your website’s message

Deliver Website MessageHowever, video backgrounds should not be used, just because they are cool – they certainly have to match your website’s message. Video in background of website furthers the site message, demonstrates your product in action and evokes certain desires to your product.
3D Motion Backgrounds Banner

Websites with Video Backgrounds Cons

As most powerful things in this world, the websites with backgrounds come with certain drawbacks.

Longer loading time

Loading TimeNo surprise here. It takes longer to load a video and no matter how beautiful your video is, your customer still will be frustrated if it doesn’t load in a blink of an eye. In addition, it is risky SEO wise, and your website may be ranked lower in SERP, just because your cute trendy video was taking its time to load.

Browser compatibility issues

Browser CompatibilityUnfortunately, there is no way to create a universal video background, which will be displayed well in every existing browser. Whenever you go for a video background, you will have an incredibly beautiful website in Chrome, and perhaps a very different thing in Firefox.

Autoplay and sound

Video Background AutoplayRefrain from using autoplay for your video backgrounds as you risk putting your customers in an awkward position if, for instance, they have chosen to visit your website in a silent place. That’s why there must be a possibility to unmute it if possible.

Length of the video

Movie LengthIf your video is too short and it repeats constantly, it gets really annoying watching it over and over again and that might be the reason why your information will not be read up to the end. That’s why the length of your video must be 12-30 seconds to focus on your product or story in your video.

Digital Video Backgrounds infographics

Types of Website Video Backgrounds

We have determined that each website has to come up with its own unique video creation to deliver the website’s message. However, despite all the differences, video backgrounds can still be split into four major types, which can and should be used for different purposes.


If your website is dedicated to adventures or traveling, this type will be the most appropriate in capturing your visitor’s attention – by showing some of the most exciting moments, for instance.

Story Collage

If you feel that the contents of your website should be represented in a more complex storyline setting, feel free to create a story collage. Let your customer understand your business better by highlighting the most important parts of it, or show the complexity of the process. Oh, and introducing the team who brings the ideas to life might also be a nice touch.


If you are an artist and simply sharing your art, remember that it is not enough, consider using video background with “the making of” videos. Let your fans see how your creations are born, by letting them “behind the scenes”.


Ambient video background represents no specific story, but they will definitely make your website more attractive and will set a specific mood and change the atmosphere.

We at Mobilunity have good expertise in bulding websites with video background. Either you need a landing page, a corporate website, or  promosite, we will find the most suitable solution for any of your or your business needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Team and inquire for case studies and prototypes.

Integrating Videos with the Help of Node.js

There are a lot of ways to incorporate videos as background of your website, the easiest would be through Background Video plugins. These plugins can come in handy when you want to build in videos as your website’s background. One of the ways to use these plugins are by integrating them into your website through Node.js. To navigate and optimize the process of using Node.js for you plugins better, a MEAN Stack developer would be the best person to get in touch and collaborate with. Hiring a MEAN Stack developer would help you deal with the programming issues that you might come across when integrating your Background Video plugins to your WordPress website through Node.js. Mobilunity provides you a pool of developers, who you can contact and hire remotely from all over the world. When you decide to hire a remote coder, you can read through our outline on what comes with a MEAN Stack developer. Mobilunity will help you find the MEAN Stack developer, who fits plugin integration needs in the best way.

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