FAQ on MVP Development for Startups

What MVP Development Is All About?

MVP stands for a minimum viable product, the very basic version of the new product with the optimal set of features enough to test the hypothesis whether the core startup idea will find its demand among clients. Building such a product as an MVP for startups is all about getting the initial feedback from users or, in this case, early adopters. First introduced by Eric Ries in 2008, the approach of developing a minimum, yet enough for validated learning, version of the product is now widely applied not only by startups, but by large corporations launching new product lines as well. The main benefit of this methodology lies in receiving the first feedback as early as possible and tuning the business concept according to it further. One of the most common examples in IT world is going for hybrid mobile development for the new app instead of coding native Android and iOS products. Outsourcing product development and offshore mobile application development is an optimal solution for startups.

Importance of MVP Development for Startups

Startup founders are likely to search for financial support among investors, banks or crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but to attract contributors they have to prove, that the idea of the venture is not completely abstract – it is feasible, and that the project has potential to succeed. MVP is a working solution, as it is a material embodiment of the startup idea, which gives the would-be investors understanding of what they are contributing to. Besides, launching a sort of demo helps the owner see users’ reaction to the product, its weak points and drawbacks. At the same time, MVPs are usually low-cost and the process to find a software engineer for MVP development is fast to execute.

Startups connected with IT sphere, namely mobile application development, have a whole range of questions to answer, like “what platform to focus on? what framework or language to choose?” and many others. Years of experience in mobile app development have shown that the best solution for young startups is building a hybrid MVP. Native application development by MVP startup developer, unlike hybrid, means twice as many human, time and consequently financial resources spent for coding and maintaining two separate applications (for Android and iOS operating systems) by two separate teams of developers, which is definitely an unattainable luxury for young startups.

Is the MVP Development Method Suitable for All Technological Startups?

There are two types of innovations startups may be based at:

  • sustaining (satisfying existing market with predicted needs)
  • disruptive (offering products to the new markets with assumed needs).

MVP will work great for testing disruptive innovation, but will fail in applying it to the product based on sustaining innovation. MVP startup engineer can launch MVP when startup doesn’t have a defined audience yet, when it suggests a solution to the new problem or new emerging needs. In this case, the innovation lying behind the prototype would be enough reason for early adopters to purchase or sign up for the product.

Why opt for multi-platform development? Hybrid MVP product development for startups is an effective and cheap option for a few reasons:

  1. It is a multi-platform development which means that one code can function on devices with different operation systems.
  2. Writing cross-platform hybrid apps doesn’t require knowledge of complicated programming languages like Java or Swift – the expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is needed instead.
  3. A number of free tools and frameworks like Apache Cordova ease the development process and gives the application access to native capabilities of the device, which hybrid apps do not possess initially.

Besides, in case of updates, users of hybrid applications don’t have to install them manually, since everything is done automatically for them, given that they have internet connection. Thus, multi-platform app saves budget and time of the startups and provides fairly good user experience. Eventually, only after hybrid MVP is released and proves to be worthy, all the downsides are eliminated and investments for further project completion are made, entrepreneurs might precede to developing costly and time-consuming native mobile applications.

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Infographics with the information on hybrid development, such as technologies used in hybrid mobile development, popular hybrid apps, pros of hybrid apps and statistics on using mobile apps and IT solutions in UK business.

Challenges Faced by Startups Starting out Their Product and Prototype Development

New MVP startups are usually struggling with the problem of finding the best technologies for building a basic version of product enough for testing their hypothesis for a very limited budget. Despite having great innovative ideas in mind and clearly seeing the target audience, not all startup companies have enough resources to properly plan, prototype, implement and test the product. Another problem is limiting the scope of possible product functions. Since MVP methodology assumes leaving out all fancy product features leaving only those, which would actually let the prototype work, it’s not always easy to define which scope of possible features is really essential for design and product development.

Challenges that startups are facing starting MVP development

Signs That Can Indicate You Should Turn to Outsourcing Product Development

There are several signs, which may point at the need of outsourcing MVP web development, they include:

  • absence of MVP project management experience. The success of the prototype depends much on how thoroughly it was planned and project management experience is the key to detailed and correct planning. Many startup owners come from non-IT fields and have never managed building a technological product from scratch. In this case, turning to a full-service agency is highly recommended to have successful MVP startup development.
  • lack of resources. Sometimes startups simply have no reason to keep the whole team of developers and designers in their office, since the business itself operates in a different industry. In this case, hiring and educating in-house teams sounds unreasonable, and outsourcing product development to IT companies and for MVP startup coding and MVP startup programming would be the most affordable and effective solution.
  • lack of technological expertise. One of the key advantages of cooperating with large outsourcing companies for MVP startup web development is their ability to advise the best technological solution and possible frameworks suitable for minimum viable product development. So if a startup has an idea of “what” they would want to do, but not “how” to do it, outsourcing product development will be the optimal solution, which solves design and product development issues at once.

