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Hire Scientific Software Developer

When we were children, almost each of us was dreaming about growing up and making this world better. Some of us did it becoming contributors to the science, boosters of our future. A great example is a wide-known American company, which perceive its success thanks to wireless devices, named after the Fitbit company. Becoming a Fitbit developer is a golden dream of modern program developers and engineers, which embodies all their boldest ideas in the development and assistance to science. With the help of its smartwatches, you are able to measure a quantity of walked steps, observe heart rate and time of sleeping. This is just one of the vast amount of outstanding innovations in science technologies.

The Main Task of Scientific Software Developer

Scientific software gained its importance in the last several years, with the development of scientific technologies in general. There is a great difference between testing artificial intelligence and silicon-based simulation. The task of science software is to process, analyze, visualize, manage and generate new raw data. The success of any SS project lays in the possibility of research conduction in otherwise impossible conditions. A scientific software developer should give all the necessary answers to any scientific questions. Scientific software by itself relies on the close involvement of an expert in its scientific domain and provides data to be examined by the scientific software developer, who will answer these questions.

Responsibilities of a Scientific Software Programmer for Hire

Science technology is always on the lookout for scientific software programmer, with experience in the development of software for scientific data processing or scientists with solid experience as an SW engineer. What a good background, isn’t it? Working in this role, you will get the opportunity to work on high-profile science and space projects in a team of top engineers and scientists.

scientific software programmer responsibilities

Below you can find some requirements and their main responsibilities:

  • Serve as an expert on relevant scientific and technical aspects of the various web, web services, and database components
  • Be actively involved in the software development process, maintenance and system standards for analysis algorithms, tools, and infrastructure.
  • Apply superior and unique concepts to design and develops sophisticated software programs.
  • Transfer scientific problems into supportable software solutions that meet expectations of the users.


  • Thorough knowledge of applications programming, web development and data structures.
  • Proven experience with languages such as Java, Python, Javascript etc.
  • Advanced understanding of software/service architecture and design. Ability to communicate this information in a clear and concise manner.

Scientific Software Development with Fortran

According to the Information Week, initially, Fortran was created to become the predominant programming language for scientific and engineering applications. The language is all about numbers and data composure. So, if you are planning to start your software development you would better to start studying scientific software development with Fortran as it can be run under Linux, Windows and OS X operating systems. The fact is the Fortran has historically been used in scientific software solutions and calculations, and so, over time, has accumulated many ready-made libraries and codes of programs for solving a particular problem.

In nowadays there is even exists portable Fortran on Android. Good thing is that the application is a small compiler that is complete in the basics. Not as good point is about lacking features regarding high-end I/O. Sure this analog will not let you write the best one application for science world, but at least you can use it in some cases when you need to apply a fresh idea with the code on the go.

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Types of Projects Scientific Software Engineer Is Involved in

Being based on the aim of modern software a significant role is for applying appropriate technologies within the design process. There should be certain involving in the purpose of development and creating of any scientific software. A great number of recent studies reported on the success of applying adjustive methods in scientific software development projects. The researches have shown that these methods can be applied to the exploratory as well as to the cooperative nature of scientific research. According to Simon Hettrick which ran a survey about used software of researches most of the scientific software developer prefer to create their own one. Therefore the first project to take care of is your software, whether you are going to use SW developer’s help or to provide yourself on your own. You may also check the difference r&d vs product development in our blog.

There are some projects for scientific software developer in physics:

  • Development of software intended for modeling physical processes.
  • Solving inverse problems in the fields of solid-state physics, the physics of electromagnetic fields, microlithography.

It is impossible to avoid mentioning incomparable heavyweight and lightweight projects:

  • The Cancer Biomedical Grid solves a pretty challenging issue for scientists and biorepositories. Its tools addresses all aspects of donor activity and information, collecting and following the samples.
  • The Bioconductor project helps to develop statistical software packs for biomedical research. Interesting feature that this project is open-sourced, it provides detailed documents with textual description of software fuctions and abilities.

Each of them made a great contribution to biology and made a step forward into the future of the science. Biology demands to develop new scientific methods and algorithms in the field of molecule drug and protein design, etc.

  • Sweave system serves for processing vignettes and large amounts of information in biology researches.
  • Graphiz has rich and full library, that can access any scientist. Some software necessities are there, which were created by other software projects.

Scientific Data Management Software

Major role in the work of SS developer stands for scientific data management software. To solve this problem, it was necessary to create science data portals that can provide an access to them from various applications, manage massive data sets, perform various analytical functions. These data can be stored in the “cloud” and allow scientists and researchers to create their own workspaces for local processing, analysis, and visualization of data. Modern systems provide a convenient representation of data from different sources in real time, which help to make the solution of scientific and research problems much easier. Also, it helps to make better decisions faster, ultimately free scientists from the need to spend time managing their own data and colleagues’ data, which significantly increases the time for the performance of the creative work itself.

Scientific Software Developer Salary: Costs to Hire Scientific Software Programmer

The most valued are certified developers with scientific degrees in various fields (computational mathematics and physics, genetics, biochemistry, etc.) as well as EdTech developers. According to Business Insider, the SW developer is the best job to be involved in. A Scientific Software Developer jobs estimated annually from $33,500 to $143,500 nationally.

  • USA – $92,240
  • Switzerland – $85,709
  • Norway – $70,776
  • Denmark – $70,082
  • Germany – $57,345
  • Ukraine – $24,800
scientific software developer salary

Scientific Software Developer Sample

scientific software developer resume

Hire Scientific Software Developers at Mobilunity

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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