What Does Mobilunity Support as a Business Processes Outsourcing Company?

Bridging the world’s businesses with Ukrainian talents, Mobilunity acts as a business process outsourcing company taking care of:

  • recruiting in Ukraine both for
    • full time talent’s engagement into the project, and
    • part time engagements when applicable
  • niche domains and technologies consultants search, vetting and engagement into consultancy projects
  • HR (including remote / distributed team HR) processes, such as
    • onboarding
    • ongoing health checks
    • work flows between the client and the team facilitation
    • compensation negotiations arbitraging
    • reporting
    • client’s HR brand development on the local Ukrainian market

When clients need a tech product to be developed by 3rd party from A to Z – these are NOT our clients.
Our clients come to get talent and our ongoing support for this talent management and development.

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