Custom Software Development Services: Offshore & Nearshore Solutions

The custom application development solution is a category of software development in which a specific purpose software app is developed for a particular task or process of an organization or a group of users. The custom software development services and software developers are in high demand in the marketplace to cater the increasing demand of the customized application software projects.

Numerous computer software development companies – both offshore and nearshore software development firms – are mushrooming all around the world. Let’s have a 360 perspective on the importance of the software development and custom software developers, and in the industry.

Why Choose Custom Software Development Services?

In the present day business software ecosystems, there is no one size that fits all. The modern businesses are influenced by numerous factors like location, size, targeted market segment, business processes and many such other factors. So, your business needs a bespoke software development for better productivity.

The main reasons for choosing custom web development services include:

  • Increases the business productivity and competitive advantage
  • Offers the high level of flexibility to scale up in no time
  • Improves the company value and branding status
  • Offers great performance and reliability
  • High level of business security
  • Fits 100% with the requirements of custom software development for small businesses as well as large companies equally
  • Offers reliable and accurate technical support owing to the help offered by the dedicated software development firms
  • It is comparatively cheaper than the people think about it
  • Fully independent from the third party licensing and software update issues

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Why Businesses Need the Custom Software?

Every business is unique in many perspectives, so you need custom software to fit 100% with that uniqueness in your business. The main reasons for using the services of custom software development service provider for developing unique software solutions include the following:

  • To reduce the heavy loads of manual work and tasks
  • Reduce dependency on multiple pieces of software tools
  • Offer a comprehensive business solution
  • Fast analysis of data to create business intelligence
  • Providing a higher level of security and reliability to your business data and processes
  • Improvement in the fast scalability and performance
  • Achieving 100% compliance with the industry standards and government regulations
  • Reducing the traditional paperwork
  • To expand the business to multiple locations without any problems at all
  • Benefiting from the low prices of software outsourcing services
  • Establishing a full command over the software modifications and improvement without any additional licensing fees

Custom Software Development vs Software Development – A Comparison

A large number of commercial off the shelf software suites are available for the mass market purposes, but they require so many modifications and customizations to suit the desired business processes. This creates complexity and difficulties in implementation and use.

So, the use of custom mobile application development services is highly desirable for developing the bespoke mobile software development services or applications. The major differences between generic software development and custom software development are explicitly mentioned in the following table.

custom software developer vs software developer

Major Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Custom Software Services

The technical managers normally make the following mistakes while hiring custom software development services.

mistakes of hiring custom software development services

#1 Improper Research

This is one of the fundamental mistake most of the employers make while choosing the custom software company. Service seeker hires service provider without researching about the company, its expertise and experience, portfolios and success ratio. This leaves the disastrous impact on the software projects.

#2 Preferring Low Price

Normally, small businesses and the startups make this blunder while choosing a custom software service provider company. They prefer the low prices due to limited budgets, but it turns out to be a curse for them at the end of the day. By compromising on quality, they not only waste their money, but also lose the business confidence and brand value in the future.

#3 Ambiguous Contracts

Signing the ambiguous contracts is another big mistake that produce so many problems in proper execution of the project. Many conflicts, quality and payments issues, and communication problems arise as the project moves forward. So a clear and explicit contract is very critical for a successful project.

#4 Missing Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Many employers just rely on the verbal agreements of quality, cost and timeline of the project, which is not a good practice for the completion of a successful custom software development project. It is always a great idea to define specific timelines, cost and quality. If any deviation occurs, there should be properly defined penalties for that particular deviation from SLA.

#5 Forgetting Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Business information and intellectual properties of the software that you get developed by the third party service provider should be properly safeguarded through NDA agreement. Missing this agreement will put your business and intellectual property in jeopardy.

Useful Tips on Choosing the Right Custom Software Development Services

It is a good idea to strictly follow the useful tips as mentioned below while choosing the right custom software development company.

tips to hire customized application software

How Can Mobilunity Help in Developing Custom Software Solutions?

Mobilunity is a Ukraine based provider of the professional grade custom software development services at very competitive prices. The company offers dedicated project team to develop your custom software applications with high quality. Mobilunity can help you in:

  • Getting high-quality custom software at low prices
  • Completing the project on-time with fixed charges
  • Providing dedicated teams and developers with full control
  • Reducing development cost
  • Improving the software development efficiency
  • Providing professional level customer support
  • Achieving greater return on investment ROI

If you are considering to use offshore or nearshore services for custom software development projects, we are here to help you out professionally.

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