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Offshore Front-End Development

The popularity of mobile eCommerce, progressive web apps (PWAs), and single-page apps (SPAs) skyrockets. This makes high-quality front-end design and usability of applications one of the essential factors of business success. 

In 2022, global smartphone users downloaded 255 billion apps, while the global market of progressive web apps (PWAs) is projected to reach $7,600 million by 2026. However, 14.4% of HR professionals report a staffing shortage for front-end developers. 

Let’s check how you can find skilled front-end developers and hire them at lower costs. 

Front-End Development Services 

How can front-end developers help your business? Here’s a brief overview of the services these professionals offer.

  • Front-End Design and Architecture

The logical structure of your code is the basis for an easily maintainable and scalable web or mobile application. For this, a qualified front-end programmer separates reusable code components, classifies folders and files, documents the conventions, etc. 

  • UI/UX Design and Development

A UI/UX designer researches the preferences of future app users, crafts user-centered web app designs, and tests and implements them. Pleasing, appealing, aesthetic, and intuitive interfaces will guarantee a seamless user experience for your future customers. 

  • Web App Interface Development

Skilled front-end developers will help your web page visitors have all the necessary elements at hand. Several contacting options, consistent design, recognizable icons, timely notifications, and top-to-bottom and left-to-right hierarchy are only a few components of web apps that make them stand out. 

  • Single Page App (SPA) Development

Since SPA solutions have a more straightforward structure, are better indexed, and require fewer resources, companies migrate to them. And our front-end experts and offshore Angular developers embrace the growing demand for such a migration. 

  • PWA APP Development Services

Many businesses extend their online presence with PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Unlike native apps, these solutions don’t require downloading; that’s why users love them. 1-second loading time and helpful notifications will boost your conversion. 

  • AMP App Development Services

Accelerated Mobile Page applications allow instant page loads requiring a minimum of HTML and JavaScript code. This way, you can optimize, for instance, an e-commerce platform and generate more interactions and purchases.  

Cost of Offshore Frontend Development in Several Countries 

Let’s now explore the average salary of front-end developers across the world.  

CountryMonthly Payment
Brazil $2,814

The table shows that the US, Canada, and Western European countries pay from $5,000 to $9,000 to in-house frontend engineers. At the same time, you can hire offshore frontend development coders in Eastern Europe and LATAM countries for $2,400-$3,700. 

However, these destinations offer lower salaries not because of lower coders’ expertise. Affordable remunerations exist due to lower living costs. 

Also, the payrolls stated above are net ones. If you employ in-house developers, the numbers will grow by the taxes, which equal 23.4%-53% in Europe and a minimum of 7.65% in the USA. 

Your Offshore Front-End Development Team: 3 Setup Options

Now, let’s check how your offshore dev team can look. Below are three examples of squads you can assemble with us depending on your project size and requirements. However, their costs will depend on the location and the cooperation models you choose. 

Small Team: 4 Professionals 

This is the minimal number of technicians you’ll need for a project. However, with Mobilunity’s flexible services, you can save by engaging some experts part-time.  

  • A project manager will coordinate the project to its completion. This expert will forecast budgets, plan resources, set tasks, and control their execution. A PM will monitor and assess key IT metrics and manage risks. As a good communicator, this expert will speak with founders and programmers, creating consensus.  
  • A back-end developer will create your web or mobile app logic, architecture, and databases. This professional will maintain, test, and debug the server side of your application. Its integration and compatibility with other tools are also among the backend engineer’s responsibilities.
  • A front-end developer is a key specialist who makes your web page or mobile app catchy and interactive. So, for this role, you’ll need a coder with expertise who works fast and with no errors. Skillful front-end engineers will also work with documentation, create new features, and ensure code reusability.
  • A quality assurance (QA) specialist will plan tests for your app before it goes live and analyze the results. This person identifies errors in programming code and checks if the product meets the requirements. Preparing the entire testing environment and assessing risks is what this professional does.

Medium Team: 7-8 Specialists

This type of team will fit mid-size and urgent projects with set deadlines. In this team, you’ll have a team of 2-3 middle frontend engineers (with around 3 years of experience) supervised by a lead frontend developer. The high-quality expert will mentor younger colleagues and level up their coming skills. 

Also, here, you’ll have a UI/UX designer who can come up with appealing design ideas and explain to front-end developers how to implement them. With this specialist on board, you’ll make your application engaging and easy to use. 

Large Team: 11-12 Developers

With a team of 10+ developers, you can complete long-term projects with a significant workload. 

For this team, you’ll need to offshore one more senior front-end developer, 1-2 more mid-level front-end engineers, and another back-end programmer. 

A DBA will manage access to databases, optimize their security, and improve performance. This specialist will update database apps and keep the sensitive information safe. 

4 Reasons to Hire Offshore Frontend Developers and Enhance Your In-House Coders

If you’re not ready to switch to offshore frontend development right away, you can hire front-end developers to augment your in-house coders. The “hybrid team” option has several benefits:

  • Your team becomes more effective. You can afford to hire more experienced engineers and, thus, fill in the skill gaps in your squad. This will help your programming team perform better. 
  • You’ll complete projects faster. Once your team has more professionals on board, they can shorten work cycles. So, an offshore front end development team will help cut the turnaround time. 
  • Your team members will share expertise. Mixed teams allow for expanding the overall skill set of your squad. Coders discuss task approaches, share coding practices, and learn cross-cultural differences. 
  • You’ll mitigate risks. Having development teams in multiple geographies makes you less vulnerable to economic and political instabilities. Unfortunately, these risks become more and more critical. 

