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December 14, 2016 - Anastasia

What’s the Cost of a Developer in Ukraine?

average salary of developers in ukraine in us dollars

Developers with knowledge of different programming languages are demanded nowadays due to the technological progress. The most demanded ones in 2017 are: Java and JavaScript. Less, but still very demanded are “C”-family languages, Python and PHP. Big companies tend to create separate departments, consisting of programmers. For smaller projects employers tend to hire several developers of different qualifications. The answer to the question “Why hire exactly Ukrainian developers?” lies behind the following reasons:

    • Talent
    • High level of education
    • Flexible, but diligent approach to projects
    • Convenient location
    • In Ukraine developer costs less than in Western Europe and USA

When it comes to the age of a programmer, there’s a stereotype, that older people are much experienced. It actually doesn’t work for developers. They are usually judged by obtained level of skills. Hence, your middle developer can be 25 years old and the junior one – 30, if he has learnt how to code just a year ago. There are 3 types of seniority of a programmer:

      • Developers with 1-2 years of experience are called Juniors. They usually tend to work with small coding tasks and help more experienced programmers.
      • Middle programmers are scaled by 2-5 years of experience. They are able to work with bigger projects, perform difficult coding tasks, and interact with other middle and senior programmers.
      • The one with 5+ years of experience is called a Senior. This type of developer usually gets the position of Team Lead and rules the whole project or even bunch of them.

Not only the seniority of a programmer influences his salary, but also the location, as you can see in the table below:

Developers salaries in different countries

Examples of net salaries of developers in different countries for 2017

Why Is Web Development Outsourced to Ukraine?

When you are deciding how to hire programmers for your web development project, there are many things to consider. Experience, certifications, and training are important, but many employers place a strong emphasis on cost. So, how much does it cost to hire a programmer or a web developer in different areas of the world? There is a good international comparison from World Salaries that shows various rates.

The United States tops the charts in terms of high costs of development. The average U.S. programmer makes around $5,378 a month. Because of the high costs of development in the United States, many development projects are outsourced to European countries. Countries like Germany and the UK have competitive rates that are much less expensive than US programmers. The average monthly salary in Germany is $3,438 and $3,531 in the UK. Although these rates are drastically lower than of US developers, Ukraine developers have even more competitive rates mainly because of the living standards of Ukrainians.

how much does it cost to hire a programmer

According to PayScale, Ukraine programmers make an average of $2,000 a month. Due to their high-quality work, advanced training, expertise, and competitive rates, a Ukraine developer is often chosen to provide outsourcing services to other European countries. According to Medium, Ukrainian developers stand out as the preferred choice for outsourcing development services. With an advanced education system, favorable rates, work ethic dedicated to client satisfaction, and great geographical location, developers in Ukraine are often the right choice.

In order to grasp the topic completely, we’ve prepared the research, based on stats from Dou and Payscale, and are going to show you the average developers cost in Ukraine, depending on their skills, seniority and location. All the numbers will be shown in dollars, because this is the common currency, in which the salary is paid programmers for their job.

The Cost of a .NET Developer

.NET developers create software, mobile, desktop and web applications, which run on Linux, Windows, macOS. They are also closely tied with C# programming language and sometimes even call themselves “C# developers” instead of “ASP.NET” ones. The reason, why this type of developers is quite rare and not as demanded as Java or Python developers, is that .NET is made by Microsoft, which is slightly judged by most of the Google and Apple programmers. Despite this fact, salaries of .NET developers are quite high, because it’s hard to find experienced professionals in this sphere. Proceeding to the salaries themselves: The cost of a .NET developer in Ukraine

Monthly net cost of .NET developers based on their seniority for 2017

The above table shows, that the average salary for .NET programmers is quite good. But there still will be a slight difference, based on location, as you can see below.

Monthly .NET developers salaries

Monthly cost of .NET developers based on location for 2017

The highest salary of senior .NET developer is noticed in Odessa, which is unexpected, because there’s a stereotype, that the highest salaries have to be in the capital.

