Offshore Android Development Services

Android is an operating system designed for touchscreen mobile devices. Since its release in 2008, it has evolved significantly and many businesses are now developing their own applications for Android. These businesses predominantly make use of offshore Android development services, as these projects are often one-off. In the offshore IT market, Android developers are some of the most in-demand professionals. Businesses are increasingly looking to hire remote development team to assist with Android app development projects. Reasons for this include Android’s popularity among consumers, the ability to build top app experiences, an open marketplace for distributing Android apps and Android’s innovative nature, pushing the boundaries of hardware and software forward.

Offshore Android Development Consulting Market Trends in 2022

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system in the world, with a market share of 72.6%. This popularity is the reason why businesses want to make use of Android. As a result, the demand for Android consulting services has boomed considerably. Because Android development projects are typically one-off, businesses typically make use of offshore consulting services to save costs and to get access to the best talent. Android offshore consulting market trends are changing as this demand increases. In 2020, the market has shifted to accommodate flexible project timelines, while businesses that offer Android consulting services work hard to offer more stability and security in an uncertain time. The Android offshore consulting market is also evolving to be more innovative, offering higher quality solutions as technology improves.  

Advantages of Hiring Offshore Android App Developers in Modern Market: Comparing to Onshore Android App Development Company

Today, there are numerous advantages to hiring remote Android developer experts for different types of companies. From large corporations to small startups, let’s consider the benefits to hire Android app developer offshore for each: 

Advantages for Large CorporationsAdvantages for Medium-Sized Enterprises Advantages for Startups 
Access to world-class talent 
Companies that offer offshore solutions typically source only the best in a specific field, allowing large corporations access to top Android developers with ease. 
Many medium-sized businesses have strict hiring budgets. Hiring from offshore Android development company USA and other countries can be much more affordable compared to hiring in-house, saving these businesses valuable capital.  
Most startups have a small budget. With outsourcing, they can hire offshore Android application programmers one-off, saving plenty of capital. 
Lower risks
Large companies want to reduce risks as much as possible. By opting for Android development outsourcing, there are little to no employee risks for companies.  
By hiring an offshore Android developer, medium-sized businesses get the opportunity to expand their offerings and service.
Easy scalability 
Startups can grow quickly. By outsourcing from offshore Android app development providers USA and other countries, these startups can hire new developers as they grow. 
Greater availability
Often large companies require employees to work longer business hours to meet deadlines. In-house teams of developers from an onshore Android app development company are usually only available during normal working hours, while outsourced developers are typically flexible.
Innovative Android development can help medium-sized businesses to grow, by improving customer experience exponentially. 
Offshore Android app developers often bring innovation and creativity to businesses, allowing startups to grow and stand out in their field. 

What Solutions an Offshore Android App Developer Can Offer Businesses

Offshore Android developers have certain skills and experience that allow them to offer valuable services to businesses. These services provide effective solutions to certain needs in the business world which can assist companies to grow and prosper. These services include: 

  • Android app development. Offshore developers can manage the entire development cycle of all sorts of Android applications, including the design, test, and maintenance stages.
  • UX and UI design. Offshore developers pay meticulous attention to UX and offshore Android UI design. Each design element is carefully considered to ensure smooth overall user experience. 
  • Integration. Offshore Android developers are skilled in back-end development and the integration of third-party application programming interfaces, ensuring a more innovative end-product.
  • Deployment. Android developers know exactly when a mobile application is ready for release and can launch it to the right platforms for distribution when ready. 
  • Testing and maintenance. Offshore Android developers USA and from other countries offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring services ensuring applications are constantly improved and in perfect working conditions. 

A Brief Overview of Nearshore Android Software Development Services

Nearshore Android software development works like the offshore model, except that with Android nearshoring, a business would hire developers in geographic proximity with similar time zones. This makes communication easier and like offshore outsourcing, nearshoring also offers affordability and access to top talent in the field. Nearshoring includes many other benefits, including limiting miscommunication due to similar cultures, fewer language barriers and possible visits due to the short distance between the developer and the client. 

Almost 54% of all companies use a form of outsourcing, which includes nearshoring and offshoring, with around 300,000 jobs getting outsourced out of the United States every year. Increasingly more businesses are now also embracing nearshoring’s potential and hiring nearshore Android developers. 

The top countries to hire Android developer offshore include China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Ukraine and Vietnam. These countries’ solutions are particularly affordable and their developers are skilled and experienced. When it is needed to hire android programmer online you could get benefits from experts of these countries.

Mobilunity Offers the Ideal Solution to Hire Offshore Android Application Programmers

Based in Ukraine, Mobilunity specializes in offering top IT outstaffing solutions, such as Android offshoring, to companies around the world. We take pride in sourcing only highly skilled and experienced Android developers. You can hire offshore employees who can go through a rigid vetting process to ensure they can meet and often exceed, client expectations.

Companies, big and small, choose to work with Mobilunity for several reasons.

Benefits of Android Development Outsourcing

  • Affordability. Mobilunity ensures that hiring costs are affordable. So, when you hire developers, you can be sure to save on valuable capital. 
  • Top talent. Mobilunity understands how important it is to work with skilled and experienced programmers and, therefore, source only top talent. 
  • Flexibility. With Mobilunity, you choose when you want to hire a developer or a team of developers, ensuring extra flexibility. 
  • Favorable time zone. Ukraine is based in a convenient time zone, similar to many European countries, making it easy to work with Mobilunity’s programmers without losing valuable time. 
  • Increased productivity. Ukrainians are known to have a strong work ethic and Mobilunity’s Android developers will go out of their way to make sure the job is done on time, every time. 

If you are ready to hire offshore Android application programmers for your business, contact Mobilunity’s experienced team. Find the experts you need today!

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