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July 31, 2016 - Cathy

Top Pros of Outsourcing Web Design to Ukraine

Imagine the situation when you are browsing the web to find the necessary information. Sounds like a dream, right? Usually you should apply additional efforts to find the needed information on the page quite quickly. Once you click the page, which is likely to have what you’ve been looking for, it takes you some time to actually find what is needed. Not only for this reason, but for many others, web design and especially UI/UX are crucially important for your business. And if you want high quality web design done at affordable price – outsource web development Ukraine or use professional outstaffing services. While looking for talented designers and web developers Ukraine may be the optimal solution for you.

Why Convenient Web Design Is So Important

The statistics shows that

  • 88% of visitors won’t return to the website with bad user experience
  • 94% impressions about the website and product are design-related
  • 70% of small business websites don’t display clear calls to action

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The websites which either lack information or are information-packed, have less chances to be positively marked by the customers. Even the companies with an outdated website, but really profitable business are still recommended to be on point and not to allow your clients to switch to competitors. For more tips on how to choose the best landing page design service, check out this link. Indeed, a greatly developed and designed website has been proved to increase an overall customer traffic and bring more and more benefits.

Web Design Outsourcing Ukraine Trends

Web Designers and Developers Salaries Overview in Ukraine

The quality of a web experience is highly dependent on having a great outsourcing team of developers and designers collaborating with you in making your ideas a reality. One should consider that cost is a big factor when you are looking for developers and designers to work on your project. This cost can vary depending on project scope, requirements, budget, experience of an expert and location. Just to give you an idea, below are some of the average annual web developer and designer rates in various countries.

From the infographics above, you can see that web developers and web designers come at competitive costs in different countries from around the world. It is also evident, from the table above, that hiring a web developer cost the least in Ukraine. According to PayScale, an annual gross average salary of web designer in Ukraine is $23,583, while an average web developer salary in Ukraine is $23,981. According to (Ukrainian IT media and job portal), the rates differ in various cities of Ukraine. For example, below is the list of net monthly web designer salary in Ukraine for you to check how the rates can differ depending on the experience of experts and their location.

hiring a web designer and developer cost

Monthly net wages of web designers in different cities of Ukraine (according to

What Can Web Designers in Ukraine Do for Your Website?

Eastern Europe is often perceived as the place where professional developers and designers reside. They are masters of their thing and know all the features of a good website. You may also check our post on reasons to outsource to Eastern Europe.

Navigation in Website DesignNavigation. First things first, navigation matters massively when it comes how efficient your website is. When it is done by the professionals, a website should be really easy to navigate. Some web designers can be carried away with all the beautiful typefaces, which indeed may look fancy, but they only tend to distract users. A simple but stylish website gives them more awareness of where all the necessary information could be found. This is what the best web developers in Ukraine understand and always perceive as a top priority. Should you need help with navigation, you may simply outsource developer and get good user-friendly website soon.

Aesthetics in UI and UXAesthetics. Though, the aesthetics of the website is still essential. Within all the usability aspects, some different colors and images can be used for call to action etc., it should be modern, as well as professional to lead the eye. Our UI/UX professionals know how to choose the best colors for your website to match the corporate style and catch users attention at the same time.

Trust in Ukrainian Website DesignTrust. Building trust with your customers is where a good-looking website may help. The design can reflect the things, which positively influence your clients. These all could be known via some marketing tactics, through the dialogues to understand what the needs of your clients are. Therefore, through outsourcing in Ukraine web developers can make your website as a reflection of these needs.

Outsource Web Design Ukraine

Supply and Demand for Web Designers and Developers in Ukraine and the USA

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 162,000 web developer jobs in the USA in 2016, they also have projected a 13% employment growth from 2016 to 2026 for web developers, which is admittedly faster than an average. This has been correlated with the projected increase in popularity of eCommerce and mobile devices in the upcoming years. We can also assume that the number of web designers is even higher in the USA, as the proper web development can’t be done without proper design concepts. These are just numbers from the USA alone, we have expanded our search to a global scale and found that, there is indeed a high demand for both web designer and web developer outsource programming markets and opportunities.