.Net programmer salary in Ukraine is higher than other types of developers, still the average .Net developer salary is still lower in Ukraine than in other countries. According to PayScale, the United States has an average monthly rate of $5,626 for .Net developers. This is a much higher .Net developer average salary than in many other areas worldwide.

Country Monthly Rate Country  Monthly Rate 
  • United States
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  •  Switzerland
  • the UK
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Ukraine
  • Italy

Source: PayScale

According to PayScale, countries like Switzerland and Denmark have rates of nearly $4,000 more, Ukraine developers deliver the same level of skills and quality work at much lower rates.

Kyiv is the best place to hire developers

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a C++ Developer in Ukraine

C++ developers are quite demanded nowadays, because this programming language is multi-purpose. It is used to create computer systems and applications. C++ developers are usually familiar with database languages like SQL as well. They usually work in large teams, often on leading positions. Senior programmers are able not only to code, but to rule big projects and oversee their deployment as well, while juniors and middles perform mostly coding tasks.

Below you can see the sum of money, which earns junior, middle and senior C++ developer.

The cost of a C++ developer in Ukraine

Monthly net cost of C++ developers based on their seniority for 2017

C++ developers salaries are quite high, compared to ones with knowledge of other languages. This can be explained with wide range of possibilities C++ offers and the need of such programmers in big companies.

A comparison of C++ developers salaries

Monthly net cost of C++ developers based on location for 2017

Junior C++ developers earn the biggest sum of money in Kyiv, while middles earn more in Dnipropetrovsk. The highest salary of a senior C++ developer is offered in Odessa.

Java Developer Salary in Ukraine

Java Developers are very demanded nowadays. Usually, along with .NET developers, this kind of programmer usually has to acquire a degree in order to become a pro. This can be explained by the usage of Java in development of large software. Good-skilled Java programmer costs a lot, but surely worth it due to the high quality of the end product. In the table below you can find out how much does it cost to hire Java developer, judging by his experience:

The cost of a Java developer in Ukraine

Monthly net cost of Java developers based on their seniority for 2017

As you may have noticed, Java developers are one of the most expensive ones. Their cost can also differ, depending not only on seniority, but on the location as well.

quote of our director of business development

A comparison of Java developers salaries

Monthly net cost of Java developers based on location for 2017

You may have noticed, that it’s not the first time, when Odessa shows one of the highest salaries of developers.

The Cost of a JavaScript Developer in Ukraine

The mix of CSS, HTML and JavaScript create one of the most trending positions of 2017: frontend developer. These developers are very demanded nowadays, because clients want to make their projects look beautiful, interactive and responsive. High quality interfaces make user experience better, which is great for the end-up product. There are lots of JavaScript developers in countries all over the world, including Ukraine, which allows employers to find ideal candidates for implementation of their ideas. Now, let’s proceed to numbers:

The cost of a JavaScript developer in Ukraine

Monthly net salary of JavaScript developers based on their seniority for 2017

JavaScript developers salary is quite average, comparing to developers of other programming languages.

A comparison of Javascript developers salaries

Monthly net cost of a JavaScript developer (salary is based on location for 2017)

In Kyiv JavaScript developer salary is one of the highest salaries, but juniors can earn even more in Dnipropetrovsk.

competitive rates of Mobilunity developers

How Much Does It Cost to Hire PHP Developers in Ukraine?

PHP is a popular programming language. It is old, that’s why it’s not as demanded as new languages like GO nowadays, but still there is a huge need of PHP programmers all over the world. It can be explained by the wide range of possibilities the language offers. It is multi-platform and flexible, hence many server-side and desktop developing tasks can be performed with the help of it, which means, there has to be at least one php programmer in the IT outsourcing company. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of this language, there are too many PHP programmers, consequently, their salaries are quite low, comparing to developers, who work with other languages.

