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Hire SharePoint Developer

The knowledge of how to hire remote developers has become a very crucial component in the modern software development process to reduce development SharePoint cost, increase team productivity, and level of engagement in the development projects. With the availability of rich-featured and unified project management, software development, and content management platforms like Microsoft SharePoint development services platform and others, remote team management has become even more efficient and effective.

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The adoption of SharePoint platform has become so popular that the SharePoint development company counting has crossed the 200,000 marks with over 190 million users. Numerous versions, products, and tools have been introduced for SharePoint developers and other project management users to provide a comprehensive and great user experience simultaneously on one single platform. Let’s explore the different aspects of the SharePoint platform and the MS SharePoint developer for hire role with respect to numerous perspectives in this article to develop a deeper insight into this platform and ways to hire SharePoint experts.

Microsoft SharePoint – Products, Functions, and Uses

SharePoint is unified collaboration, document sharing, and team management platform that allows different stakeholders like SharePoint programmer, product owners, project managers, SharePoint coder, and others to coordinate and collaborate for successful management of MS SharePoint development or any other project. This platform was initially launched by Microsoft Corporation as a document and file sharing platform back in 2001. After its first release, many versions and task-specific products on this platform were introduced in the marketplace. To strengthen the technical support and resource development, the company introduced different levels and categories of SharePoint developer certification and career paths so that the technical talent like SharePoint expert, SharePoint engineer, and managers can easily be produced through training and certifications.

The main products that work in integration with the SharePoint platforms introduced from its initial launch include the following:

  • MS Office
  • MS Office 365
  • MS Visio
  • MS Teams
  • MS Site
  • MS Office Web Apps
  • MS Project Server
  • MS Power BI (Business Intelligence)
  • MS Skype
  • MS OneDrive for Business and MAC
  • MS Project and MS Project Online
  • MS Dynamic CRM
  • Yammer Social Networking

The SharePoint platform offers numerous functions and capabilities that can be used not only in the software development processes but also in the transformation of business processes and effective management of SharePoint developer remote teams. The different versions of SharePoint offer different functions and uses to the organizations. In general, the main functions and uses of the SharePoint platform include the following:

  • Custom web development based on the typescript language through the SharePoint Framework (SPFX)
  • Effective document and content management
  • Development of custom web applications in secure environment
  • Contains a huge library and third party applications for software development and other business and data storage functions
  • Better use of organization’s internal information and applications through an intranet portal
  • Efficient collaboration through collaboration groupware software
  • OneDrive personal cloud for file sharing in private and public mode within the organization
  • Offers major content sharing and management functions like pages, app parts, web parts, apps, libraries, and lists.
  • Easy client-side development through SharePoint App Model to download and edit HTML and JavaScript codes
  • Offers powerful Client Object Model (COM) function through SAOP and REST APIs
  • And many other collaborative and communication functions are also the parts of this powerful platform

Above all, SharePoint platform is a highly configurable and customizable platform to create custom functions and capabilities with the help a SharePoint UI developer and many tools and apps supported by this platform.


SharePoint Developers – Demand and Supply Analysis

According to the InvestoPedia information, the SharePoint developer for hire skill set was the 3rd on the list of the software skills most demanded in the marketplace in 2017. Similarly, the scope of software developer jobs is very bright and futuristic, according to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics Outlook for software developers. The demand for software developers will increase at about 24% annually, which is much higher than the average employment growth in the USA.

The demand for SharePoint BI developers, application developers, and senior SharePoint developer positions would be the main factors in the employment marketplace, as far as SharePoint platform is concerned. With the integration of additional tools, apps and features on the SharePoint platform, the demand of SharePoint developers of all levels, including the junior SharePoint developer for hire has kept soaring up in the past years. This trend is expected to remain because Microsoft has already indicated that more 20,000 people become SharePoint worker on a daily basis.

There is pressure on the recruiting firms to hire SharePoint developer or hire SharePoint engineer for different projects, businesses, and corporations across the globe. According to the Dice Insight report, many companies are not able to find the desired SharePoint talent for their projects. In most cases, the demand of the company looking for SharePoint developer is catered through the best trade-off between skills and availability of resources in the marketplace. Microsoft is trying its best to cater to this demand by offering professional-grade training and certification for professionals to enhance SharePoint developer skills and help them qualify for the SharePoint experts, but still, the demand of SharePoint developers is on the higher side in many countries of the world.

