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One More Positive Case of Mobilunity’s Client Experience

Given our primary model of fully dedicated to our clients software developers, working pretty much 40-h-week for the project of the client, our clients quite often leverage the best of Ukrainian Development through another model of ours, part-time consultants working with under legal constraints yet performing on an hourly basis.

One of the recent cases stands out – a senior-level full-stack web developer used to be #1 remote engineer for the French client of ours, years ago (6 years ago specifically). While much has changed since then, this person specifically was no longer part of the team by this summer, when both sides found it attractive to them to resume collaboration, on a part-time basis now.

You may see a client experience reflected in the feedback shown below.
To us as the Vendor bridging global businesses with the best of tech talents, this success story defines our further development and growth – we continue finding and providing those models of engagement that our clients benefit from, having thousands of great software engineers by our side.

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