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Hire PayPal Developers

PayPal is an online peer to peer payment system to send, receive and withdraw money through online credit without any use of credit cards, debit cards or checks. PayPal payment gateway is very popular among eCommerce developers owing to its powerful API interface for web developer PayPal security. The customers can benefit from PayPal by creating a web based PayPal account and using it smoothly like a web based payment service. PayPal™ is extensively used in online shopping and many affiliate programs on eBay, Amazon and other platforms. You can also register your PayPal account for eCommerce with your credit card or debit card. With the help of a PayPal developer, you can use PayPal payment services for your eCommerce websites and online stores.

According to the PayPal statistics for Q3, 2017, the number of active user accounts across the globe stands at 218 million and total revenue at $3.24 billion. According to the further statistics of the report, the total volume of the transactions in the third quarter of 2017 stood at over a whopping $114 billion mark. The total revenue of the PayPal company is growing at more than 22%, while the payment volume noticed a gigantic growth of about 29%. This is a clear indication of its global popularity. The global footprint of PayPal operations is very wide spread. The PayPal operation is running in more than 200 countries. It supports more than 25 major currencies of the world.

Who Is a PayPal Developer for Hire?

The PayPal developers are the core human resources required to develop a PayPal API application and integrate it into the PayPal payment gateway for your eCommerce website. PayPal developer transforms the client’s idea about online eCommerce payment into reality by implementing it on the website. You can hire PayPal programmer from the market that are expert in integration with strong background in web PayPal development, and command over major programming languages like PHP, Java, XML, CSS, and major database languages.

The main tasks that a PayPal payment developer performs include:

  • Selection of suitable API that fulfills the customer requirements
  • Development of PayPal gateway customized functions
  • Accomplish PayPal integration in PHP
  • Testing and commissioning of the PayPal integration
  • Performing web developer PayPal security check
  • Technical support for issues on the payment platform and its integration
  • Developing and integrating security, privacy and international standard rules into the system
  • Should make sure of PayPal integration in Android and other mobile platforms
  • Selection of suitable mobile apps or other tools that create additional value for the customer

The PayPal web developer is also responsible for the design of the part of the website that deals with the payment processing and checkout.

Demand to Hire PayPal Programmer

PayPal has become a major stakeholder in the marketplace by supporting many web PayPal engineering platforms and eCommerce websites. The recent business deal of PayPal with MasterCard, which holds about 16% of the global card payment share, will also boot the future of the market. Subsequently, the demand in the PayPal developers will increase tremendously in the future. According to the Paysa information, the average baseline PayPal software engineer salary is $136K per annum, which is much higher than other trades of software development salaries. A substantial increase in the demand is being noticed in the present day marketplace. To cater this demand, PayPal developer community is introducing new SDKs, useful tools, training and certifications not only in the USA but also in Europe and Australia. A large number of companies hire PayPal developers for their eCommerce businesses. There is also a growing demand for hiring Ember developers for the development of PayPal solutions.

10 Constraints to Consider If You Need a PayPal Developer for Hire

While choosing the right PayPal payment developer, you should consider the following main constraints as given below and which you need to find in PayPal developer resume.

  • Most of the PayPal APIs and SDKs are developed in PHP, Java, C++ and .Net, so the skill set regarding the computer coding should be on top of the list
  • Mobile eCommerce is more than one third of the global online trade is through mobile, so the developer should have strong knowledge of PayPal integration in Android
  • A certification by PayPal software engineer Community training should also be considered one of the top requirements while hiring resource for PayPal integration in PHP.
  • Academic qualifications while finding web developer for PayPal integration to websites must also be considered as the major constraint
  • Expert level knowledge of PayPal in PHP APIs and tools is another important factor to be considered
  • iPad and iPhone are other two major devices used for online shopping, so PayPal integration with APIs dealing with the Apple devices is another important constraint to consider
  • Knowledge of databases, different plugins, and web tools should also be considered while hiring a PayPal PHP developer
  • Location of the PayPal in PHP developer is important for the successful completion of the project and technical support for troubleshooting, testing and commissioning
  • Professional attributes like commitment, attitude, composition, communication skills, dedication and others should be considered in the top constraints too.
  • PayPal software engineer salary is one of the most important aspects, which should be considered very carefully. If you look at Indeed information, the average salary of a PayPal web developer is $112,723 per annum. But, you can hire Ukrainian PayPal developers at much lower rates.

3 Important Ways to Hire PayPal Developers

ways of hiring paypal web developer
  • Local market hiring. The local market hiring of web developers is one of the traditional ways for finding web developer for PayPal integration to websites. It has some downsides that the employer has to abide by many local rules and regulation regarding salary, bonus, medical, paid vacation, social security and many others. Thus, it is not feasible for startups and small business to hire locally.
  • Freelancing recruitment. Another popular way to hire PayPal PHP developers is through freelancing websites. In this process, the reliability, availability and fixing of the responsibility of the developer are very vague. The risk factor regarding the successful completion of the project is much higher. It is much cheaper, but associated with high risk factor.
  • Dedicated Paypal developers. This is very useful way of hiring a dedicated resource for your project through outstaffing procedure. You can get lower rates along with comprehensive responsibility of a third party contractor who provides you with the PayPal integration engineer. Make sure to establish long-term cooperation with the best software development company in your niche to ensure that your goals will be met.

Is It Worth to Hire PayPal Engineer?

If you are planning to start a new eCommerce business or you want to integrate your existing business with an eCommerce online website, you should hire PayPal engineer for your company payment integration. A good PayPal software engineer helps you achieve the desired features, capabilities, security and functionalities of the PayPal payment service APIs along with high level of customer satisfaction. There are many online outstaffing companies that offer you good PayPal developers as well as others solutions: you may always find API developer or find your Baas providers at a very reasonable rate like Mobilunity and others.

While looking to harness the power of PayPal for your business, it’s also advantageous to hire fintech consultants who can provide invaluable insights and guidance, ensuring that your integration with PayPal is seamless and optimized for success.

If you need to hire PayPal developers for your eCommerce websites, request a quote now and we’ll provide you with the desired coders!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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