A comparison of PHP programmers salaries

Monthly net cost of PHP developers based on their seniority for 2017

This kind of developers earns sums of money, which are below the average salaries of developers. They may be even lower, depending on the location.

The cost of a PHP developer in Ukraine

Monthly net cost of PHP developers based on location for 2017

Dnipropetrovsk offers the highest junior and senior developer salary, while Odessa shows high numbers for middle developers.

The Cost of a Python Developers in Ukraine

Python developers are expensive, yet very demanded nowadays. The reason for this is the multi-purposefulness of this programming language. Highly educated Python developer is able to create wonderfully-functioning end-up product like a web app. Python is also good for small tasks like automatization of some elements or processes in the system. Developers, who code using this language tend to say, that it can be used almost for everything, so if you agree with them, and wish to have your own Python developers in the team – look at their average cost below:

The cost of a Python developer in Ukraine

Monthly net cost of Python developers based on their seniority for 2017

Python developers are quite expensive, because there are not so many of them like PHP devs, for example.

A comparison of Python developers salaries

Monthly net cost of Python developers based on location for 2017

The highest salaries of middle and senior Python developers are in Lviv, while juniors earn more in the capital of Ukraine.

WordPress Developer Salary in Ukraine

WordPress is a very popular platform for website development today. While one of its advantages is that it is user friendly, there are still many aspects of WordPress development that require professional skills. If you aren’t experienced in coding, your will be very limited when it comes to WordPress.

WordPress offers many custom theme options that can greatly benefit your company. But, these require plugins and coding to work effectively. Ukrainian WordPress developers specialize in creating captivating themes for your website. This will improve your online presence and increase your user experience when viewers land on your webpage.

wordpress developer salary in Ukraine

Monthly net rates of WordPress developers in Ukraine (2017)

According to Ukrainian outsourcing rates, the typical WordPress developer salary in Ukraine is $20/hour. This is a relatively low rate compared to the custom options and high-quality skills you will get for what you pay. Business competition continues to increase as more and more companies are finding ways to optimize the business online. When you hire a qualified, skilled WordPress developer, your business will benefit from a customized website that pulls in your viewers and attracts your target audience.

Web App Developer Salary in Ukraine

Web app development is a part of the IT industry that continues to gain popularity. Many businesses use web app development to draw in clients, maintain their existing accounts, and bring greater visibility to their brand. And within the industry of web app development, there are many different languages involved: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby/Rails, Python, etc. This makes the field of development vast when it comes to specialities.

Mobilunity offers high quality outstaffing solutions

In many cases, especially outsourcing, years of experience and specialty don’t play into cost of services. Since Ukrainian developers follow the economic global growth tendency, their rates do change over time. But, you still benefit from lower rates with higher-quality results when you choose to hire a developer in Ukraine.

So, how much does it cost to hire a web app developer in Ukraine? The average hourly rate for web app development in Ukraine is $35/hour. While it is clearly less expensive to outsource your web app development to Ukraine, you will be pleased with the quality of work you get in return.

As far as we have already provided the average net costs of JS, PHP, Python developers in this article, below are the rates of web app developers skilled in Ruby/Rail technology for you to understand what their average salary is.

how much does it cost to hire a web app developer

Average salary of Ukrainian developers with skills in Ruby/Rails according to their experience

Our research shows, that professional Ukrainian developer of any kind with more than five years of experience costs approximately $3,000-3,800, while juniors earn $600-700 and middle programmers $1,800-2,200.

senior web application developer salary in Ukraine

Average rates of Ukrainian developers with skills in Ruby/Rails according to the city

When employers don’t know where they can get professional developers for their companies – we help them. This type of service is called outstaffing. All that is needed from an employer is to tell us what kinds of programmers are suitable for the project and the amount of them. Once the request is accepted, our HRs look for the best candidates. When this task is accomplished, employers hire developers and the work can be started.

how to hire ukraine programmers and build a remote development team

Need a developer for your upcoming project? Let us find and outstaff right candidates for you!

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