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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

When released back in the 2000s, Ruby on Rails was the language ahead of its time. There was no need to write long PHP code anymore – after you hire Ruby programmers, you could create a website in less than an hour. Even now, despite the talks, there’s no way JS frameworks can eclipse Ruby on Rails. Its compactness, flexibility, and high readability make Ruby on Rails one of the most popular frameworks for web development, used to empower over 400,000 websites. Here are a few well-known examples of companies that used RoR, a Ruby-based web development framework, to build their website: including Twitter, GitHub, Airbnb, Basecamp, Slideshare, etc.

From this article you will find out what the responsibilities of an RoR engineer are, engineers’ salary rates, as well as check out a CV sample to help you hire a Ruby on Rails developer for your team. 

Hire Ruby on Rails Contractors? RoR Benefits and Limitations

Before you choose the framework as the cornerstone of a web project, make sure you are well-aware of both its advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a concise review of RoR pros and cons:

Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails

  • Fast development speed. Ruby on Rails was created to simplify and speed MVP and web development – and it does a great job at it. There are dozens of libraries, script generators, and modules that help developers write less code even for complex projects. 
  • Easy-to-read syntax. Ruby on Rails is known as a modular framework as it employs the Model-View-Controller logic. Such a structure makes the code easy to read and navigate. Besides, RoR is one of the few convention-strict frameworks – that’s why developers can’t mess around with it. 
  • Compatible with front-end frameworks. Integrating Ruby on Rails with React or Vue takes a couple of hours – this way, a dedicated RoR developer doesn’t have to sacrifice the benefits of their favorite front-end tools when moving to RoR from a different stack. 
  • Wide range of libraries. Ruby on Rails has hundreds of ready-to-use gems for web development. These are accessible via Rubygems.org. 
  • Active community. Ruby on Rails developers make up one of the most engaged and responsible communities on the Internet. Since the framework teaches coders to respect conventions and avoid verbosity, your Ruby on Rails team for hire will likely be organized and disciplined, as well as an eloquent communicator. 

Drawbacks of Ruby on Rails

  • Low runtime speed. Although developers use plugins to speed up Ruby on Rails projects, the truth is, performance bottlenecks will likely be an issue unless you are building a high-traffic project. 
  • Slow booting. While this one has less to do with the framework’s performance, waiting for hours until the files are rendered reduces a developer for RoR project productivity and prolongs the overall development curve. On the flip side, using Spring in conjunction with RoR will help deal with the issue, saving the development team a lot of downtimes. 
  • Decreasing popularity. Although RoR is still widely used to build web projects, it’s definitely past its glory days. Back in the days of Web 2.0, Ruby on Rails was a poster child for web development. As for the last 5 years, the interest in the framework, as well as the average cost for a Ruby on Rails programmer is slowly dropping according to Google Trends data. 

Responsibilities of a Developer for RoR Project

If you want to hire Ruby on Rails contractors, you might be wondering how such a professional can contribute to your project. To have a clear understanding of the impact of Ruby on Rails programmers on businesses, take a look at the main responsibilities of a RoR fullstack web developer:

Top 5 Skills That Make Ruby on Rails Developers Real IT Pros

Ruby on Rails developers need to have well-developed soft and hard skills of both Ruby on Rails and its assistive technologies. If you want to expand your team and hire RoR developers, these are the skills to look for in a future hire. 

  • Syntax proficiency. To be able to build applications, programmers need to master loops, classes, and other tools of the language. A good RoR software engineer can write functional modules, knows how to handle bugs, etc. 
  • OOP concepts and MVC framework. Ruby developers need to master the concepts of object-oriented programming: inheritance, lambdas, polymorphism, abstraction, and polymorphism. As for MVC, hire RoR developer who knows how to use Model-View-Controller to structure web applications – it’s necessary to manipulate every layer of the project’s architecture skillfully.
  • Active Records and REST API. RoR employs REST for data transfers: thus, it’s important for programmers to know their way around POST, GET, and other common commands. As for Active Record, it’s a tool Ruby on Rails relies heavily on during relational mapping. 
  • Front-end skills. Knowing pillar front-end technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery) will help a full stack RoR developer collaborate with UX/UI designers effortlessly and connect back-end and front-end. As for employees, they can use screening techniques to assess the front-end proficiency of newcomer hires. 
  • Soft skills. Considering the roles and responsibilities of RoR developer teams, the ability to research and look for the most optimal gems to add to the website is crucial. Since RoR is a resource-rich framework, business owners should look for people who can harbor and make use of hundreds of third-party gems. Since the responsibilities of a RoR programmer imply teamwork, an employer has to shortlist hires also based on their collaborative ability. 

To facilitate candidate screening, find out how a skilled coder’s CV looks by checking out the following RoR developer resume sample.

Average Cost for a Ruby on Rails Programmer

Understanding what rates Ruby on Rails developers typically charge for their work is important to run a successful hiring campaign. After researching the job market, a business owner will be able to create an appealing offer and hire dedicated Ruby on Rails developer without overpaying for his work. Once you take a closer look at RoR developer salaries, you’ll realize that they vary worldwide – the differences between Ruby on Rails programmer cost per hour in various countries go up to dozens of dollars. 

Here’s a comparative table of the cost to hire a Ruby developer all over the world – you can use the data to calculate the average cost for Ruby on Rails application.

  • United States – $89,391
  • Denmark – $73,969
  • Germany – $66,450
  • Estonia – $43,300
  • Ukraine – $24,732

Mobilunity as a Perfect Destination for Ruby on Rails Development Outsourcing

If you are looking for ways to hire Ruby on Rails developers who wouldn’t charge over $50k a year, consider reaching to Mobilunity if you are looking for the best company for Ruby on Rails development. Mobilunity hires only accoladed and experienced developers who have created many scalable RoR applications that meet the best coding practices. 

Here is what you get by looking for Ruby on Rails developer at Mobilunity:

  • Skill diversity. Other than having the reputation of a great Ruby on Rails development company with expertise in searching coders proficient in diverse technologies, Mobilunity provides its clients with designers, front-end developers, and other tech specialists. This is a one-stop destination where you can develop a sleek, functional, and easy to maintain web application from scratch, getting continuous assistance in conceptualization, design, development, testing, and post-release maintenance. 
  • Cost efficiency. Since the company is based in Ukraine, the cost of Ruby on Rails development services here is times lower compared to Western countries. Thus, working with Mobilunity is a way for business owners to cut development rates by 3-4 times while nevertheless getting access to top talent capable of designing a complex, fully functioning web application. 
  • Innovation and constant improvements. In Mobilunity, we make implementing new technologies our top priority. Similarly, the outsourced Ruby on Rails company doesn’t let coding practices grow stale, always reviewing our processes, and optimizing development efficiency. 
  • Facilitated team management and paperwork worries. Mobilunity makes sure that busy company managers don’t have to check on the development team. The company takes full responsibility for deciding when to hire best Ruby on Rails developers, candidate screening, and paperwork responsibility, hiring the best project managers, and setting up a comfortable office environment to offer business owners high-quality solutions. We make sure nothing distracts you from growing your revenue and respect every deadline discussed in negotiation. 

The integration of continuous delivery microservices into your project strategy, coupled with the expertise of a freelance full stack developer, can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of your Ruby on Rails development process.

If you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers, Mobilunity is ready to provide Ruby on Rails application development services that meet your company’s needs!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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