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SharePoint Programmers – Skills and Responsibilities

The skills and responsibilities of a good SharePoint developer may vary from project to project and from position to position, but the fundamental set of skills that should be present in every good SharePoint developer are extensively discussed in this section of the article. As we know, the SharePoint platform is based upon the Microsoft ASP.Net, so this is a fundamental skill that every good SharePoint developer must possess to succeed in landing a good job in the marketplace.

Skills to Pay Attention to When You Need to Hire SharePoint Programmer

A good SharePoint developer resume should include the following list of skills:

  • Strong knowledge of ASP.Net platform
  • Good command over C#
  • Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript and Classic ASP
  • In-depth understanding of GUI and UI and UX design and development
  • Good command over the SharePoint platform-specific tools, such as Visio, SharePoint designer, Visual Studio, SharePoint Object Model (SOM), Office 365, Web parts, SharePoint apps, user store, forms, web pages, workflow, master pages, and others
  • Rest API, JavaScript libraries, Business intelligence (BI) tools, and BI dashboard development
  • Documentation, data storage, collaborative tools, Skype, communication skills
  • Proficient in requirement analysis, problem solutions and team coordination
  • Strong knowledge of software testing and test automation and business process automation tools
main sharepoint developer skills

Basic Responsibilities of a SharePoint Developer for Hire

The SharePoint developer responsibilities generally revolve around understanding the customer requirements, developing the required solution, implementing the solution that is able to achieve the business objectives of SharePoint based solution. The summary of the SharePoint developer responsibilities includes the following:

  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Developing a suitable SharePoint solution based upon custom web parts and the SharePoint components
  • Coding and editing the code to achieve the objectives of the solution
  • Developing custom workflows through SQL coding, visual studio or SQL server manipulation
  • Understanding the UI and UX design to create a great user experience
  • Understanding and fine-tuning the out of the box features and functionalities of the SharePoint platform
  • Configuring and customizing the systems
  • Testing, debugging, commissioning and implementing the code
  • Creating technical documentation and maintaining the source code and related documents

The responsibilities of a good SharePoint developer may also include team coordination, effective communication, and other similar types of responsibilities in the team environment.

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Additional Tools for SharePoint Developers

There are numerous SharePoint versions and environments with different capabilities to integrate and work with different kinds of additional tools. In general, we can summarize some additional tools for Microsoft SharePoint developers as listed below:

  • MS Live Mesh
  • Visual Studio
  • SharePoint software development kit (SDK)
  • SharePoint Design Manager
  • ILSPY de-compiler and dot net browser
  • Team Foundation Server
  • MS To-Do
  • Office 365
  • Publish Designer
  • MS Azure Service Bus
  • IntelliSense API checker
  • MS Project and Project Server
  • MS Visio
  • SharePoint Skinner
  • On-Premises and Cloud Test and Acceptance Environment

You can also use numerous other tools and applications for different functions available online for free as well as for some charges.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire SharePoint Developers Remotely

The remote hiring or working from home concept is increasing in many countries, especially in the USA. According to the American Community Survey 2017, the telecommuting by employees has increased 115% during the past 10 years. There are many great reasons for hiring SharePoint developers remotely.

In this section, we are going to discuss the top 10 reasons to SharePoint developers or hire SharePoint consultant remotely:

reasons to hire sharepoint developers on a remote basis
  1. Companies hire a SharePoint developer or hire a SharePoint consultant at comparatively low price
  2. Access to more talented and diverse globally
  3. No burden of resource to hire a SharePoint developer and management procedures governed by the government rules and legal obligations
  4. Very fast hiring process as compared to traditional hiring
  5. Flexible working hours to complete the task effectively
  6. No wastage of time in commuting in the traffic jams
  7. Freedom to work from anywhere, such as from multiple countries and locations of your choice
  8. Employees working remotely are more motivated and efficient
  9. No office distraction and stress on the remote employees
  10. More time for family increases employee productivity

Other than the above mentioned main reasons, there are also many other small and big reasons both in terms of the employee’s and employer’s perspectives that force them to choose remote hiring for their businesses and livings.

