Sage Consulting Services for CRM Implementation

Sage offers business management software, such as Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM), specifically designed to improve business processes and customer experience. However, not all businesses are proficient in Sage’s tools. For businesses to successfully implement Sage CRM, they should ideally hire a qualified Sage consultant or hire SugarCRM consultants. As a result, businesses can gain valuable information to understand customers better and ultimately make more informed business decisions.

A Brief Overview of Sage Consulting Services

Today, Sage CRM is trusted by hundreds of businesses because of its numerous benefits. Sage CRM allows businesses to get access to reliable real-time sales and customer insights, including an end-to-end view of the customer life cycle, to understand behaviors better. This can accelerate team performance, drive growth upwards and increase revenue. Unfortunately, many businesses cannot invest in Sage CRM with their in-house teams because they lack experience. A qualified Sage CRM consultant or Sage implementation consultant offering skillful consulting services is required for the job. These expert consulting services may help with Sage CRM implementation and customization to suit specific requirements. Big companies that are already using Sage CRM consulting solutions include Innovative Modular Solutions (IMS), Capsol, Lincoln Waste solutions, Miles Data Technologies and Australian Grand Prix Corporation.

Key Responsibilities of a Sage CRM Consultant

Sage CRM consultants are hired to assist with certain complex processes and projects and typically have highly specific responsibilities. These usually include:

  • Aligning with key CRM stakeholders across IT and business.
  • Finding solutions to complex customer-related problems.
  • Offering advice on CRM implementation and Sage CRM customization and guiding the process of implementation.
  • Establishing after go-live activities including ongoing support.
  • Evaluating CRM implementation and putting the necessary changes in place to ensure improved productivity.

To fulfill these responsibilities, candidates require specific skills, expertise and education, including Sage certification. Here is an example of what a resume should look like for a Sage CRM expert.

Where to Find Sage Services

The demand for Sage consulting services and Sage contractors has increased significantly. As a result, these services are scarce. The right talent may not be available in your country. Therefore, it may be necessary to look at other destinations to hire Sage services, including Sage programming.

It may seem like a difficult task to hire such services from consulting companies in other countries, but it shouldn’t be. Follow these tips to make sure you secure the best services:

  • Always do some research online to see if the company has a good reputation.
  • Request a few quotes from different companies to ensure you get the best rates.
  • Make a list of your requirements first before you approach a company to guarantee you get exactly what you are looking for.

Once you know how to find the right company, it may be helpful to know where to look. The following countries are most popular for their Sage services:

  • Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular countries to outsource a Sage developer from. Their hiring costs are extremely low, however, it has been said that their talent often lacks the right skills.

  • China

China is a key player in outsourcing, yet, their higher costs and different time zone often make it difficult to hire talent.

  • Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its highly skilled software experts. Many businesses specifically hire Scala developers from this country. However, their rates are much higher compared to other countries.

  • Ukraine

Ukraine has quickly gained popularity as one of the top countries to source IT professionals from. Many big, international companies have zoomed in on Ukraine and have opted to outsource consulting services rather than to hire in-house.

But, why do these companies choose Ukraine?

  • Lower costs. Ukraine is a highly affordable country. Therefore, the salaries of IT experts are much lower compared to other countries. As a result, businesses can hire from Ukraine and save on valuable capital.
  • Convenient time zone. Ukraine uses Eastern European Time. This means that there are no major time differences between the UK, other European countries and certain US states.
  • Top skills and experience. Ukraine is focused on upskilling individuals and offering them the experience to work with leading businesses.
  • High level of education. Ukraine ensures a high level of education for all individuals working in the IT field. From this, Ukrainians have exceptional educational backgrounds.
  • Excellent work ethic. Ukrainian candidates are known to have a strong work ethic and always offer a high level of productivity.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Sage CRM Consultants

Salaries for Sage consultants are not the same in different countries. Candidates in different roles are also paid different rates. For example, looking at the hourly rate for a Sage CRM architect compared to a Sage consultant, it is higher:

  • According to the hourly rate for Sage CRM architect in the US is $50 to $71;
  • And the Sage consultant hourly rate in the US is $43 to $51.

It is, therefore, important to know exactly which type of services you require before hiring a candidate.

Let’s briefly compare a few annual Sage consultant salaries on Payscale from five countries:

  • The USA – $84,936
  • The UK – $56,227
  • Australia – $56,246
  • Switzerland – $98,893
  • Ukraine – $17,797

Choose Mobilunity and Get Your Custom Sage Consulting

Mobilunity specializes in a range of highly effective Sage consulting services in Ukraine. We can provide you with expert Sage CRM consultants to assist with enhancing business processes. Our consultants are being carefully sourced and are all experienced in their fields. Since its establishment, Mobilunity has provided some of the highest skilled consultants to leading foreign businesses around the world. Through the years, our services have become increasingly popular due to the many benefits Mobilunity offers. These include:

  • Top talent to choose from. With us, your business gets access to expert consultants.
  • Competitive rates and no additional costs. Our rates are competitive and we do not include any hidden HR or admin costs.
  • Excellent flexibility. Consultants can be hired when needed.
  • Effortless scalability. Adjust the size of your team quickly and easily.
  • Enhanced productivity. Consultants are focused on one business or project only.

If you are ready to get effective Sage consulting services for your business, contact Mobilunity to discuss your specific needs. Get the best talent for your business right now!

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