Udacity cited web developer as the 2nd hottest Job in 2016. Glassdoor, a global job posting site, currently has over 112,000 web developer and 18,000 web designer job vacancies posted, while another global job site, Ziprecruiter, has over a 128,000 web developer job vacancies and over 65,000 web designer job vacancies posted on their job posting site.

advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing development to Mobilunity

In terms of Ukraine the demand for Ukraine web developers is the following:

According to Djinni there are 801 profiles of web UX designers and only 91 jobs posted. There are 148 positions for web designers posted on While the number of profiles created on LinkedIn exceeds this number greatly. One can easily find a designer on LinkedIn choosing among 4,759 profiles.

Given the high demand for web developers and web designer all over the world, the next item to look for is the best place for outsourcing a web designer or a web developer. It is a very good option to look for designers in Ukraine as well as outsource web developer from Ukraine. Aside from competitive costs, which will be provided further in this article, the supply for designers and web developers in Ukraine is higher than demand, Ukraine ranks 4th in the world for the number of certified IT specialists, and continues to be a leader in the IT industry in Eastern Europe. Choosing the right outsourcing development team of designers and developers for your project can be a daunting task, but do not worry! We will further expound on why it would be the best to outsource web designer and developer in Ukraine in the rest of this article.

Ways to Find and Hire Web Designer Outsourcing Teams for a Project

Ways to hire an outsourcing web design company

direct hiring or web application development outsourcingProject-based Direct Hiring. If you were to hire a designer or developer for your web application development project, one of the options for recruitment is direct hiring. This can go two ways. One is that you can post a job ad on a local or international job board. This way interested experts can get in touch with you directly and you can assess their quality, skills, and CV right away. Second way is to look for experts on freelance portals. To search and contact available web designers and developers that fit the requirements of your web development project will be not hard but time consuming and not always the vendors are as good as they write in their profiles. Both choices require a personal approach in hiring designers or developers, which is time consuming and tedious work, however, you have a chance to personally pick, choose, and get acquainted with designers and developers for your project.

web development outsourcingProject-based Outsourcing. If you lack the manpower for your project or the later is a short-term one, there is also an option of outsourcing some parts or the whole project abroad. Aside from web design projects outsourcing, web application development outsourcing have been popular for some time as well, although both require the same attention to details and oversight to ensure high quality results. This model requires looking for, getting in contact, and familiar with web development outsourcing company and their projects. There have been a lot of discussions about in house web design vs. outsourcing; outsourcing pros and cons, and a discussion on outsourcing web development benefits and risks. And they are not pointless as similar to direct hiring, there are advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing as well.

A web design and development outsourcing company coordinates with you and takes charge and responsibility in completing your project for you on time and at the fixed rate. Surely there is a coordination between you and a company during most of the production phases, but the company develops the web application according to your requirements and you are not involved into issues or staff problems. Among the outsourcing web design company pros and cons is also the point that the loss of overall control can cause a delay, however, outsourcing your design or development project to a website development outsourcing company provides you the assurance of having a talented and reliable outsourcing team of professionals needed for your project anytime. Moreover, web development projects outsourcing can be a cost-efficient and convenient solution to your needs and business if experts in the target country earn less than on your local market. This model is not location-dependent and you can easily expand your searches abroad and look for the international best website design outsourcing companies.

best web design outsourcing company and dedicated development teams provider

However, outsourcing web design overseas requires a lot more details, attention, and communication. Constant communication and clear definition of roles and responsibilities will go a long way into ensuring that your project progresses according to your requirements and that you have chosen the best outsourcing web development company and services.

outsourcing web development services or hiring dedicated developersoutsourcing web development services or hiring dedicated developersDedicated Development Teams. A major downside of web development and web design projects outsourcing is that the working environment only spans for the duration of a project; working relationships are strictly bound to within the timeframe and requirements that have been set from the very beginning. After a project has been completed, you have an option of working further with same developers or outsourcing web development company, but you would still have to go through a similar cycle of getting in touch with a company’s account manager, setting up a contract, and just waiting for the releases.