Mobilunity offers outsourcing product development as a great solution for startups

Stages of Working with an Outsourced MVP Development Company

  • Discovery Phase – Where Products Start

We at Mobilunity start MVP development with the discovery phase where we work closely with the clients to get to know more about the products they want to create.

We make every effort to understand what customers want to see as their future products, to understand how they are supposed to work and interact with the potential users, which benefits the products will bring to the market and to their owners.

After the initial project kick-off, customers share their vision on their future products and we work as a team brainstorming the functionality, discussing specific screens and windows, user journeys and making sketches in our notebooks.

Our design team is ready to be involved from the very beginning and once we have some specific piece of the future app discussed and agreed on with the client, we forward those notes and drawings to them to create wireframes. PMs usually receive high-level requirements covering the entire functionality of the future product while as designers have wireframes prepared and presented to clients for approval. Once that is done, we have the UX ready and at hand.

Having the UX mockups ready, we create interactive prototypes to demonstrate customers not just a set of screens, but flows of using the app. We use inVision app which is the industry standard in prototype development.

At this point PMs can involve developers for estimations. At the same time, detailed requirements are being written and interactive prototype is being created. As a result, you will see a set of wireframes that have buttons and links, which redirect you to other screens as if it were for real.

The stages of outsourcing product development

  • Product Development

Once clients approve estimates and budget, we start developing a product based on the detailed requirements.

We usually start working on the application back-end providing the foundation for the entire application. Simultaneously we continue working with the design team to create application user interface (UI), which is how the real application will look like. By the time our front-end developers get involved in the project, the UI is ready and approved by the client.

The front-end team creates the interface that actual users will see, creates services that will animate controls and bind them to the data that the application back-end provides and expects to receive from the front-end.

  • QA and Bug Fix

We involve our QAs even when we develop back-end. Our specialists start testing the app even when there is no interface available yet through testing application API. This minimizes the amount of defects by the time we have front-end part ready.

During the development we perform periodic product deployments for clients to review them and share their comments and suggestions.

We at Mobilunity assist our clients on every stage of product development. You may hire MVP startup engineer at Mobilunity to improve your project approach. Our system administrators will be glad to advise on the best hosting and services providers for you, deploy the server and set it up for you. We also provide maintenance services once the product is developed and deployed. Our MVP developers are highly professional and skilled.

Cost of MVP Development

The main idea behind the MVP startup development is to reduce the MVP startup development rate of the conceived product. For this purpose, the MVP startup programmers adopt multiple technologies, software tools, and methodologies for the MVP startup product development.

From the mobile app development perspective, the hybrid mobile app development is adopted in the MVP startup development, which reduces the cost tremendously as compared to the native app development for multiple platforms.

The MVP development cost includes the following cost incurring components:

  • Cost of hiring a project manager
  • The cost to hire MVP startup developer
  • Testing of MVP startup product
  • MVP deployment and feedback collection

According to the Small Biz Trends, more than 77% of the startup finance comes from personal saving and the initial funds. So, the arrangement of funds creates so many challenges for startups. The average cost of an MVP startup development is about twice low as compared to the native product development.

The major component of MVP development is the cost to hire MVP startup programmer. The average cost of MVP startup app development is between $20,000 and $30,000. The cost will reduce if the entrepreneur chooses the freelancing MVP startup coders.

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MVP Startup Developer Salary in Different Countries

The average salaries of the software developers, which include the MVP startup engineer salary, is more than 20% higher than the other average salaries of the other graduate jobs in the United Kingdom.

There is demand for the MVP startup developer for hire is also increasing consistently in the startups hiring tech talents. Normally, startups offer not only good salaries but also substantial numbers of stocks in the company.

The salaries in the field of mobile application development, especially in the hybrid/cross-platform app development, are increasing very fast due to the higher level of demand for MVP startup programmer for hire.

The demand for MVP startup developer for hire has increased in all sectors of businesses as well as in all countries of the world. The average MVP programmers salary in different countries of the world vary based on numerous factors prevailing in that particular country.

The average salaries of MVP startup developers are listed in the following table.

Name of Country Average Salary of MVP Startup Developer
USA $97,000
UK $76,136
Germany $39,504
Canada $115,000
Ukraine $24,689

This is very important to note that MVP application development is very common in startups. Normally, the startups offer company shares to their employees. Those shares may account for a huge amount in certain cases of successful startups.

Benefits of Hiring MVP Startup Developers

MVP development has become the fundamental foundation for the disruptive ideas of startup businesses in the modern field of software development. The entrepreneurs highly focus on the MVP development to materialize their abstract ideas of startup businesses based on the software products.

