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Blockchain was created to store the information in accordance with certain regulations, where the data is kept in a continuous sequential set of blocks. At the same time, in order to prevent leakage, their copies are also kept on many different computers, not interconnected to each other. This technology was used for the first time in cryptocurrencies, but there are many other areas of usage: fintech, banks, identification cards, any kind of monitoring of data reliability.

dApps (decentralized applications) is the software on the blockchain. The initial dApp was set up on the Bitcoin blockchain, and it is a peer-to-peer payment system. To cover other purposes, there are also other blockchains, such as NEO, EOS, and Ethereum, which are established in such a way so that all kinds of dApp applications are created on them.

Bitcoin was developed with the purpose to alternate the centralized banking. Platforms such as NEO and Ethereum help their users create dApp alternatives for all types of centralized applications like Twitter, Google and Uber.

Labor Market Data

A blockchain developer creates software applications that will be executed by nodes in a block chain. He also configures the interaction of the "classic" software, or DApp (Distributed application), with these applications.

The work of the Blockchain developer is partly similar to the work of a system programmer. It is important for a blockchain developer to optimize the code as much as possible, both in terms of the number of operations and the amount of memory used. Accordingly, he should know well how Blockchain works in order to take into account not only the number of operations, but also the features of their implementation at a low level during optimization.

Blockchain Developer

In addition to Blockchain smart contracts, developers also develop web pages or mobile applications through which interaction with Blockchain will take place. For this purpose, they use JavaScript, Java and Swift.

Blockchain Developers team

Some Blockchain developers are also hands on such programming languages as: Golang, C/C++, Rust. Half of them have a good knowledge of Solidity, which is defined asa programming language for writing smart contracts and has an object-oriented peculiarity. Since most blockchain platforms, especially Ethereum, require the implementation of smart contracts, Solidity comes in handy. It is also important to note that the high cost of errors and vulnerabilities in blockchain technologies requires cybersecurity skills.

Blockchain software engineer

Our Recruiting’s Overview

over the market capacity showed the following distribution of the skills:

Decision Factors for the Developers to Join Blockchain Projects

Commonly, these are the key points for consideration:

Blockchain Developers in Ukraine


Orientation on foreign long-term projects and cooperation with internationally known companies. Mostly, Blockchain developers are interested in fintech projects; 


Opportunities for professional growth as Team or Tech Lead;


Good management and well-organized working process.

Since the technology is young, the tools that are used to develop it are not yet fully debugged. Therefore, sometimes there may arise such problems whose solutions are not obvious. Since not all clients are aware and understand the limitations as well as specificity of this technology, sometimes it is difficult to explain how it works in such a way. That is why most Blockchain developers prefer to work on projects with flexible management, where the client is open for new ideas, changes, and implementations.

It is worth to remember, that joining ANY project, these questions are of special importance to the candidates in Ukraine:


What is the working process of development? What methodology is used, if any? How planning, delivery, quality control and deployment will be organized?


What will be the team structure? Who will be the person dealing with the team on daily basis?


What technology stacks are used for the project? How modern and contemporary are they?

All-inclusive Price Range

Junior Developers

1-2 years experience

3600 – 4700 USD

per month

Middle Developers

2-4 years experience

4700 – 6800 USD

per month

Senior Developers

4+ years experience

6800 – 8900 USD

per month

Rate Includes

Sick leaves
Equipment and software
Payroll taxes
Vacation period
Office expenses
Employee retention

Our Model

We provide teams that are functionally managed by the client, while we support operations (working environment, HR supervision and communication between the Client and the Team). Understanding what is most important to our clients we developed a distinguishing model of 3Rs: Recruitment, Relationships, and Retention.


finding a developer is easy. Finding a fit for the client/product and capability to build a team – that’s where the hard part comes. We leverage our understanding of the local market and the best recruitment practices to make sure we pick the perfect match.


we believe that the relationships we build are the most important part of our service. No matter the distance, we foster the growth of relationships with our clients and dedicated teams by truly investing in them, and understanding their needs.

  • Close contact with the TOP management
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Communication above all

our staff takes care of all operations, making sure that your team has all of the Staff Services activities to keep them satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s relations with other people (peers, clients, contractors) that matter the most and what forms true loyalty.

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