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January 11, 2018 - Olena

How to Test and Hire 2checkout Developer for an eCommerce Project?

eCommerce has become one of the most powerful ways of doing business with the help of the Internet, computers and mobile devices. Like many online payment gateways, as Stripe and Square payment gateways, 2checkout gateway is integrated by 2checkout developer through its API interface on the eCommerce website for standard as well as 2checkout recurring payment modes.  Before we explore the technical aspects of the platform and the role of 2checkout developers in the entire process, let’s have a look at its global position and presence.

2Checkout Global Popularity and Presence

With the advent of eCommerce and online payment systems, many online payment systems powered by payment gateways like PayPal, 2Checkout and others appeared in the marketplace. With the help of 2Checkout payment system, a customer can purchase a product or service on any online shopping store and pay through 2checkout shopping cart or an API interface to be integrated with your online website.

According to SimilarTech information, 2checkout operates in over 200 countries with over 2091 active websites that use 2 checkout payment service. This platform is most popular in business and industry sector (13.40%) followed by internet and telecommunication sectors with (9.74%). The USA is the top country where more than 338 websites use 2 checkout systems, followed by India where more than 144 websites operate. Russia, Brazil and the UK are other countries where substantial websites use this system.

2Checkout payment methods include 2checkout recurring payment, one-time payment, and other customized payment modes. All 2checkout payment methods support 87 global currencies, and 15 major languages. This payment gateway supports more than 100 shopping carts from different developers and eCommerce platforms.

2checkout recurring payment

The online 2Checkout shopping cart or its customized API will take the customer to the 2Checkout payment gateway over a secure and encrypted interface. The payment is processed there on the 2checkout payment gateway. Once the payment has been processed, the interface of 2checkout application takes the customer back on his/her original shopping website.

This entire payment process starts from the checkout process initiated by the customer on the eCommerce website and completes once the interface takes you back to eCommerce website.

2Checkout payment solution currently owns over 50,000 merchant accounts, and supports multiple global payment methods such as, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover, Dinner’s club and others.

What Additional Technologies 2Checkout Developers Use?

2Checkout payment gateway integration in PHP, Python, Java, Dot Net, Ruby on Rail and Node.JS can be done with simple procedural documents available online. The 2checkout developer needs to follow the procedures to integrate a standard format of API without using any additional computer codes. If you want to customize the payment API, you can integrate the desired code. The additional technologies the 2checkout payment gateway supports include:

technologies for 2checkout payment gateway

  • Python, PHP, Ruby on Rail, Java and others
  • Supports full encryption and digital certifications
  • Support all PCI and other standards
  • Support for all popular shopping carts like WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, SecureCart, AShop, Drupal, Tribulent, VirtuMart and many others
  • Multiple integration methods such as, Payment Open API, Standard Checkout and Inline Checkout
  • Supports devices based on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Window mobile, and web based
  • International fraud prevention mechanism and security checks

What Technologies Should 2Checkout Developers Know?

2Checkout is an open API and supports multiple technologies as mentioned in the earlier section. Generally, the 2checkout payment gateway integration in PHP is common; so a 2checkout developer should have command over PHP language to customize the API interface. In addition to PHP language, a 2Checkout developer should also have good command over the Java, Python, .Net and other technologies that are required for integration of 2 Checkout API into different eCommerce websites. Knowledge of WooCommerce platform is also required for the integration of 2Checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce. Moreover, knowledge of different databases and eCommerce platforms, especially open source software platform is also necessary.

What Skills 2Checkout Developers Should Have?

A good 2checkout developer should have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of 2checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce, WordPress, VirtueMart, Joomla and others
  • Knowledge of major computer programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby on Rail and others
  • Knowledge of major shopping carts available in the marketplace
  • Expertise in web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, HTML, XML and others
  • Solution oriented approach to customer problems
  • Great interpersonal and general communication skills
  • Great experience of API integrations in different environment like Windows, Linux, and others
  • Knowledge of different plugins and libraries commonly used in gateway integration and web development
  • Knowledge of local eCommerce standards and regulations
  • Strong knowledge of web security and related strategies
  • Hands on experience with different JavaScript testing solutions like Mocha, Karma, SinonJS and others
  • Knowledge of version control systems
  • Excellent knowledge of JQuery and JavaScript
  • Should be team leader as well as a team player

2checkout developer skills

What Is the Best Way to Hire 2Checkout Developers?

Like the hiring of other software developers, 2Checkout developers can be hired through 3 important ways – Local hiring, freelancing, and dedicated outstaffing.

Local hiring of a 2Checkout developer has its own benefits and disadvantages. One major benefit that you get is a dedicated resource at your own location with full control over its work. But, there are many disadvantages like high salary, fringe benefits, social security and other associated charges that an employer has to bear.

While choosing the freelancing recruitment way is linked with many risk factors such as, control and reliability of the resource and project failure risk and risk of delayed projects are a few to name. In such circumstances, hiring a dedicated resource through outstaffing is very beneficial for all sizes of businesses across the globe. You can get a dedicated resource from a third party contractor to complete your project on time with affordable cost. This recruiting way offers more reliability and cheaper cost.

hire 2checkout developer

How to Get Good 2Checkout Developer Service?

As we discussed, outstaffing is the best solution for small and medium sized businesses owing to the reliability, price and quality it offers. There are many outstaffing third party contractor companies operating online from different parts of the world; among such companies the Mobilunity 2Checkout developer service stands out of other companies. This Ukrainian company offers high quality and experienced developers at very affordable price.

Call us now to get the world class 2checkout developers for your eCommerce shopping cart integration at very affordable price immediately!

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