Outsourcing is great, but there is an even better option, hiring dedicated development teams or remote programmers. Dedicated development teams work only on your project on part-time or full-time basis and are best suitable for long term projects. There are website design and development outsourcing companies that offer the services of dedicated programmers. These experts are either in-house or recruited by a company right away for your project. They are  controlled by their team leaders or resource managers as well as your CTO if you already have in-house development team. Developers and designers working on your project are selected according to your requirements so you can be assured that these experts are the best fit for your project. If you are looking for a outsourcing team of developers and designers that are tailored to your needs and come with quality work and security, hiring dedicated development and design teams is the best way to go. Mobilunity is one of the best web design and development outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe. The company offers with highly professional, experienced and rare developers at a manageable cost.

web design projects outsourcing in 3 easy steps

CV Samples of Web Designers and UI Developers

Resume Sample of Web Designer


  • Passionate about web and mobile application design and development.
  • Great English written and speaking skills.
  • Highly capable of implementing client requirements into design.


  • Proven track record in web and mobile application development
  • Extensive experience in web and mobile application design
  • Extensive knowledge of web design conventions, user experience, web standards, optimization, and best practices


  • Collaboration with clients and the development team during a product design.
  • Working with the design team to coordinate the entire design process of the application.
  • Ensuring consistency across product design iterations.
  • Keeping up-to-date with latest design patterns and technologies.


  • CSS tools (SASS, LESS)
  • Frontend development tools (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Wireframe and mockup development tools
  • Design tools (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop)…

outsourcing a web designer

CV Example of Web Developer


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Passionate about delivering solutions while learning and expanding skills.
  • Capable of independent planning, organization and work management.
  • Highly skilled in building modern user interfaces and their associated technologies.
  • Strong knowledge of Internet communication protocols and data formats (REST, JSON, HTTP)
  • Competent database knowledge including transactions, indexing and SQL in different dialects.


  • Experience in front end web and mobile application development
  • Experience in using JavaScript in developing dynamic user interfaces
  • Experience in Single Page Application development
  • Strong understanding of UX and UI design principles
  • Familiarity with agile and scrum methodologies


  • Lead the team during product design, development, and maintenance
  • Evaluation and identification of new web and mobile application development technologies for use
  • Application maintenance and improvement
  • Lead and mentor the members of the development team


  • Front end development tools (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Front end development frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundations)
  • Database technologies (SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Mongodb)
  • Version Control Systems (Git, Bitbucket)…

hire web developer for web development outsourcing

Resume Example of UI Developer


  • Capable of working in a team and independently.
  • Able to conduct careful and structured analysis on complex problems or requirements to identify effective solutions.
  • Highly proficient in user-centric analysis and design.
  • Highly proficient in the use of modern user interface design and development tools and technologies.
  • Passionate about building modern user interfaces and their associated technologies.


  • Significant experience in web and mobile application development
  • Highly experienced in responsive web design and development
  • Experience in the use of SASS and LESS CSS
  • Experience in addressing cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Familiar with version control systems


  • Development and maintenance of frontend environment
  • Collaboration with team members through the design, development, and maintenance stages
  • Translation of designs and detailed user-focused descriptions into responsive and cross-browser compatible application interfaces
  • Consultation on the best web and UI tools, technologies, and practices
  • Development of working prototypes that explore and utilize new tools and technologies in UI design
  • Documenting the best practices and code maintenance


  • Front end development tools (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Front end development frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundations)
  • Mockup and wireframe development tools
  • Database technologies (SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Mongodb)
  • Version Control Systems (Git, Bitbucket)…

Ukraine web UI developers

Why to Consider Web Design Ukraine?

There are quite a lot of things to think of while designing the website for your business. Some of important points could be missed if you go to the people obsessed with the appearance of the site, but which do not go further than this. Among all the IT companies in Ukraine, Mobilunity has actually a great experience in redesigning old websites and making them more user-friendly. For instance, when we changed the layout, added necessary buttons and eliminated overwhelming text descriptions for travel bags ecommerce website. There are many more our examples, which you may find in the portfolio. In order to bound your design with functionality – hire Ukraine web developers and they will make a high-quality project with clean and consistent coding.

reasons to hire outsourcing team

Our outsourcing development teams is your best web design Ukraine solution!

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