The main advantages of MVP startup engineer for hire include the following:

  • MVP helps materialize the disruptive business ideas
  • MVP reduces the complexity of an abstract product
  • It helps you take the feedback from the end user
  • Helps assess the user requirements effectively
  • Less cost develop MVP application
  • Easy to scale and modify the features
  • Availability of a comprehensive set of app development technology
  • Offers both project management and technical coding all-in-one
  • Easy code management and testing of the code
  • Helps enterprises for better business positioning
  • Offers an easy way to attract investors in the innovative business idea
  • Very fast time to market
  • Helps you to effectively use your efforts
  • And much more

Our Experience with Hybrid App Development for UK Startup

One of the latest Mobilunity experiences of multi platform application development was the GLEAT project founded by ambitious UK startup. GLEAT is a mobile app which connects people fond of dining in and delicious home-made dishes. When GLEAT CEO and co founder Mirko Lagattolla started cooperation with Mobilunity, there already existed a version of dining application which needed debugging and modification. The process of testing and fixing was neither long nor challenging due to the fact that this was a hybrid MVP, and developers and QAs had to work with one code only. On the whole, the issues with the existing app were corrected within 10 days and immediately the Discovery phase for a new upgraded version of the app began.

This example again proves, that cross platform hybrid apps are the best choice for MVP software development of startups, as this is the right way to spare money and effort and deliver a product worth of investments.

Of course companies with the ready product can request some improvements from the outsourcing company. There are no limitations of the types of companies, which could benefit from outsourcing product development to dedicated IT companies. Such companies as Mobilunity provide full-cycle MVP development services for startup from basic prototyping to custom systems development in addition to website maintenance, marketing and client support services.

How to Hire MVP Startup Developers?

The demand for MVP startup developer for hire is huge in the present day marketplace. The increased demand for MVP developers has pushed the salaries sky high. Lofty demands of MVP developers in the local markets force the startups to search for the other options for hiring the MVP startup developers.

The hiring of MVP startup developers involves the following main stages:

  • Searching for tech talent in different ways
  • Shortlisting or screening of the candidates
  • Scheduling tests and interviews
  • Conducting tests
  • Conducting interviews
  • Finalizing the candidates
  • Offering jobs
  • Contracting with the candidates
  • On-boarding the candidates
  • Legal process fulfilling
  • Human resource management

There are multiple ways to find out the most suitable MVP startup developer for hire in the current global marketplace. The major ways of finding MVP developers are listed below:

  • Use the traditional way of a local newspaper advertisement
  • Use online advertisements on social media and other places
  • Use your past references who you have worked with to help you out
  • Search for MVP developers on the online job portals
  • Use the services of recruiting agents or companies
  • Use the services of outsourcing software development companies
  • Use the services of freelancers on the freelancing websites
  • Social media websites like LinkedIn and others are top sources for searching MVP software developers
  • Meeting the MVP startup developers in the conferences, hackathons, and professional meetings
  • Using the help of professional friends in the technical field

All of the above-mentioned ways of finding an MVP startup developer involve long processes related to different stages of tech talent hiring procedure.

Major Ways to Hire MVP Startup Engineers

The most commonly used ways for hiring the MVP startup engineers are mentioned below.

#1 Traditional Hiring

In this way, the job advertisement is issued to local newspapers or other print media. The candidates apply for the job. The job applications are shortlisted and processed for hiring procedure. This is a lengthy and costly process, which is also governed by many stringent rules and regulations.

#2 Outsourcing

This is a fully managed type of hiring process in which the control over the team is the responsibility of the company that gets the outsourcing contract. The client has very less control over the team but has to talk to the management of the outsourced company. This is a bit cheaper than traditional hiring.

#3 Outstaffing

This is one of the most popular ways of modern hiring of MVP programmers. In this model of hiring, the client has full control over the team as well on the project. The job outsourced company is fully responsible for providing the complete development environment, tech team and guarantee to complete the project within a specific timeline and budget. This way of hiring is cheaper, reliable and fully managed.

#4 Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the cheapest ways of MVP engineer hiring. You can hire MVP developer at very low prices on any good freelancing websites, but the reliability of the freelancer is considered as the worst of all other ways of hiring. This is considered as the most unreliable way of hiring as compared to all other hiring models.

Why Choose Mobilunity to Hire MVP Startup Programmer?

Mobilunity is a Ukraine based provider of MVP development services. The services offered by Mobilunity come along with the following major benefits:

  • Highly professional-grade service
  • Highly skilled and experienced tech resources
  • Offers fixed prices without any hidden charges
  • On-time delivery
  • Offers the market competitive prices
  • Dedicated MVP developers for your projects
  • Powered by a highly professional management team
  • World-class customer support

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