Things to Pay Attention to If You Want to Hire Developers for a Startup

Startups have already turned into a worldwide trend with thousands of new companies. With each year, there are more and more firms emerging on the European market, popping up in hundreds of variations and multiplying in quantity. Yet, startups face a few serious risks that should be considered in advance and successfully eliminated.

B2B marketing expert Ravi Kikan outlines some of the most common startups difficulties, among which are execution and human capital. Every startup requires trained professionals to fulfill all the tasks of the new business, namely, the developers, those people who actually develop applications, websites and other digital content. However, most of startups are short in budgeting for MVP development, so hiring an in-house team of experts is a big challenge for them. If you plan a new business, think about the ways you will hire developers for startup in advance.

A Little Bit of Startup Statistics

European countries are startup leaders in the world, annually reporting new startups in various fields. Deutsche Startup Monitor reports only 1224 startups in Germany during 2016. Meanwhile, a known startup leader Switzerland displays over 12,000 new companies to be created each year, as Swiss Startup Monitor states. According to recent information of CNBC, 83 new startups on cybersecurity were founded in 2016 in Israel alone. As you can see, the number of startups is growing, and each of them needs thorough implementation and proper personnel.

Why It Is Important to Find Web Developers for Startups

When you launch a new business, you may not be able to hire the whole team inside our company at once, so you seek other ways to engage working forces in your business. Hiring qualified developers plays a vital role in the future successful outcome for any new emerging company.

Developers are important, because they are responsible for technical implementation of a startup. Moreover, most modern startups are digital, so finding web developers for them becomes a core task for any startup business. It is logical, that qualified developers provide high-quality products which prevent businessmen from expenditures in the future and assure the best quality for their final products and services.

How to Hire Web Developers for Startup

3 ways to hire developers for startup

There are three main ways to find developers for startup: freelance workers, outsourcing, and outstaffing. Companies usually look for freelance web developers for their startups. Besides, they might use outsourcing for specific tasks or hire outstaffing companies.

Freelance is fine if you have a short-term project requiring a little work to be done on your project. It’s relatively cheap, but some freelancers might require hourly payment. The main drawback of hiring freelance experts is that they might not show enough engagement in your project, you will have to spend a lot of time to test them before actually doing anything, and if you need to hire a team, hiring freelance web developers one by one can be very exhausting and time-consuming.

Outsourcing is about hiring a team of web developers for startup and forwarding a project to them with all the instructions, in the end, you will receive a ready final project. Outsourcing is quite costly, but if you don’t have time for project management and are interested in the final product only, it will be fine for you.

Outstaffing or dedicated/distributed team model is your option if you need a dedicated team of professionals who would be as engaged as you and are responsible for the project itself. Of course, outstaffing means hiring developers for startup from an outstaffing/offshore development company, so it requires your direct engagement and control of the whole work process. But at the same time you receive full flexibility in managing your team of dedicated remote developers. In case of necessity, you can extend your team with the help of in-house developers of an offshore development company. Moreover, you can work with the same team of experts on other long term projects and the cost of this cooperation will be the same.

Check our research on what an average developer salary is in Ukraine.

Remember, if a dedicated team is working on your future product, you are at 50% success. Hiring a team from an outstaffing firm is always cheaper, more flexible and reliable.

Conclusion: Best Options For Your Startup

When registering a new startup, entrepreneurs should seriously consider the notion of human resources in their future business, namely web developers who will be working on technical side of the project. Among various ways of cooperation with web developers, it is recommended to choose outstaffing as the most convenient and effective method that will prove to have the best results.

Offshore development is a great way to hire developers for startup

If you are seeking where and how to hire developers for a startup, check out Ukrainian outstaffing companies and Mobilunity in particular. Mobilunity is on the international market since 2010 and has proved to be one of the best IT outsourcing companies that combines the best key options you need: top quality devs, great experience, flexible payment rates and reliability. Don’t hesitate to request CVs of their developers to choose the best ones for your project.

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