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Hire Zendesk® Developer

Businesses nowadays often turn to customer service software with sales CRM integration to provide first-class customer support and engagement. Such a customer engagement platform needs to be versatile and includes numerous features, such as user-centric customer support tools, cross-platform channels, scalability and customization.

Zendesk® is among the top platforms with the best software functionalities and services, surpassing Sage services and those most popular with experts in the field. Zendesk® has been credited to be used by companies such as 20th Century Fox, ACLU, Atlassian, Big Commerce, and many more. A solution consultant Zendesk® expert can provide guidance on the comprehensive suite of tools and modules for Customer Support, Chat and Messaging, Knowledge Base Management as well as Zendesk® and Salesforce integration.

Why Use Zendesk® Services?

So why should you consider Zendesk®, and why use it with CRM?

Streamlined Processes

Zendesk® provides its users’ services a platform that streamlines processes like customer engagement tracking and monitoring, process organization, and workflow management. This enables the users to be more efficient, productive, and streamline the intake and processing of collected information. Zendesk® also provides its users learning tools through platform analysis and monitoring services, and be used to further improve customer engagement strategies. 

Centralized Platform

Zendesk® is a help desk application that provides tools such as Ticket management, services, Knowledgebase management, Chats and Messaging tools, and Call center services. It is also easily integrated with third-party applications and platforms, such as Salesforce and CRM services, and has prebuilt Salesforce and SugarCRM functionalities and extensions for easy integration. Zendesk® is also cross-platform, in that it is mobile-compatible and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Scalable Support

Zendesk® offers its users access to a comprehensive suite of modules, applications, and extensions that can be used together in numerous ways. This enables its users to pick support apps and extensions from this suit and build a customer service platform that is tailored to its customer needs and the size of the organization. Because of its modularity, users and businesses can scale up or scale down their customer engagement platform according to their needs. 

Automated Tasks and Workflows

Automation can be extended towards repetitive and time-consuming tasks and workflows and enables the system to be more robust and modern and allows users to be more efficient and productive with their time and resources. Zendesk® provides tools and extensions such as AI-powered customer engagement bots that automate tagging of tickets and FAQs. AI tools can also provide your users with built-in Guides and provide real-time searches according to their queries.

High-quality Customer Engagement

Zendesk® services provide tools powered with AI or Machine Learning modules that make searching easier for customers.  These tools can also automate issues and concerns tagging and ticketing management to be more efficient. A Zendesk® expert is also able to provide your business and users with guidance on how to leverage tools such as live chats and community forums to collate and analyze market and customer trends. Zendesk® services provide multi-channel support for a wider range of communication avenues.

Customizable Support

A Zendesk® solutions consultant is most helpful in guiding users through the process of customizing your Zendesk® platform according to your needs. Because it has a comprehensive library of tools, you will be able to pick and choose which one you need for your platform. A Zendesk consultant or a Zendesk® platform developer can support you when you want to further customize your platform down the line or have a custom app or extension developed for your platform. 

Responsibilities of a Zendesk® Solutions Consultant

A Zendesk® solutions consultant guides businesses and users on the setup and customization of Zendesk software and extensions. A middle-level Zendesk® consultant must be able to:

  • Setup and configure Zendesk® application and extensions and applications according to user-specific needs.
  • Develop and maintain application extensions for the Zendesk® platform integrated into the system application.
  • Collaborate with team members and other staff in designing and developing Zendesk® application extensions to enhance company products.
  • Design and develop a stable, scalable, user-centric, and user-friendly user interface.
  • Work alongside our product team and customer support team to better understand the needs of our customers and enhance our products to address their concerns.

Sample of Zendesk® Consultant and Platform Developer Resume


  • Setup, design, and development of Zendesk® applications, extensions, automated triggers and similar functionalities
  • Integration and maintenance of Zendesk® extensions or applications with existing systems
  • Solid and extensive JavaScript development skills and HTML, CSS, REST API development, and ReactJS
  • Solid skills in development using code versioning tools (SVN, Git)
  • Working knowledge and sufficient skills in designing, developing, and implementing quality control testing processes and methods
  • Working knowledge of related CRM or helpdesk technologies and tools


  • Extensive working experience in the setup and configuration of Zendesk® app and extensions
  • Experience in developing Zendesk® applications, modules, and extensions
  • Working knowledge of integrating the third-party app into an existing system
  • Extensive experience in translating customer needs into technical requirements
  • Sufficient experience in designing and implementing QC/QA tools and methods in ensuring product quality and performance
  • Experience in working with similar helpdesk and CRM tools


  • Master’s degree in Information Technology 

Hire Zendesk® Remote Developer and Get Consulting Services

Ukraine offers a cost-effective and manageable Zendesk® developer salary available, and can assuredly provide high-quality Zendesk® consulting services. The country produces thousands of skilled IT professionals and practitioners every year, and has a breadth of companies capable of providing quality IT service providers in-country and overseas. Mobilunity is among reliable and trusted Ukraine-based remote IT services providers. The company can help you to find and hire:

  • Dedicated Zendesk® platform developer for your Zendesk® app development needs
  • Experienced Zendesk® implementation consultant or a team of such
  • Third-party Integration experts, like a Zendesk® Salesforce developer

Even though custom CRM software development or hiring AngularJS developers could be viable solutions for certain business needs, employing a Zendesk® developer can streamline your customer service operations, enabling effective ticketing and customer engagement.

Need to hire Zendesk® developer? Contact Mobilunity for highly-skilled Zendesk® platform developers and solutions consultants!

Disclaimer: “Zendesk” is a trademark of Zendesk, Inc. Mobilunity is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Zendesk, Inc.

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