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The Story About One of Our Cool Clients – BYG-E

TGIF and thus, it may be a good occasion to introduce some of our coolest clients’ stories.
I start with Danish BYG-E.
Working with Mobilunity since April start of 2017, the team has launched back then with 2 software engineers, has 6 now.
Few cool things about this client:

  • BYG-E’s management was a couple of times here with us in Kyiv, giving a visit to their team and us as the vendor (tip: invest into relationships! your nearshore provider and your remote team need it!)
  • I myself, together with Eliza Kravchenko , was happy visiting BYG-E’s headquarters to ensure offline our services are in line with the Client’s needs
  • our engineering team had been to Copenhagen to visit their client, few times – lots of decent memories!
  • this setup is a very classic for the tech team augmentation – as the client has both local and nearshore software engineers, working all together as a team!
  • as a result – this client is proud to have 100% retention over the years!! Zero Churn Rate Damn It! ;)

What else “cool” I can add? A video shot a few years ago, yet with all these guys from the video being now a core of the team!

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