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How to Find & Hire Part-time Web Designer

It is important for every company that its website is recognisable and comfortable for its customers. This is largely ensured by the work of web designers who create a quality and user-friendliest product that will be unique among other companies. But in order to have such a website, a company must find a suitable and financially affordable specialist who will carry out the order to the highest standard.

What Web Design Is

Web design is the process of creating a website. The task of the specialist is not only to create a working product, but also to work on its visual appearance and style. His main task is to attract customers from the very first seconds they visit the site. Often firms and companies have their own in-house web designers, but some often turn for help to web designers freelancers, who for an affordable fee and within a certain time frame perform their work.

Despite seemingly tranquil work, a professional can face the challenge of creating a good product. For example, a specialist may be very good at page design and know how to make it attractive, but have little understanding of the technical part of creating a website. Or conversely, he may create a fully functional product with a sparse design.

In addition to this difficult task can be faced by a specialist who chooses web design freelance. In this case, he will have to look for customers himself or wait until he will be contacted by companies interested in working with him. However, with good skills, he can quickly earn a high rating in certain circles, and in that case it will not be a problem to find customers.

Web Design Disciplines And Roles

The web design process itself is very varied and involves many tasks – this is important to consider before starting to hire freelance web designers. First of all, the task of a web designer is to create a logo for the company, which will be the business card of the company. No less important and the visual design of the site, which will be unique and recognizable. Web design also applies to architecture and information – the designer must find the most optimal way to allocate data on the site, so users feel comfortable using them.

Since all web designers, in addition to creating a beautiful interface, can write code, they can easily create Interaction Design, thereby bringing the functionality of the site closer to the application. Also, this functionality needs to work accordingly. Even if there are bugs in its operation, the specialist must react quickly and fix them. In general, the expert maintains the site’s functionality after its release, as well as coming up with new technical and design solutions for it. 

Reasons To Hire A Web Designer

There can be many reasons why companies start looking for freelance web designers for hire. For example, a company may have an existing website, but it clearly lacks a good and highly functional design that will allow customers to use it comfortably. In such cases, the company decides to hire freelance web designer, who will do the job. Or the company does not have a site as such, and they need help in its creation.

In addition, there may be other reasons. A company may be looking for a specialist who can create a beautiful logo for it or fix bugs in an existing site. In such cases, the company decides to turn to a freelance web designer or outsourcing web design. This will find the right specialist for a reasonable fee, which will perform the task at the appropriate level.

Web Designers Skills And Workflow

There are a number of compulsory skills for a professional who chooses to be a web designer freelance. First of all, an understanding of programming languages and the ability to write code. No complete website can function without competent backend and frontend support. In addition to good functioning, the site must have a proper look, so the specialist must understand the basics of design, coloristics and so on. A specialist must also be able to see the site as a user and not just as a designer. He must understand how convenient and pleasant it will be for the average person to use the end product.

The work of the designer himself takes place in several stages. The first is always to get acquainted with the terms of reference and develop a further work strategy. After this, the designer begins to select the content that can fill the site, and then determines the structure of the site and its pages. This is followed by the design phase, in which the designer creates a rough layout of the site, and creates the navigational elements. The final stage before the presentation of the final product is to create a design that matches the brand.

The Best Sites To Hire Part-Time Web Designers 

There are many websites where one can find talented web designers. These are resources with a lot of experience in the market, which help clients to find the right people for the job. But the main nuance is to find the right website designer freelance.


The site helps to search for web designers worldwide. It is popular in many countries and has a huge database of professionals who post on it. Here the client can find a specialist according to his or her own parameters. The site has ads from experienced web designers as well as those who are new to the business.


The site is the largest website for remote web design and beyond. It is currently used by several million users. It also provides a safe order fulfillment service that will make any transaction much more secure.


It is one of the best freelance web design services. This resource provides clients with employees with a range of jobs, from designers to app developers. Here the client can find a highly skilled professional who will deliver at the highest level for an affordable fee. 


The resource brings together experts from around the world. Additionally, it is a highly qualified freelance web designer website. You can find experts with different profiles and different fees. That way, no matter what the budget, the client can find the right person for the job.


If the client is not ready to look for a website designing freelance himself, then it is better to turn to a proven specialist, which is rightly considered to be a Mobilunity which can find the right web designer for hire. They have many years of experience in finding employees and always consider the client’s wishes, which is their prerogative before freelance web designer websites.

Outstaffing vs Freelance Web Designers Hiring: What Is The Difference?

It is also important to understand the difference between a freelance designer and an outstaffing specialist. And the difference is not just about freelance web developer salary, there are actually many more differences.

The number of clientsOnly employerAny number
SalaryFor working hoursOnly for the task
Type of contractPermanentTemporary
Employment typeCompany employeePrivate person

The Hourly Rates Of Freelance Web Designers In Different Countries


A separate topic is web designer freelance salary. This is a question that is difficult to answer definitely because rent may vary depending on the country in which the freelancer lives. Thus freelance web designer salary in the USA is the highest and ranges between $95-$135.

United Kingdom

The situation in the United Kingdom is a bit different – the freelance web designer salaries here are about $50. It’s still cheaper than in the USA but not every company can afford such developers.


A bit the same is the situation in Germany – freelance website developer rates rarely exceed $50. However, this is still quite a high price, given that it takes many hours of hard work to create a good resource.


In other EU countries, however, the situation is not much different. How much do freelance web designers make in the Netherlands, for example? Here one can find developers whose hourly pay ranges from $60 to $85, which is much higher than freelance web designer rates in other EU countries. That is why it is better to look forward for other freelance web designer hourly rate.


The situation is completely different with freelance web design salary in Ukraine. The web designer freelance rate here is much lower, while the qualification of specialists is not inferior to that of designers from other European countries. Ukraine is thus the most financially attractive country for hiring workers.

As can be seen, Ukraine is the most financially attractive place to look for employees. Such freelance web designer hourly rates are driven by the average cost of living and salaries in the country. As a consequence, the client gets a highly qualified and experienced professional for affordable money.

Mobilunity is Your Reliable Partner

As mentioned earlier, there are many resources for finding web designers to help clients find the right person anywhere in the world. But it takes a long time and is often not financially viable to do it yourself. That is why the best option would be to go to specialists in finding employees, such as Mobilunity. Thanks to its extensive experience and personal approach to each client, Mobilunity remote design agency provides its clients with the opportunity of hiring part-time designers or freelance UX UI designer and paying flexibly according to the hours worked.

In addition, Mobilunity has many partners around the world. For example, it has experience with the German company i-doit, which specializes in IT Documentation. It is also a client of XPLG, an Israeli company that works in Log/Data Management. Also, the Swiss firm Esurance and the French company Zenchef, which have also been clients of Mobilunity, should not be overlooked. It is the company’s long experience in the global market that makes it easy to find the right people for its clients.

Looking for freelance web designers? Then do not wait and contact Mobilunity right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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