2 Ways to Cooperate with Us

The Mobilunity team has 13 years of experience in tech recruiting. During this period, our team has hired hundreds of developers for businesses based in 20+ countries. 93% of our technicians pass the probationary period and continue working with the Mobilunity’s clients for months. 

Below are two options for hiring offshore frontend development programmers. 

Hire an Offshore Frontend Development Team Full-Time 

If your project is large and long-term, you’ll need a dedicated dev team. And Mobilunity’s specialists will hire tech experts working full-time for you. This format offers you functional control over your team while we handle all operational and administrative issues. 

You cooperate with coders as with your in-house employees. You set tasks and coordinate their execution, and we care about signing contracts, transferring payrolls, and renting offices. You needn’t worry about regulatory compliance, accounting, and retention.

The monthly fixed fee includes coders’ salaries and taxes, sick leaves and vacations, and equipment and office expenses. We also work hard to keep your team loyal, so from time to time, our managers add retention costs. 

Engage an Offshore Front-End Developer as a Part-Time Consultant 

Once your project will last for several months or has a small load so far, you can hire part-time consultants. This cooperation model will let you engage rare-skilled technicians and leverage their expertise without compromising your budget. 

Also, you can support your development team at high-load periods or enhance programmers with a supervisor. Mobilunity’s senior coders are ready to offer you consultancy on request, which will perfectly fit your working schedule. 

When selecting our consultancy services model, you pay as you go only for hours worked. This means you’re free from long-term commitments, and the hourly rate doesn’t include additional expenses like payroll taxes, office rent, sick leaves, etc. 

3 Real-Life Examples: How We Found Offshore Frontend Development Coders

We’d love to share just a few cases to show you how Mobilunity builds software development teams. 


This German company offers a web-based tool for managing IT documentation — a Configuration and Management Database (CMDB). The platform helps classify all the elements of an entity’s IT infrastructure and visualize relationships between them. So, with the growing load on the programmers, i-doit founders considered hiring back-end and front-end offshore coders.

In 2021, i-doit owners turned to Mobilunity and asked us to find developers with PHP, JavaScript, and ReactJS skills. And we assembled a team of Ukrainian software engineers who continue working for the company until now. 


This Swiss SaaS company helps get insights into niche trends and audience data through Android, iOS, and connected TV apps. It offers tools for researching published and unpublished apps, checking API metadata, monitoring integrated SDKs, and more.  

42matters was founded in 2011, and in 2017, it turned to Mobilunity, looking for talented and dedicated developers to enhance their team. Founders not only wanted to get passionate top coders on board. They also needed a reliable vendor to manage all team operations locally and motivate programmers. 

Mobilunity managed to find offshore front-end developer and other devs who loved the product concept and were happy to join 42matters. The Ukraine-based newcomers boosted the quality and speed of development for the app intelligence service. 


Qrates is a Japanese online service that helps musicians publish their compositions on vinyl discs and cassettes. This way, fans can collect the musical pieces they love. Artists don’t have to worry about the production and distribution of their vinyl discs. Qrates also offers a crowdfunding service to estimate orders and plan for the final number of copies. 

The evolving platform required renewal but was only maintained by one part-time coder, who soon left the company. Moreover, before turning to Mobilunity in 2020, Qrates’ founders had a frustrating experience with local freelancers and software development firms. 

Still, Mobilunity accepted the double challenge: our recruiters found a skilled engineer and did this in Tokyo’s demanding market of IT experts. It allowed Qrates to expand and return the tech debt.  In 1,5 years, the team scaled to 5 developers.


  • What does your offshore front end development services include?

Our offshore frontend development services include designing and developing responsive websites, interactive web applications, and custom user interfaces. We utilize the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and frameworks like React.js to ensure top-tier user experiences and performance.

  • How do offshore frontend developers differ from offshore backend developers?

Offshore frontend developers focus on the client side of web development, dealing with everything that users interact with directly in their web browser. In contrast, offshore backend development works on the server side, handling the database interactions, server logic, and integration of backend systems that operate behind the scenes to support frontend functionality.

  • Why should I hire an offshore web expert from your company?

Hiring an offshore web expert from our company ensures access to top-tier talent at cost-effective rates. When you hire offshore web experts you gain skilled in modern offshore front-end development practices and technologies, capable of delivering high-quality, scalable, and secure web solutions that align perfectly with your business needs.

  • Can you tell me about your offshore dedicated JavaScript development team?

Our offshore dedicated JavaScript development team comprises seasoned developers proficient in various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, including offshore React.js developers, offshore Javascript developers, Angular, and Vue.js. This team specializes in creating dynamic, efficient, and complex applications tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

  • What is the role of a frontend team lead in your offshore development projects?

The frontend team lead in our offshore development projects oversees the planning, execution, and delivery of frontend tasks. This role involves coordinating with both the frontend and backend teams to ensure seamless integration, adhering to best practices, and maintaining high standards of quality and performance throughout the development lifecycle.

  • How do your offshore React.js developers enhance frontend projects?

Our offshore React.js developers enhance frontend projects by building interactive and state-driven applications. React.js allows for efficient and flexible development of user interfaces, making it ideal for projects requiring rich interactivity and high performance. To ensure your project benefits from cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, consider the decision to hire offshore web frontend experts, who can deliver high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective web solutions.

  • What makes your firm the best choice for offshore interactive app development?

As an offshore interactive app development firm, we distinguish ourselves by our innovative approach, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering engaging user experiences. Our team stays on the cutting edge of technology trends and user engagement strategies, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

Your offshore Frontend development experts are here. Check the perfect match we offer! 

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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