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What’s the Main Point of Hiring White Label Developer?

Owing to the increased cost of development, many companies prefer to purchase white label app development or mass-market software products used for their branded businesses. This increases the demand for IT white label developers over the custom software developers at the white label software marketplace that produce in-house unique products for a single company.  A huge amount of about $122.1 billion was spent on custom-built software products between 2012 and 2015, as per the information cited in the Forrester Wheel Info-graph.

The white label software development is popular in many kinds of software development domains like whitelabel website development, enterprise software platforms, whitelabel web applications, and bespoke application development. This increasing demand for bespoke software development has created a desirable thrust for every entrepreneur to start a bespoke software development company in the demanding marketplace.

Let’s have a look at the main points of hiring custom software developers for mass-market software development projects in the marketplace.

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Why Big Companies Use White Label Software Development?

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, the development cost, business idea and business partners matter a lot to succeed as well as to survive in the marketplace. The IT white label development is the best companion in the blues for both the startups and the big organizations.

The big organizations prefer hiring white label web development services to help their business partners to distribute their products and services under their own brand names. This offers great benefits to big organizations and small companies or business partners equally. The main reasons for the big corporations to hire a white label web developer or an app developer include:

  • Very fast and easy to brand any product or service
  • Easy to establish a partnership with a large number of partners
  • A win-win solution for both the corporation and the partners
  • Best way to distribute the products and services to a large customer base
  • Huge saving of money and time in unique app development
  • Easy to manage the entire business environment through a centralized location
  • Easy to customize everything required for starting a new brand service
  • Substantial increase in sales and marketing of the products or services
  • Increased resell of the products in different market segments
  • Substantial business gains and great ROI for all stakeholders

The major areas of white label SAAS products include the enterprise software platforms, collaboration, and repository domains, and white label web design reseller fields.

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List of Pros of Custom Software Development

There are great advantages of hiring dedicated white label developers for your custom branding of the products and services offered to a wide range of business partners. The major upsides of them include:

  • Help increase the product distribution fast
  • Help develop custom software development solutions for partners
  • Make the custom application development easy and efficient
  • Help increase product visibility in the market
  • Improve the user experience of your partners
  • Help create a branded product instantly
  • Help the companies to save sufficient development time
  • Help reduce the increasing development cost
  • Help increase the ROI of the company
  • Help improve the SEO and social media marketing of the website

Main Tasks and Responsibilities of White Label Developer

Normally, the IT white label developer is a front-end developer in the web environment, digital marketing developer and full-stack developer in the application development ecosystem. The major responsibilities and tasks that could be performed if you find white label software developer include the following:

  • Managing and developing new apps, tools and other solutions suitable for branded retail key verticals
  • Branding of the application for the business particular partners
  • Continuous development and continuous integration through continuous test automation
  • Development of technical docs in the technical repositories
  • Building responsive web designs and website codes
  • Building fast infrastructure for prototyping purposes
  • Developing and designing the restful APIs
  • Monitoring the performance and devising the mechanism to improve the same
  • Configuration and integration of the new branded application or product into the main platform
  • Building new tools related to the latest marketing and sales trends
  • Analysis of the branding products in terms of company policies
  • Providing technical support to the brand partners and end-users in certain cases
  • Managing the security and reliability of the website or application
  • Developing a strong security policy and taking measures to implement the security policy in a real environment
  • Development of private label electronic commercial (eCommerce) websites

Top 5 Companies Using White Label SAAS with Their Success Story

Numerous companies run their businesses based upon the mass-market platforms, which can be customized and branded for many different companies by establishing business partnerships. Top 5 of such companies are mentioned below:

Western Union

Western Union is one of the leading financial companies in the world with over $473 million operating revenue in 2017. The company has been using numerous white labeling services for SEO, SMM, PPC and other kinds of marketing purposes through multiple partner companies. It even uses some of the main marketing components through web development white label partnership presently.

Drive Time

Drive Time Company is a financial credit assessment company for purchasing cars in the USA. It uses the services of multiple partners through white labeling of product branding. It uses the services of third party white label development company for branding and software development. The company owns more than 3,800 employees and operates at over 145 locations across the US.

High Jump Supply Chain Co

This is a global supply chain software solution provider company that offers numerous brands through its partners across the world. The company is expanding its business aggressively across the globe with the help of white label branding partners located in numerous countries of the world. The company serves more than 4,290 customers across 66 countries of the world.

Santander Group

This group of financial services uses white label branding services with the help of numerous white label development service providers. The company has grown tremendously with the help of establishing white label partnership with multiple financial companies in the country.


Amazon is the leading retail store across the world. It uses white label accounting software branding and development at the core of its business model. There are thousands of partners and affiliates of the company that use their own brand for selling the services and products. The growth of the company has been phenomenal during the past few decades.

Hiring eCommerce website developers as white label partners allows businesses to expand their service offerings and expertise without incurring the high costs and complexities of in-house development.

How Mobilunity Can Help Companies in Providing Best White Label Services?

Mobilunity is a trustworthy Ukrainian software agency. Outsource white label developers from Mobilunity – one of the best white labeling service provider companies located in Kyiv, Ukraine to get the best custom solutions. It offers the services of highly skilled, qualified, experienced and dedicated white label developers for the development, branding, integration, and operations of the mass market software products.

The Mobilunity dedicated developers provider company offers the fixed price for the development of modern sales, SEO and marketing projects powered by dedicated white label software developers to create a great value against the money a client spends.

Thinking of hiring high-quality white label developers at very affordable prices, Mobilunity can help you out with perfect development solutions!

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