Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Clojure Developer Now

If you’re not familiar with the advantages and benefits of Clojure just yet, well it’s time you get on board! Why? You might ask and try to consult Stack-Exchange or Quora and try to decipher all of the programmer speak and jargon to find out its advantages and then run across this, “LISP”…schmisp?, “Designed for concurrency”…what? No, I’m not joking. Do you know what that means? The bottom line is this; Clojure is the language that makes it easier to avoid back-end bugs. What? Why? How? Well, there are some very good technical reasons for that. Let’s put it this way, there are four main rules to avoid bugs while writing code. a) stateless, b) immutable c) no side effects d) multi-core enabled. The advantages of Clojure is that is that unlike other options like Java, C#, or Ruby, Clojure by design forces programmers to write according to these principals, like following a recipe where the only items in your cupboard are the exact ingredients in the recipe. Now you know why you might want to use Clojure in your project, now you need to find the right developer, and why you need a to hire Clojure developer yesterday.

Reason #1 Clojure Developers Are Happy

reasons to hire clojure programmer

The first reason to hire Clojure developer is simply Clojure developers are happy. As you are aware software development is the first and foremost a people issue, and job satisfaction in the development world makes a big difference. When you factor in retention and hiring you are able to even multiply the “happy” factors in financial terms While onboarding developers is never easy, the enthusiasm Clojure developers hold for their skill often makes a big difference in terms of getting a positive decision. Indeed a recent study on Reddit users ranks Clojure developers as the happiest! Another factor in their happiness is the “comp” and Clojure developers are well paid especially when compared with that of a simple Java programmer salary. In fact, according to a recent Stack Overflow survey, a Clojure developer salary is consistently ranked highest among all developers.

Reason #2 Clojure Developers are Smart

Furthermore, we are not sure if it’s the cause or the effect but Clojure programming attracts the smartest developers. Maybe it’s because as a Functional programming language as opposed to an Object-oriented language it attracts the smartest who are able to get their head around concurrency and the “Dining Philosopher’s Problem” or some other specificity of Clojure functional programming. It’s heard over and over in the industry when you get an experienced Clojure developer you’re getting one of the best and the brightest. . Indeed according the UK firm, USwitch when recruiting for Clojure developers they report “we get high quality recruits interested in more than just developing, they are thinking beyond their code”

Reason #3 Clojure Developers are Fast

Not only are Clojure developers smart but on top of that, they are fast. Even with factoring in the “smart” factor, the volume of code needed in Clojure web development is significantly less when compared to other solutions. The general rule of thumb according to experts is Clojure programming language has on average 20-30% fewer lines of code than other languages. As such, smarter people with shorter code results in a speedier Clojure web development timeline.

Reason #4 Clojure Developers are Accurate

Next, because of the inherent characteristics of Clojure development and the “stateless” and the “immutability” of the language, Clojure web framework programmers are forced to be highly accurate in their code. Accuracy has implications for the speed of development because any potential bugs are easily caught. Another side effect of the code accuracy is that updates are more easily executed and new developers can more easily be introduced to an existing project with a smaller learning curve.

Reason #5 Clojure Developers are Available

The final reason you should apply Clojure with a developer now is that they are available and eager to help. While Clojure developers are generally the highest paid of all programmers, Clojure programmers in Ukraine are very reasonably priced compared to the markets in the United States, UK or even Germany. According to a survey to Stack Overflow the Clojure developer salary average worldwide was listed at $72,000 which topped the list of all languages. In the United States, junior developers start at $45,000 per year and the scale goes up for experienced Clojure/Haskell developers who earn on average $140,000 based on a salary survey on (a job search website). In the UK, salaries for junior developers start £35,000 and jump up to £80,000 also for the most experienced developers. Compare that to Ukraine where salary levels are significantly lower.

Hiring an experienced Clojure web developer in Ukraine can result in a dramatic savings over the life of a project if properly vetted. Salaries in Ukraine for an experienced Clojure developer are in the range of $38,000 per year or £28,000 per year. Not only is there a savings in salary costs but you can’t forget the other embedded costs for a direct hire that is born by the hiring firm. Embedded costs can range up to 50% more when you add overhead, social insurance, vacation, management, training, and recruitment. When working with an outsourcing firm like us at Mobilunity the overhead costs are already built into the price quotation, so there are no hidden costs or surprises. And here, as we mentioned at Mobilunity we have a stable of experienced Clojure developers ready and available to slide down the fire pole whenever you need it. Clojure developer resumes are available on demand.

Clojure Developer Resume Sample

clojure developer resume sample

Mobilunity Is the Smart Choice

In summation, we here at Mobilunity have a cache of high-level Clojure developers ready to take on your project. We have a history of providing outsourcing solutions with verifiable success stories. Just take a look at our portfolio. There are myriad of benefits of working with us and hiring developers from Ukraine. First, as you may or may not be aware, the reputation of Ukrainian developers is high quality and talented. When you’ve worked with different areas such as South Asia, Africa, and South America, you can even better understand the value in skillset and mindset.

hire clojure developers at Mobilunity

While there is sometimes a communication issue in comparison to developers in other locations, Ukraine and Ukrainian developers are clear-headed and forthright. Furthermore, when you’re working with an outsourcing firm you have an additional level of management to smooth any communication issues that arise if that should ever happen. An additional benefit is the fact that the time zone compares favorably for cross time zone team communication at GMT+2, eliminating those late night or early morning calls or updates.

Mobilunity is an outstaffing company located in Kyiv Ukraine coupling western management with Ukrainian development.

A Dedicated team of Clojure specialists are standing by for your project. If you need a to hire Clojure developer, contact us today!

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