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SharePoint Engineer Path and Certifications

Microsoft offers five major career paths powered by the relevant certifications. One of those career paths is developed for software developers. This path covers the certification of the SharePoint platform and other related platforms, tools, and languages that are required to become a certified application developer that has command over software development in the Microsoft product environment.

These 5 categories of Microsoft Certification are listed below:

  1. Server Category
  2. Desktop Category
  3. Applications Category
  4. Database Category
  5. Developer Category

A SharePoint developer has to choose the Developer category to pursue his career as a SharePoint developer. The expert level of certification for a SharePoint developer is known as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). As a new entrant in the app development category, you will have to follow the following career path to achieve the MCSD certification.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

This certification is designed for a very new entrant into the Microsoft based technologies. It covers the most fundamental concepts of Microsoft and general IT technology and terminology.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

This certification is the second layer of all career paths. To qualify for the MCSD certification, you need to pass any one of the following combination (A+B) options of exams.

Option #1

  1. Course 480 – Programming with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript &
  2. Course 486 – Developing MVC web applications

Option #2

  1. Course 483 – Programming in C# &
  2. Course 486 – Developing MVC web applications

Option #3

  1. Course 483 – Programming in C# &
  2. Course 357 – Developing Mobile Apps
sharepoint developer certification

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) App Builder

To qualify for the MCSD App Builder certification in SharePoint software development, you should pass MCSA by choosing any one of the above options and then qualifying the any one of the following courses.

  1. Course 488 – Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
  2. Course 489 – Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
  3. Course 489 – Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions

After qualifying for the MCSD certification, you can retake the exam or improve your score by taking any one of the above exams annually to keep the certification more valuable and updated.

SharePoint Developer Salaries: How Much It Costs to Hire SharePoint Developers Offshore

The SharePoint developer salary is increasing consistently owing to the increased demand in the software development based upon the state of the art Microsoft software development environments and related tools. The SharePoint programmer salary in different countries is mentioned in the following table.

sharepoint programmer salary

The average rates to hire SharePoint experts may vary from reference website to website or the geographical location to location within the countries. The availability of the resources and the skill set that a SharePoint consultant possesses also impact the salary of the developer. Thus, many businesses opt for offshore SharePoint development and SharePoint outsourcing to countries such as Ukraine.

SharePoint Developer Resume Samples Based on Seniority

The sample resumes of three levels of SharePoint developers are mentioned below with respect to their skillset, qualification and professional work experience.

junior sharepoint developer resume sample
middle sharepoint expert resume example
senior sharepoint programmer resume sample

Sharepoint Engineer Resume Sample


  • 3 years Microsoft Windows Server System Administration
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server
  • General knowledge of enterprise-level server software
  • Good understanding of network architecture and troubleshooting tools
  • Solid understanding of Window Server 2016 and Window Server 2019
  • Knowledge of SAN and DAS storage
  • Strong scripting skills in PowerShell, VBScript and Sharepoint Management Shell


  • Perform quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing
  • Support and document the implementation of changes to system configurations, software, and infrastructure within the testing schedule
  • Create list of customizations and settings that require a manual move
  • SharePoint Portal Service customization and Portal migration
  • Provide progress updates to management, owners of the systems, and coworkers regarding environmental health and testing status
  • Interface with owners of the C2 system within integration, execution, testing, and preparation
  • Prepare architectural topology diagrams
  • Document library and list setup and customization
  • Prepare functional requirement specification


  • Masters Degree in Computer Science
  • MCSD: Sharepoint Applications Certification

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It helps to hire a great SharePoint consultant and remote SharePoint developers fully managed under the professional level management team in Kyiv, Ukraine. It accomplishes the complete hiring and onboarding process on the behalf of its clients and provides the best environment and development infrastructure to the remote teams of SharePoint developers to complete their projects within the desired specifications, project cost and timelines. The prices offered by Mobilunity to hire SharePoint engineer or hire SharePoint consultant are among the most competitive in the area so that the valued customers can save a substantial amount on development cost and increase the quality of software products. It offers fixed charges for a remote SharePoint developer or the whole team without any kinds of hidden fees or other charges.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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